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A viral You Have to Stop This Creat Pseudonymous Bosch is a Book Pseudonymous Bosch is the infamously anonymous author of the New York Times bestselling Secret Series and the Bad

A viral You Have to Stop This Creat Pseudonymous Bosch is a Book Pseudonymous Bosch is the infamously anonymous author of the New York Times bestselling Secret Series and the Bad Books Despite rumors to the contrary, his books are not actually written by his pet rabbit, Quiche the rabbit is merely his typist.. The finale to the New York Times bestselling Secret Series I always feared this day would come A secret is meant to stay secret, after all And now we ve come to this the fifth and final I swear book in my saga of secrets.A class trip to the local natural history museum turns dangerous, or perhaps deadly and I don t mean in the bored to death way when Cass accidentThe finale to the New York Times bestselling Secret Series I always feared this day would come A secret is meant to stay secret, after all And now we ve come to this the fifth and final I swear book in my saga of secrets.A class trip to the local natural history museum turns dangerous, or perhaps deadly and I don t mean in the bored to death way when Cass accidentally breaks a finger off a priceless mummy Forced to atone for this crime of vandalism, Cass and her friends Max Ernest and Yo Yoji go to work for the mummy exhibit s curator, only to be blamed when tragedy strikes To clear their names and, they hope, to discover the Secret the trio must travel deep into a land of majestic pyramids, dusty tombs, mysterious hieroglyphs, and the walking dead Egypt Or somewhere much stranger .In the midst of it all, the Secret still lurks You re out there, reading and talking about it, and now my life and chocolate supply is in the greatest danger yet So please, with a cherry on top, I m begging you you have to stop this. Popular Books You Have to Stop This Okay, so I put this under my 'enlightening' folder. Yes, I understand this is a fun children's book.Just let me explain: I ended this book feeling, truly, enlightened. Throughout the whole series, he's got this 'Secret' going - the Secret series, the Terces Society, the Secret Keeper, and the readers sit there, curiously wondering, 'What is it?'Despite what Bosch might write, I don't think too many of us were actually dying to know it (although his humourous ways of representing our thirst for the Secret was amusing). But I do think that anybody who enjoyed the series was still curious. I, myself, thought it'd be something rather ridiculous - say, a mixture of gold and Senor Hugo's chocolate will offer you immortality. That way, we wouldn't have to have any real life comparisons (Senor Hugo's being made with that special tuning fork and gold, uh, rather difficult to obtain), but it'd also be plausible in the fictional story's world.Alas, it did not go that way! I was extremely pleased with how Bosch tied everything up. I finished the story, walked away from the warmth of my bed (reading all Saturday in bed is going to become a ritual) and muttered, 'He tied that up so well... wow, what a wonderful end,' and just felt extremely... pleasant? Not so much a feeling, but truly - I just felt like it was wonderfully pleasant and my mood matched the light end.Now, I'm going to get into spoilers here. Some intense ones, very early on: The Secret itself, so beware. (view spoiler)[I loved how Max-Ernest's jokes throughout the series suddenly became... serious? Eh, it's difficult to explain, but as the Secret was a joke... I just loved how they mentioned humour bringing people together. Wonderful.'Why did the ibis cross the Nile?' 'Why' was far as I got into the Secret, and that was only contributed to taking French. 'Pourquoi' being why in French, but 'pour' meaning 'for,' and 'what,' being 'quoi,' but let's move on -I loved how that short, short chapter worked out where the Secret was revealed. I... yes, I just adored it. Perhaps I'm too keen to ask about 'the other side,' but it made me think.Furthermore, I enjoyed how he ended it without telling us about the going-ons after middle-school for them. I think at the fourth book, most of us were pretty certain that Max-Ernest was Pseudonymous, but it was fun hearing it outright. I'd love to hear more about his story.As for Cass and Yo-Yoji getting together, I suppose I had expected it, but I had always been rather hoping for M-E and her to get together... Perhaps that's another Harry and Hermione problem for us? But I suppose I had always rather thought of M-E as more of a Ron, and loved the way they both got a long. Still, it was rather adorable. Just not the particular couple I had been originally rooting for. (hide spoiler)]Fantastic ending. Wonderful laughs throughout the whole book (The Secret Series is the series that I doggy-mark into oblivion with pages that had all sorts of, perhaps irrelevant, but hilarious tidbits and quotes).Bravo, PB ~ I'm over here applauding.ALSO: I have just read some reviews now and realised some were upset with the Secret, or unsure as to how they felt about it. Although I loved it, I do have to say that, as a reader of Lemony Snicket's SOUE, I much more easily accept a vague answer. To me, Bosch tied it up as it should've - with a bit of mystery, and with a bit of laughter. Exactly how his series started and and exactly how it ended.
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    Pseudonymous Bosch is the infamously anonymous author of the New York Times bestselling Secret Series and the Bad Books Despite rumors to the contrary, his books are not actually written by his pet rabbit, Quiche the rabbit is merely his typist.

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  • Okay, so I put this under my enlightening folder Yes, I understand this is a fun children s book.Just let me explain I ended this book feeling, truly, enlightened Throughout the whole series, he s got this Secret going the Secret series, the Terces Society, the Secret Keeper, and the readers sit there, curiously wondering, What is it Despite what Bosch might write, I don t think too many of us were actually dying to know it although his humourous ways of representing our thirst for the Secret wa [...]

  • I was really happy throughout the entire book series The way the P.B tells it as if he d experienced it all and he did go through it all The twists turns were good and interesting.Ok, Plot OverveiwThe last book was really a good way to tie it all together We have Cass, M.E , and Yo Yoji going on yet another adventure to protect the Secret from the Midnight Sun Only, this time, it s from an invisible Pharaoh And Cass finds a scroll to learn the Secret and finds a scroll with it written on it Unfo [...]

  • This book is not a five star book.This book is a FIVE HUNDRED FRICKING BAZILLION star book D D DOkayokayokay Moving on.I was so excited when I got this book I was simply ecstatic I was not disappointed, not at all The slight bit of romance I know you all were craving and anticipating actually happened Just a little A teeny bit Obviously the girl in the equation is Cass, but the boy Sorry folks, not telling Also don t get your hopes up, it s not THAT much, but it s better than nothing I guess.And [...]

  • Did you love A Series of Unfortunate Events and wish that there was something, anything, out there like it Well, there is, but I can t tell you what it s about In fact, I can t really recommend the book to you It s just too risky But if you re a fan of Lemony Snicket, you might just be strong enough to handle it Maybe But remember I warned you Handle what, you ask I said I can t tell you I will tell you that you should read these books in order I shouldn t have told you that, it was too risky no [...]

  • The original review is here thereviewsnews 20Also, this review is 4.5 stars, but I always round up Attention Your reporter, Julianna, is being held under our custody for ruining the secret Secret series that may or may not secretly contain the Secret In her place we have ask for you to run out and grab as many copies as you can before The Midnight Sun can get their hands on the secretive Secret Thank you Resume, if you must, but just as a final cry of help You Have to Stop This Hey, guys I m bac [...]

  • I can t believe I finished this series I feel empty inside I found out the secret and learned about an interesting and thrilling adventure I wish I could read and experience this book for the first time again I suggest if anyone likes mysteries and fun stories, to read this series I finished all 5 books in about 3 months That s not normal for me but I really couldn t put these books down Some nights I would intend to read for about 20 minutes and end up reading for an hour I would just get lost [...]

  • I had been anxiously waiting for this book, to find the secret, who PB is, what will happen to the midnight sun, and was taken by surprise when it came out I had preordered this on my Kindle and one day I turned on my Kindle and there it was Usually I reread a series before reading the new installment, but honestly, I couldnt resist starting it the moment I saw it And let me tell you, it did not dissapoint The book opens to Cass and Max Ernest walking to the fire house and thats when you get to [...]

  • You Have to Stop This By Pseudonymous Bosch 347 pages This book is about how Cass learns the Secret Cass is a secret keeper She must learn the Secret and not let anyone else know about it But the evil Lord Pharoah wants to learn the Secret before Cass does In the story, there is a stolen mummy, an evil brother who dies, and some scary dancers At the end of the book, Cass figures out that the all powerful Secret is just a silly joke The Secret is Why did the ibis cross the road The answer was to [...]

  • This book was amazing I got done reading it 5 minutes ago and I LOVED it The end was heart breaking bitter sweet but I think that the end of every book series is sad but spoilers Max Ernest s graduation speach made it even bitter sweet end of spoilers I wish Mr Bosch had told us a little about the main character s future But the ending was really awesome The story was AMAZING It made me laugh just like the books before it I loved it This is one of my favorite series and I am SUPER glad that I [...]

  • AhhhhI cannot believe the series is over cries I started this as a young 7th grader and now it s all finished and gone Not everything about this series is perfect but it s funny, full of mystery and narrated by fantastical narrator who really loves his chocolate.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I cant wait for this book to come out does any body have any idea about the actual date this comes out The fourth book was a total cliffhanger so i need the fifth

  • You Have to Stop This is the last book in The Secret Series , which was a great series overall.This book was wonderful and made me wish there were books like this This book is realistic because it is set in the present world and there is no advanced or future technology This author writes this book in a fantastic way which makes you laugh while you eyes are glued to the page I would say 8, 9 and 10 year olds would absolutely love this book The humor, action scenes and overall excellent plot wou [...]

  • You Have to Stop This, in comparison to the other books in the Secret Series, seems to be a bit toned down and mellow There are still plenty of cheeky footnotes, gimmicks, and meta asides, but maybe once or twice per chapter, instead of in every page Instead, this book is focused on Cass, Max Ernest, and Yo Yoji learning the secret As for the Secret itself, slight spoiler it s very philosophical and not some kind of thing like, mix eight parts melted gold with two parts blood of an ibis, etc It [...]

  • One word Amazing I really hate that feeling when you finish reading an entire series You just feel so broken and lost Well, let s start this review When I began reading it, I knew I won t be disappointed And turns out, I wasn t Or at least wasn t that disappointed Cass was a bit annoying for me, at the beginning She was acting like a brat And she acted selfish when she didn t want Max Ernest to know about the trunk Or anything about the Secret But as the story goes on, I understood her feelings [...]

  • This book was kind of a disappointment because all the other ones leading up to it were so good and this one was just KIND OF good All four previous books were leading up to this SECRET There was so much build up to the discovery of this secret that I think it s impossible to not disappoint everyone with what the secret actually is The secret was much alluring when I didn t know what it was.Also, you find out who the author is or SAYS he is I m just assuming that it s a boy because in an interv [...]

  • When I saw the book, I thought, maybe this book is too kiddish now But as usual curiosity gets the best of me and I say, WHATEVER I NEED ANSWERS And so I buy the book and read it I finish it that same night Which was about an hour ago.As usual, PB s writing style is awesome some people may not like it, but I LOVE it The storyline is also quite interesting Mummies, Lord Pharaoh, Midnight Sun, etc, etc Personally, I think it doesn t have the most intriguing plot in the series It s still brilliant, [...]

  • This was a book I wanted to finish badly It was a book that had such good details and storyline I couldn t put it down At the end of this book I was going to find out the Secret The secret that the books are all based around Throughout the book I got bored I wasn t finding any connections between me and the characters except Cassandra s taste for adventure Otherwise I wasn t connecting with the characters as I usually find in the books I usually read I had many ideas throughout the book about wh [...]

  • Summary The final book of the Secret Series When Cass, Max Ernest, and Yo Yoji s class goes to a local museum, they accidentally damage an old mummy and find themselves in a whole heap of trouble Meanwhile, Cass is on an urgent mission to find the Secret before the evil alchemists of the Midnight Sun do Can Cass, Max Ernest, and Yo Yoji find the Secret, replace the broken off finger of the mummy, and graduate the 8th grade in one piece My thoughts The last book of a favorite series can sometimes [...]

  • Yo Have To Stop This by Pseudonymous Bosch is the fifth book and last book of the secret series In this mysteries and adventures fiction book takes place in a class field trip where Cass accidentally breaks a finger off a priceless mummy Cass and her friends Max Ernest and Yo yoji are at a race against time trying to reunite the mummy and its finger While this is happening the ancient secret still wonders around while the evil group of alchemists the midnight sun try s to find its power I recomm [...]

  • I thought the book was really good and it the wait for the you know what to be revealed was worth it I found this to be a great book series it had you om the edge of your seat all the way through I was kinda surprised tho that you know what was reviled in the way that it was I wasn t expecting it to be revealed that way I wasn t sure what to expect when looking for you know what in the book I like the reveal of the you know what Pseudonymous Bosch did a nice job of pulling everything together ov [...]

  • I loved the ending, honestly The other side is such an open ended secret It could be one of so many things It implies death, which is he other side of life, yet the Secret is one of everlasting life So perhaps death is a sort of everlasting life Bosch couldn t have done a better job Also the conclusivity of max Ernest being bosh Loved it The characters were as fantastic and adventurous as ever, Lord Pharaoh was a suitable villain, and I was kept guessing the whole way through Fantastic ending to [...]

  • This is a hard one for me to rate The course the plot takes is quite fun and it s enjoyably written I d give 4 stars to the series as a whole But I m in two minds about the end It s not so much about the secret The secret is a bit of a letdown but kind of makes sense, so I m mostly ok with that It s just that there are a lot of dangling threads and hocus pocus even magic has to have rules In the end I think the author was just a bit lazy.

  • I am absolutely in love with how this series ended I didn t really have expectations for the secret, because I knew it would be something unexpected Which it was, and I have to say it was rather beautifully done Plus I like Max Ernest s interpretation much better than Cass s view spoiler Although I wasn t a fun of YoYoji and Cass I expected M E and Cass, and was slightly frustrated But hey, they just graduated middle school Who knows what shall happen hide spoiler

  • Thrill.Happiness.Sadness.This is THE best book I am obsessed with the series Cass ,Max Ernest and Yo Yoji go on a dangerous mission to find the secret.They batlle Lord Pharoah and the Midnight Sun once again and Cass learns the secret At the end of the book I almost cried NOBODY wants to end a series like this one D

  • If I could rate this book however many stars I wanted, I would give it infinity times infinity stars That s a lot of infinitys my favorite part of this book has to be the epilogue I ll miss your books a lot Pseudonymous Bosch Love you

  • The Secret was a joke, which sort of annoyed me I felt such a dramatic book filled with so many adventures would have been leading up to a grander ending, but besides that I enjoyed it.

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