A Pitcher to Remember

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A viral Ebook A Pitcher to Remember published None Bestseller Ebook A Pitcher to Remember

A viral Ebook A Pitcher to Remember published None. Bestseller Ebook A Pitcher to Remember
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    I m the author of Disappearance and it s my first book I ve written It s a story about a family s strange and mystifying disappearance And a father s race against time to try and save them But Mike Banner encounters obtacles and dangers of overwelming odds, and he must fight them and find away to survive My second book is A Pitcher To Remember and this story is about a young girl by the name of Adeena Jones and her interest in the game of softball And along the way she dicovers a book with an African American women on the cover and that sparks in her an even greater interest in playing softball I write in fiction genre of mystery thriller and drama I like to write and share my thoughts with readers I m currently working on three other books and my second book is in the process of being completed and should be available soon.

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