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Book Aloha from Hell Actual rating stars Such a ridiculously low rating Shame on me and stuff So Embarrassing Confession Time ECT there was a point when I reading my boyfriend s latest

Book Aloha from Hell Actual rating: 4.45 stars. Such a ridiculously low rating. Shame on me and stuff.So. Embarrassing Confession Time (ECT™): there was a point when I reading my boyfriend's latest adventures this book when I actually considered going for a 3.5-star rating. I know, dear boyfriend #4572 Cary, I know. I should probably go hide in an undersea cave or something. To atone for this most ignominious behavior and stuff. Yeah, I have to admit this wasn't one of my mostest gloriousest moments. In my defense, I must say that this instalment feels a little like, you know, a, well, how could I put it nicely, um, errr, what's that obscure word that starts with an f and ends with an r? Can't seem to remember now. Early signs of Alzheimer's and all that crap. Sorry, what? *clueless barnacle whispers inaudibly in my lovely little ear* Bloody shrimping filler is the word I was looking for? Are you sure? Seems a bit melodramatically excessive to me, but there's a slight chance you might not be entirely wrong. Maybe. I mean, there's a slim possibility that the first 80% 70% of this book could be not exactly fascinating. Or supercalifragilisticexpialidociously titillating. And perhaps a little not super exciting, too. But that is all highly hypothetical, obviously. And would have to be confirmed by extensive and intensive research at the hands of an intergalactic, multi-species, much-limbed team of challenged scientists.Had this instalment actually been of the filler type (which has yet to be proven, remember?), its last 20% 30% would have more than made up for the supposed lack of stimulating substance. Because the whole Convergence business was slightly awesome (view spoiler)[you don't know what the Convergence is? So? Is it my fault you haven't read this book? (hide spoiler)] and the Tartarus thing was bloody shrimping fantastic (view spoiler)[you don't know what Tartarus is? So? Is it my fault you haven't read this book? (hide spoiler)]. Then there's the action and violence and bloodshed and stuff. And the twists and revelations and surprises, oh my! I'm not talking about good surprises here, obviously. Good surprises are for wimps. This deliciously noir world is pretty much all bad stuff all the time. A delightful, never-ending loop of things getting downhill from there. And don't think you can get away from bad stuff just because you've just been killed dead. You can always get excruciatingly deader, you know. See? Even good old Bikram agrees. So put a gleeful smile on your face and go pet the fluffy Hellhounds. You're going to have lots of fun getting chopped into tiny little pieces!So yeah, this Not Filler of an Instalment (NFoaI™) does turn out to be kinda sorta shrimptastic after all. And, to be disgustingly honest, it's not only because of the fiercely scrumptious last 20% 30%, either. I mean, this world. THIS world. My black, withered heart lurves it so much. It keeps getting darker and twistier and complexer (yes, that is a word) and therefore, more delectably delectable. Also, there is the slightly wondrous plot. Which keeps thickening beautifully and stuff. And Kadrey's gloriously sensational bam-take-that-in-your-lovely-face writing. And the crazy-good-hilarious dialogues. And the ever-growing cast of magnificently splendidwicked weirdoes characters is magnificently splendid: my girlfriend Candy, Allegra, Vidocq and Kasabian (aka the mostest awesomest corpseless head ever) are as fabuloustastic as ever. By the way, I may want to adopt Muninn in the near future. Especially now that I know he is Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler in his spare time (view spoiler)[Okay, so his brother Neshamah is sort of a devious bastard, but since he happens to think my boyfriend is a pain in the ass, he can't be entirely bad (hide spoiler)]. Also kidnapping adoption-worthy: Mustang Sally (view spoiler)[I dare you not to start singing. Oops, too late! (hide spoiler)] and Medea Bava. Because slightly duplicitous supernatural chicks are the new black. And let's not forget Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler (aka the ottoman repairman)! Such a cool, good-natured guy! You really couldn't ask for a better travelling companion!What? Don't believe me? Think the bullshit is strong in this one? I wonder why. The ottoman repairman really is an enchanting chap. I mean, he had lots of fangirls in London, back in the good old days.And then there's my boyfriend. He's so kind and loving and compassionate and noble and stuff."John Wayne wouldn’t shoot a man in the back, but that’s my favorite target."Sigh. How can you not fall head over pincers for a guy who says that kind of thing? He really is a charmer, my man. He's never disrespectful, either. Or unpleasant. He doesn't know what the word snarky means. Recklessness is a concept completely foreign to him. And he abhors violence. The guy is perfect husband material, if you ask me. Okay, maybe not so at the beginning of this book. I mean, my Stark is feeling a bit down here. Probably because he hasn't slaughtered things for a few weeks. Which, you have to admit, is pretty dispiriting. I'm pretty sure anyone in the same situation would fall into a deep depression. Who/what is to blame for this most revolting turn of events, you ask? Why the haloed bastard of course! My boyfriend has a problem, you see. He has to share his glorious little head with one of the supercharged assholes (aka the asshole angels). No wonder he wants to punch his own brain all the time. I would, too, if a divine squatter was trying to have me play freaking hero 24/7. When all I wanted to do was go all homicidal maniac on everyone and everything. Because harboring murderous feelings towards humanity is the key to eternal youth and beauty, my dear Battie.But worry not, for my boyfriend won't let his current predicament deter him! No he won't! He is bloody shrimping Sandman Slim, for shrimp's sake! He is better stronger than this! He is not about to let a haloed bastard bring out the best in him! So he reunites with his ferociously kick-ass self, does the Convergence/Tartarus Thing (CTT™) (view spoiler)[still don't know what this is all about, do you? Hahaha. It's so sad (hide spoiler)] and gets—very logically—his lethal groove back. Behold Sandman Slim 2.0! Spoiler spoiler spoiler! And spoiler spoiler spoiler! Oh wow, my boyfriend is the new Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler! Which makes me Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler's girlfriend! Talk about an evil upgrade! My life is now complete! I can now get slaughtered in peace die happy and stuff! (view spoiler)[Yeah, that's pretty much me right now. Because even nefariously vindictive beings can feel ferociously blissful sometimes. (hide spoiler)]» And the moral of this Well Well Well Looks Like this Kinda Sorta Filler is More Refreshingly Filling than Ninety Eight Percent of the Crap I Usually Read Extra Super Crappy Non Review (WWWLLtKSFiMRFtNEPofCIURESCNR™) is: you know you've found one of your soulmates when his acting like a boring ass a little disappointingly 80% 70% of the time doesn't dampen your all-encompassing animal lust devotion for his deliciously ruthless, antihero-ish little self. QED and stuff.✎ Book 1: Sandman Slim ★★★★★✎ Book 2: Kill the Dead ★★★★★✎ Book 3.5: Devil in the Dollhouse ★★★★★✎ Book 4: Devil Said Bang ★★★★✎ Book 5: Kill City Blues ★★★★✎ Book 6: The Getaway God ★★★★★✎ Book 7: Killing Pretty ★★★★Sigh. Looks like my new boyfriend kinda sorta suffered from a sudden attack of Acute Filler Book Syndrome (AFBS™) here. Yes, it is indeed sad and slightly heartbreaking and stuff, BUT! BUT BUT BUT! See my Not That Crappy Rating Up There (NTCRUT™)? It should tell you something! Yes it should! What should it tell you, you ask? Why to get ready to dance, obviously. ➽ Full My Boyfriend Might Be a Little Under the Hellish Weather but He Still is His Deliciously Delicious Self Ergo I am Still Somewhat in LURVE with Him Crappy Non Review (MBMBaLUtHWbHSiHDDSEIaSSiLwHCNR™) to come.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>. Aloha from Hell is Books All hail Sandman Slim, author Richard Kadrey s ultra extreme anti hero and recent escapee from Lucifer s overheated Underworld playground In number three, Aloha from Hell, the ruthless avenger, a.k.a Stark, finds himself trapped in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell With God on vacation, the Devil nosing around in Paradise, and an insane serial killer doing serAll hail Sandman Slim, author Richard Kadrey s ultra extreme anti hero and recent escapee from Lucifer s overheated Underworld playground In number three, Aloha from Hell, the ruthless avenger, a.k.a Stark, finds himself trapped in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell With God on vacation, the Devil nosing around in Paradise, and an insane serial killer doing serious damage on Earth, Stark Slim is ready to unleash some adrenaline surging, edgy and violent supernatural mayhem and even pay another visit to Hell if necessary which is great news for fans of Jim Butcher, Warren Ellis, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, and Simon R Green.. Richard Kadrey is a writer and freelance photographer living in San Francisco, best known for his Sandman Slim novels His newest novels are The Everything Box, released April 19, 2016 and The Perdition Score Sandman Slim, 8 , released on June 28, 2016.. A viral Kindle Aloha from Hell Bung, bung, bung, bung, bungBung, bung, bung, bung, bungBung, bung, bung, bung, bungBung, bung, bung, bung, bungBung, bung, bung, bung, bungMr. Sandman, bring me a dream(Bung, bung, bung, bung)Make him the cutest that I've ever seen(Bung, bung, bung, bung)Give him two lips like roses and clover(Bung, bung, bung, bung)Then tell him that his lonesome nights are overSandman, I'm so aloneDon't have nobody to call my ownPlease turn on your magic beamMr. Sandman, bring me a dreamBung, bung, bung, bungWhirrr whap whap tic tic tic screeeeech!STOP THE RECORD!!!Sandman Slim…….. ain’t that kind of Sandman. He has just recently returned from HELL, after kicking Lucifer’s ass around, so much in fact that Lucifer changed his name to Samuel and now resides in Heaven. That was an ass kicking long overdue. Sandman has returned to Earth to take up running his video store. Although Kasabian the Headless insists that Sandman may own the store, Kasabian runs it. Did you catch that headless part? Yeah, well Sandman and Kasabian had a disagreement...well... a little more than a disagreement. Kasabian shot Sandman, and Sandman cut his head off. There was some Hoodoo involved, and now the living head makes his way around on a skateboard with little feet. This might be a good time to mention that you really need to read the books in order. Anything that sounds hinky or too out of this world will make perfect sense after a couple of margaritas and maybe one of those “funny” cigarettes I’ve been hearing about. Anyway, Sandman is starting to get the yawns. ”It’s so quiet and peaceful out here I’m getting bored with breathing. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the world will go to Hell again. Fingers crossed.”He missed chopping up demons like Margaret Thatcher missed bending House of Lord’s ministers over her desk for a good spanking. Sandman and I share a love of pop culture references. ”The Beat Hotel…. I’t like a cross between a seventies swingers no-tell motel and the kind of hipster hot spot where rock stars stay when they don’t want to be seen bringing home good smack or bad strippers. The rooms are comfortable in a Zen halfway-house kind of way. But the kitchens are decorated in bright primary-colored vinyl like a Playboy-chic burger joint. The place looks like where David Lynch would meet Beaver Cleaver’s mom for secret afternoons of bondage and milk shakes. I love it.”This description reminds me of the motels that the Winchester Boys from Supernatural always seem to find themselves holed up in. Sandman and I also share a dislike of self-indulgent automobiles. ”I hate those luxury golf cars. Gaudy status symbols with as much personality as an Elmer’s-Glue-on-white-bread sandwich.” Now he is speaking about a Lexus, but the one that I loath is the love affair that shallow, corporate zombies have with their BMWs. Could that brand of car be any more humdrum to look at? They are the beige of the car world in my opinion. They might as well have just bought the most plain jane Ford they can find and pay half. I had an ex-friend who had her BMW hit in a parking garage, and she kept going on and on about how upset she was, and I kept thinking maybe that car has some character now. Sandman gets shot; no worries, he is some kind of half Nephilim, a race that doesn’t exist anymore except in the DNA replicating in his own internal world. It is tough on nice jackets though. ”I pick up the coat. Finger the bullet hole. It’s not bad enough to throw the coat away. Besides, I heard that blood is the new black.”He finds out that the soul of his recently deceased girlfriend has been captured from Heaven and spirited away to HELL. He’d be upset about all this except for the fact that he is almost out of Maledictions (hell’s best brand of cigarettes), and he has been getting itchy feet over L.A. being way too tame. Hell hasn’t been the same HELL ever since Lucifer left. It was time for Sandman to go down, save the girl, and make a few attitude adjustments. ”Go to hell see if you like itThen come home with meTomorrow night may be too lateThe world’s a mess it’s in my kiss”--The XNothing but irreverent, laugh out loud fun. Lucky for me Richard Kadrey has already written several more. This is the perfect book series to read when I need to take a long stroll away from the regular world. Sandman Slim ain’t no angel, and for a little while I don’t have to be either. If you wish to see more of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit http://www.jeffreykeeten.comI also have a Facebook blogger page at:
Aloha from Hell A Sandman Slim Novel Kadrey, Richard Jul , Aloha From Hell is the third Sandman Slim Novel and once again Kadrey doesn t disappoint his fans The book picks up after Stark embraces his nephalim heritage and discovers that Archangel Uriel is his father. Aloha from Hell Aloha from Hell Sandman Slim Series by Richard Kadrey Jul , Legendary author William Gibson Neuromancer called Kadrey s first deliciously twisted Slim adventure an addictively satisfying, deeply amusing, dirty ass masterpiece, and in number three, Aloha from Hell, the ruthless avenger, a.k.a Stark, finds himself trapped in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell. Aloha from Hell Sandman Slim, by Richard Kadrey Jan , In number three, Aloha from Hell, the ruthless avenger, a.k.a Stark, finds himself trapped in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell With God on vacation, the Devil nosing around in Paradise, and an insane serial killer doing ser Aloha from Hell music, videos, stats, and photos Last rowsJul , Aloha From Hell was a pop punk band formed in , in Aloha from Hell Sandman Slim Richard Kadrey read Aloha from Hell Sandman Slim Supernatural fantasy s greatest anti hero goes back to hell In Sandman Slim Stark came back from hell for revenge In Kill the Dead he tackled both a zombie plague and being Lucifer s bodyguard.

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    Richard Kadrey is a writer and freelance photographer living in San Francisco, best known for his Sandman Slim novels His newest novels are The Everything Box, released April 19, 2016 and The Perdition Score Sandman Slim, 8 , released on June 28, 2016.

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  • Bung, bung, bung, bung, bungBung, bung, bung, bung, bungBung, bung, bung, bung, bungBung, bung, bung, bung, bungBung, bung, bung, bung, bungMr Sandman, bring me a dream Bung, bung, bung, bung Make him the cutest that I ve ever seen Bung, bung, bung, bung Give him two lips like roses and clover Bung, bung, bung, bung Then tell him that his lonesome nights are overSandman, I m so aloneDon t have nobody to call my ownPlease turn on your magic beamMr Sandman, bring me a dreamBung, bung, bung, bungWh [...]

  • Actual rating 4.45 stars Such a ridiculously low rating Shame on me and stuff.So Embarrassing Confession Time ECT there was a point when I reading my boyfriend s latest adventures this book when I actually considered going for a 3.5 star rating I know, dear boyfriend 4572 Cary, I know I should probably go hide in an undersea cave or something To atone for this most ignominious behavior and stuff Yeah, I have to admit this wasn t one of my mostest gloriousest moments In my defense, I must say tha [...]

  • 4.5 Stars When you re born in a burning house, you think the whole world is on fire But it s not This has been one of the most enjoyable series to read for me, and I really was looking forward to reading this one I love the small horror subgenre of Christian horror Kadrey does a fabulous job at trying to bring as much real Christian religion into these fiction horror novels.James Stark, also known as Sandman Slim is the ultimate antihero He is after all, Lucifers private body guard If you are no [...]

  • Warning May contain spoilers This one was by far the best in the series Unlike the other two books, there was not a single moment where I questioned my picking up the book.So here we go again with James Stark and a new chapter of his story There isn t much stage time for his sort of sidekicks Kasabian, Vidocq and Candy, though They are present predominantly till mid novel and then they are only mentioned here and there, while the plot mainly focuses on Stark, who, by the way, gets sent to Hell a [...]

  • Love the beginning, caught me up in the action very quickly His past is coming back to haunt him in a big way this is one UF series that really requires starting from the beginning I liked the characterization quite a bit By the end of the book, I felt Kadrey had almost captured view spoiler what the leader of Hell might really be like I was impressed I got it hide spoiler

  • Sandman Slim is the man Mike Hammer wishes he could be Slim is so hard boiled he s practically stone at this point, and the baddest shut your mouth since Shaft graced the screen Aloha From Hell is the book you go to when you want a non stop ride of snappy dialogue, gruesome characters, and L.A the way we always knew it was deep down Fresh from saving the Earth from High Plains Drifters that s zombies to you uninitiated folks and if you ARE uninitiated, go pick up the first book in this series pr [...]

  • I started reading Aloha From Hell on February 15th of this year Here it is, September 20th, and I ve just now finished it What began as a read on my Kindle changed to the hardcover edition in July when I found it at the library I made it to about page 100 before I had to take the book back so someone else could tear their fucking hair out Finally, I downloaded the audio book, because MacLeod Andrews can make Cannibal Corpse lyrics sound like Catholic hymns And whataya know I actually finished th [...]

  • To read this at my website with pictures and in the dueling review format versus another book about hell navigate here adventuresinpoortaste Aloha from Hell is the third book in the Sandman Slim series, but above all accounts it can be read stand alone There are many references to the previous books, but important details are explained so you won t be lost The book follows Sandman Slim, a man built with a bad attitude stuck between heaven and hell,who acts as a sort of detective between those wo [...]

  • This is another one that worked even better as an audiobook than in print Although, I seem to be a little alone in really liking this instalment in the series anyway.

  • Karma is just loaded dice on a crooked table Celestial pricks with wings and halos make the rules and the house always win Always As I graduate from book two to book three of Sandman Slim, the author keeps on amazing and delighting me with awesome metaphors and out of the world insults One of the funniest ones, I could understand was about his bodyless buddy named Kasabian who is just a head because he was chopped off from the below the neck with a knife from Hell and kept alive with the help of [...]

  • Richard Kadrey ist mein Lieblings Urban Fantasy Autor Er ist einfach der Beste, wenn es darum geht, harte, witzige, makabre Geschichten zu schreiben, die Magie und bernat rliches in unsere Welt katapultieren Bei ihm gibt es keine glitzernden Vampire, keine schmusigen Werw lfe und erst recht keine jungen Frauen, die sich in all ihrem Herzschmerz mit Wonne suhlen Seine Welt ist die Welt von James Stark aka Sandman Slim, m ig begabter Hexer, Nephilim und Ex H llengladiator Er ist nicht nett, er hat [...]

  • While it is set in Hell, the overarching mood that Michael Kadrey brings out in his book is not one of hope but neither is it of hopelessness It is about something much uplifting and enriching kicking some serious demon ass Kadrey s James Stark does not have the time nor inclination for a lot of introspection or deeply rooted observations into the pointless rat race of human existence His objectives are fairly simple find out someone, anyone and everyone who piss him off and wipe out their exis [...]

  • I really love this series If you are looking for a great UF look no further than Sandman SlimI love the characters I love Kas, Lucifer, Mustang Sally, Jack the Ripper, and especially Candy I like that the story is angsty and full of action Plus, all kinds of great quotes I d bet the Pope s red shoes, is my favorite of this book This installment has Sandman Slim going back to Hell to try and stop a war that will destroy both Heaven and Hell After all the dust is settled, Aelita is still on the lo [...]

  • This series is actually really fun I was worried I would find it too violent, and while it is violent, it doesn t really seem gratuitous under the circumstances, action packed And Sandman has certainly learned the hard way that showing mercy to demons just never ever worksIn this addition, Stark finally gets his chance to go after Mason but what will be the cost Will it change the whole balance of heaven and hell Will Stark lose everything he has fought for and will it really even help Alice Sh [...]

  • After the hellish events of Kill the Dead, it s understandable that Stark also known as Sandman Slim just wants to take it easy.The Devil s back in Heaven, his inner Angel s behaving mostly , and things are finally coming around with Candy the bloodthirsty monster on the wagon, we hope He s not having to bust his ass as much any It s been so long since he killed someone he can t even remember when it was, or why Heck, even his dead girlfriend s ghost is telling him to quit mooning over her and m [...]

  • Can I not get readable urban fantasy where the protagonist isn t an eye rolling jackass I m dead serious here, I ll take recommendations.I ve made this comparison in previous reviews, but it s still on my mind how often I compare this series to the Dresden books Both series contain fast paced stories that use a lot of my favorite fictional elements and have fairly quality plotting Both also make me wish they existed in a third person structure, because I don t want to be in either character s he [...]

  • What can I say, I was on a Kadrey kick I did not enjoy Aloha from Hell as much as I hoped I would Part of this comes from my own expectations I was looking forward to interaction with the earthly read alive characters, especially the relationship between Stark and Candy While there is a little of this, a good deal of the book takes place after Stark return Downtown to once again exact revenge upon Mason, the current ruler of Hell All right, I get that Stark is still pissed that Mason threw him [...]

  • In fairness it took me a while to get into this one, but I suspect that had to do with what was going on in my life than it did the book Once the story got going, however, it really grabbed me Kadrey s wry, gritty humor is really hanging out there in this one, as is his deeply macabre imagination Things changed for our anti hero quite a lot by the end of this book and I m looking forward to, eventually, seeing what Kadrey does with the changes.

  • A very good book, nearly a great book that s why i gave it 4 Exciting and brutal and really enjoyable to read This series keeps improving with every book The ending was a nice suprise And i look forward to reading the next one A solid 4 im trying to be strict with giving 5 to books so 4 it is.

  • Loved the first book Enjoyed the second book and then got very bogged down in this one After taking a break from it for a while, I returned to it and enjoyed the second half a fair amount In the end, I didn t like where the story went or the ultimate resolution It s not a bad read, but I m not going to recommend it like I would the first in the series.

  • Richard Kadrey s got some serious swagger If you re going to have a protagonist as bad ass as Sandman Slim someone who can drive a Ferrari through hell, peel his own face off, bifurcate into an angel and a human, and fill in for Lucifer in the underworld you better have a pair of equally big writing cajones because this is the sort of stuff that s either going to end up as slaphappy tommyrot or as sterling craftsmanship This third installment in the Sandman Slim series obviously falls in the lat [...]

  • Things have been quiet for a few months for James Stark AKA Sandman Slim, ever since he got back from Hell and then stopped a zombie apocalypse in his native Los Angeles When some of his friends ask for his help with a missing persons case he isn t much interested until he finds out the boy is missing after an exorcism goes wrong and he is out there with a demon inside himThe first half of this story is a straight, if weird, crime story Stark and his friends make a good private investigation tea [...]

  • WARNING There are SPOILERS in this review Don t read it unless you really feel like reading a rant of poopy pants ness.I have to start out that I really enjoyed the first two books in this series, so this being book three I was expecting great things I know some people will probably be shocked that I have such a low opinion of it.The entire reading experience to me this time around was completely lackluster The entry action scene of Stark and Vidoqc robbing a house for an item that really ended [...]

  • Sandman Slim is back for a third outing However if you haven t already read the first two books in the series do so before you read this one You will get confused if you don tStark is as ever the extremely violent, darkly humorous hero of epic proportions The book starts with a lull in his violent life after the events in book two that s making him feel stabby , and looking for violence Which all too soon he finds in spades A botched exorcism by an excommunicated priest leads him to the revelati [...]

  • Stark isn t a nice guy He isn t polite, he isn t considerate, he doesn t play by the rules He is continually pissed off, he goes through a LOT of destroyed clothing, he hates almost everyone, and he loves to steal cars What s not to like The Sandman Slim books aren t perfect, but author Richard Kadrey has managed to create a great character in James Stark Stark repeatedly refers to himself as a monster, and he is an efficient killing machine yet he is also intensely loyal to folks like his murde [...]

  • there are several interesting pop cultural tidbits, little details about LA, brief moments of really sharp dialogue or a striking description of some scenery or something some of it s very creative, and I m sticking with this series because I appreciate that having said that though this is a book about a dude who doesn t care what you think so he s going to remind you every five minutes that he doesn t care what you think he s got a bad attitude he s a monster, and so s his girlfriend he s real [...]

  • I loved Sandman Slim and was a little disappointed in Kill the Dead because it lacked that je nais se quoi that made the first book so very much fun to read The good news is that Kadrey reclaimed that certain something in this book, the third in the trilogy Aloha from Hell starts off with Stark still in LA, sharing a hotel room with Kasabian while the video store is rebuilt When he s goaded into taking a job against his will, it starts him down the path to finally kill the man who sent him to He [...]

  • OH man, I wanted this to be a 5 star book I really did This one is third in a series by Richard Kadrey If you don t know about the Sandman then you must start with Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey Like most series, the first is the best and the rest are trying to keep up with that first book.I loved this book because it is filled with what Stephen Sullivan would call kickassitude The humorous dialogue is perfectly on the edge of being over the top The book is funny in a very dark way Our main char [...]

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