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Outlander is Books Quick question if this book has a quarter of a million ratings and still maintains an average rating of why the hell are the most popular reviews the snarky mean spirited o

Outlander is Books Quick question: if this book has a quarter of a million ratings and still maintains an average rating of 4.13, why the hell are the most popular reviews the snarky, mean spirited, one or two star reviews? That doesn't match up at all with what I'd assume would be the case, which is that most people who read this book LOVED IT. Including me. Please, people. If you enjoy a book, click "like" on the good reviews as well. That's what people see first when they look for reviews on Goodreads...the ones with the most popularity, or "likes". Sad that this amazing book's two most populare (and therefore most visible) reviews are not in keeping with most people's thoughts.~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~"Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.I give ye my Spirit, 'til our Life shall be Done."~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~SUMMARY:Claire is happily married. She and her husband are visiting Scotland and soaking up the history while indulging in some much needed time alone. One morning, they are witness to a group of women performing a ritual at a nearby stone circle."They should have been ridiculous, and perhaps they were. A collection of women in bedsheets, many of them stout and far from agile, parading in circles on top of a hill. but the hair prickled on the back of my neck at the sound of their call.(The modern witches at the stone circle...spooky and oh, such a good mood setter!!!)Claire returns to the circle later. I wonder if she felt called to that magical place, as if fate had plans for her and she was simply following her destiny.The tallest stone of the circle was cleft, with a vertical split dividing the two massive pieces..."Without warning, and for no apparent reason, Claire is whisked back to the year 1743.I could say that my field of vision contracted to a single dark spot, then disappeared altogether, leaving not darkness, but a bright void. I could say that I felt as though I were spinning or as though I were being pulled inside out. All these things are true, yet none of them conveys the sense I had of complete disruption, of being slammed very had against something that wasn't there."There she meets James Fraser, a man who is as complex as their relationship turns out to be. Claire never stops trying to get back home, but this world of the past and her present is slowly beginning to sink into her. She must now decide between remaining faithful to a man she may never see again, or conceding to the realization that she will forever remain in this time, with this fascinating man who has become her fiercest protector. ~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~It's pure craziness to me how this book can be summed up in a couple of paragraphs. And it's both detrimental and beneficial that a summary simply cannot encompass the sheer scope of heart that is in these pages. I was absolutely unprepared.Why detrimental? Because the details did become tedious, even as they were adding to the story. The downtime...instead of a time of building anticipation, became a time of hurry up and wait. This is the only reason that I can't give this five stars...because, for a couple hundred pages, I was 'a wee bit' bored. And I hope that my saying this won't keep someone from reading it. I wish that I didn't have to mention it, but in order to be fair and honest, I feel like it's necessary, if only to keep someone's expectations from becoming too high. And to be totally confusing, it's the details that drag you down into the middle of the eighteenth century, the minor secondary plots that make you live this life for awhile. So I'm not certain that they weren't necessary. I do wish that we got more of Claire dealing with the mundane things, but she just never seems bothered enough with inconveniences to mention them.I don't want to do much of a character breakdown except for maybe the three big key players in this story.~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~Claire..."You're no verra sensible, Sassenach, but I like ye fine."Oh boy. I had heard that a lot of people didn't like Claire at first. And to be quite honest, for most of the book I really DID like her. She was fairly steadfast to her husband...although circumstances bieng what they were, it would have been nearly impossible for her to stay that way. This was a fascinating look into what it must have been like for a woman back in those times. Not quite the Dark Ages but boy, they were a far cry from modern women's rights. This was a time of witch burnings and mob mentality. Imagine what it would be like to go back to these times, knowing what we know now, remembering what took place in history, and being scared to death to be female. You're completely at the mercy of the men you are with. Thank goodness Claire stumbled upon Jamie.Her character did fluctuate for me, for obvious reasons. I had a few minor hiccups with how wishy washy she was at times, and how little she seemed to think about how her actions would affect Jamie. However, (view spoiler)[ I do think that she had no idea how passionately Jamie felt for her until near the very end. So why would she feel the need to constantly spare his feelings and put him first?(hide spoiler)] At some point, she has to think of herself. The time frame in which all of this happens is not exactly conducive to accepting her fate and giving up on her whole life before Scotland. So I felt like I could cut her a break. She has an awful lot to deal with and I feel like she did the best she could. And toward the end...she becomes just as much a hero as Jamie does. You just have to wait for her to build up to this amazing person that she was meant to be. ~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~Jamie...Yes, I swooned, I gushed, I loooooooved Jamie Fraser! Who wouldn't? Who would admit to it if they didn't? However, he is really not at all what I expected. I like the badass boys, the heroes, the heartbreakers, those men who make you wonder if they will ever be tamed. I like men on the edge of good and evil, the ones that you are always unsure of. But there's just something about the nice guy, the man who...as soon as you meet him, you know his heart is pure and good. There are no questions with regards to Jamie about his purity of character. He's the epitome of good. He's a great mix of beta male (somewhat in the background, not horribly outspoken, usually backup for the leaders) and alpha male (leader, loud and proud, tends to be bossy and pushy.) I expected Jamie to be a more stand out guy but honestly, it was all in the “knowing” of Jamie that made me fall for him. He is one of the most honorable, strong minded, tender, loyal and devoted fictional men I've ever, ever read about. As Jamie himself puts it, he ”I havena the taste for power at the cost of other men's blood.” All of these romance heroes that we read about...the Dukes and Lords and Lairds and such...all of the battles and death and heartache...they're entitled to their place in society, to revel in their own sense of power and self-righteousness. Jamie just wants peace, a home, his wife, and a good life. Simple but so powerful. If only more people felt that way, if only more men were heroes because of the battles they didn't fight.Claire tending to Jamie's shoulder..."Ye need not be scairt of me," he said softly. "Nor of anyone here, so long as I'm with ye."That is not to say that he was perfect. One big, huge point of contention for me was (view spoiler)[ when he beats Claire after she tries to find the stone circle and instead ends up getting captured. I don't care what year it is, That's never right. To beat her until she can't sleep, can't sit down, and then allow his men to make fun of her for days afterward while she is healing... (hide spoiler)]this is one of the more cruel things that I've ever forgiven a hero for. I suppose if I'm going to forgive, it may as well be James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~`*`~Randall...I truly think that he is not only one of the most vile, heartless, disgusting, noxious, EVIL villains that I've ever met, he is also, oddly, an object of pity. Not to be mistaken for sympathy. He deserves a slow, torturous, endless agonizing death. His singleminded foxhunt of Jamie is confusing at first and later, every time his name is mentioned, I literally became filled with rage. I'm one of those that cried when I'm angry and I can't even tell you how hard I cried. Enough that I couldn't read any more. I had to calm down first. Poor Jamie :( Here is my reaction, of which I typed in the buddy read I was taking part in after I read the specific part that made me hate...literally hate Randall. Do not read this if you don't want a huge spoiler. You've been warned!!82% (view spoiler)[ Son of a fucking bitch!!! Not only did Jamie get raped but we don't even get to see that evil, sadistic ass hole suffer? I'm so mad right now. So fucking mad. And what the hell was all the wolf bullshit? Why even put that in there? It has no bearing on the story except to draw out the part where Jamie is once again flogged...tortured, burned, beat, raped. So I say again...what the fuck? I'm a vindictive bitch. I want payback. That fucker needs to suffer. Jamie needs to look him in the eye while he guts him. How fucking anticlimactic to give him an easy out. I am just livid. I'm so pissed off I'm crying(hide spoiler)]Yeah, suffice it to say that I really hope we get more of Randall and that Ms. Gabaldon feels the black rage that I felt toward him. I hope, I hope, I hope. Even rereading my reaction makes my blood pressure rise.Final thoughts:Yes, this is a great historical fiction novel but Jamie and Claire..their love, their devotion to each other is what makes this story epic. You just can't get around that fact. This is a love story. And so much more. I was so conflicted from the position that both Claire and Jaime were put in. What is right and wrong here? Claire loves her husband. But here she is, in this impossible situation, of which she can confide in no one. Not a single person. And so she goes first with her gut. Then with her head, and finally, FINALLY with her heart."Does it ever stop, Claire? The wanting?""You're mine, mo duinne," he said softly, pressing himself into my depths. "Mine alone, now and forever. Mine, whether ye will it or no." I pulled against his grip, and sucked in my breath with a faint "ah" as he pressed even deeper."Aye, I mean to use ye hard, my Sassenach," he whispered. "I want to own you, to possess you, body and soul." I struggled slightly and he pressed me down, hammering me, a solid, inexorable pounding that reached my womb with each stroke. "I mean to make ye call me 'Master," Sassenach." His soft voice was a threat of revenge for the agonies of the last minutes. "I mean to make you mine."and later..."Oh, aye, Sassenach...I am your master...and you're mine. Seems I canna possess your soul without losing my own."With the gorgeous backdrop of Scotland, the descriptions alone, and the way the dialogue forces you to sink into the setting is worth the entire read.I'm beyond happy that I finally started this series. I'm trying to pace myself while reading the next stories, as I feel the greatness in ma bones. This book itself was so amazing, I can't imagine what's in store for me. There were a few hints...very, very tiny hints in this book of some strange happenings with regards to the time travel aspect. Things always get convoluted when it comes to the whole switching time thing. What came first, Claire in real time or Claire in 1743? What will she change by going back and messing around with her ancestors, or more so her husband's ancestors? I can't wait to find out.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>. The year is 1945 Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is just back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient circles that dot the British Isles Suddenly she is a Sassenach an outlander in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of Our Lord1743.Hurled back in tiThe year is 1945 Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is just back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient circles that dot the British Isles Suddenly she is a Sassenach an outlander in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of Our Lord1743.Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand, Claire is catapulted into the intrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten her life, and shatter her heart For here James Fraser, a gallant young Scots warrior, shows her a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.. Good Kindle Outlander A special note to those who say my review stopped them from reading this book: No no no! Read it! I actually reread the whole series last summer and enjoyed it immensely. Just read it for what it is: ludicrous, well-written, humorous, delicious TRASH. Just don't expect it to be the most brilliant novel ever written and you'll be fine.How To Commit Adultery Without Being a Cheap Slutty Whore: A Q&A by Diana GabaldonQ: I love my husband but I'm feeling kind of restless. But adultery is wrong. So what do I do?A: Easy! Go back in time!Q: What do you mean, Ms. Gabaldon?A: If you go back in time, your husband hasn't been born yet. So you can have wild and crazy S&M sex with impunity.Q: But won't I still be married to him?A: Aren't you listening? He hasn't been BORN yet. So you aren't married! But if you are really being such a stickler, then just have someone force you to get married to someone else.Q: But, but, no one can force me to get married against my will!A: Okay, let me lay it out for you: You're really hot for this sexy warrior barbarian guy, right? I know this, because you stop thinking about your husband about 24 hours after you've been dropped in this guy's arms. So you get in this situation where some obscure tribal law insists you have to get married, make a little protest, sign some papers, and voila! Q: But that doesn't mean I have to sleep with him.A: Oh but you do, because some random dude insists that you have to. Don't worry, the sex will be great even though he's a 23 year old virgin. So you see, you HAVE to do it, so it's okay.Q; But isn't it a sin?A: Fine, find a priest at the end of the book to absolve you, whatever. And anyway, it's okay because your husband basically told you it was okay, right before you were whisked back in time. Seriously, go for it. When else will you get the chance? You've been married for years. You deserve a little hot and heavy barbarian action.Q: So what's this hot barbarian guy like?A: Well, watch out, because he loves to reminisce about how his dad used to beat him and how wonderful that was. And he really gets off on beating you, but it's just the once. Oh, and it seems that he wants you so badly he can't restrain from ramming you repeatedly with his male member while telling you how much he can't restrain himself and that gets seriously annoying after the twentieth time. But otherwise, it's all good.Q: Anything else I should be aware of?A: Surprise! Buttsex! But not for you, so it's okay.Oddly, I'm going to read the next one in the series. Because I'm bizarrely fascinated. It's like a train wreck.Edit 1:Someone in the comments said I should copy this into the review, so here you go:Plot SummaryClaire: I love my husband! I love sex!Frank: But it's okay if you have sex with someone else, in certain circumstances.Standing Stones: SUCK! Ha ha, you're in another time!The Anti-Frank: Ooooh, I think I will rape you.Claire: Eeek!Clansmen: Scots to the rescue! Here, meet Jamie and his manly manhood.Jamie: Och, aye, I'm a tough laddie. And I'm going to kill the Anti-Frank for beating the shit outta of me and raping my sister.Claire: Ooooh, he's cute. Hey, wasn't I married? Dougal: Ye have to marry the laddie to get away from the Anti-Frank.Claire: Okay.Dougal: And ye have to have sex wit' him.Claire: Mmmmm.... but.... well, okay.Jamie: I'm a virgin. Oooh, but I love sticking my manhood in ye. It's like a sacrament and all.Claire: I should get back to Frank, I think I will take this opportunity to run away... I guess... sort of... meh.The Anti-Frank: Ha ha! Found you. Now to rape you!Jamie: Och, that's my wee lassie. First I'm going to rescue her, then I'm going to beat her for disobeying me. And then I'm going to tell her about how me Da beat me and how much I liked it.Jealous wench: The village witch is looking for you.Claire: Okay!Villagers: She's a witch! Burn her!Jamie: Over my dead body!Claire: Honey, I have something to tell you. I'm not a witch but...Jamie: Ye must go back!Claire: I can't. I long for your manhood too much. It's a manhood like no other.The Anti-Frank: I too long for your manhood. I think I will bugger you right after I crush your hand with a hammer. But, I love you. You remind me of my dead brother. Here's some grease.Jamie: Ouch. Oooh, but that feels sort of good. Och, I'm so ashamed.Claire: We must rescue Jamie! Send in the cows!Jamie: OCH! Me hand! Just let me die!Claire: Never! Let's go to France.Jamie: Och, aye lassie, I feel much better now.Father Anselm: God says it's okay that you're a bigamist.Claire: Awesome. Time to use my foreknowledge of past events for good!Diana Gabaldon: The sequel will be 900 pages.Finis
Outlander TV Series Aug , Follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from who is mysteriously swept back in time to , where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world in Outlander TV series Watch Outlander Online Stream Full Series on STARZ Free Outlander Drama, Literary Book Based TV MA Episodes In Season , Jamie Fraser must fight to protect those he loves, as well as the home he has established alongside his wife, Claire Outlander season release date cast, trailer, plot and Aug , Outlander s latest run came to a dramatic end in May, but the global coronavirus pandemic has stalled filming on multiple high profile projects and the beloved historical drama is Watch Outlander, Season Prime Video Outlander is by far the BEST series whether it be reading or watching This new series is indeed the st century s most loved Margaret Mitchell s th century Gone With The Wind was epic for its time but DianaGabaldon The Outlander Series OUTLANDER also published in the U.K under the title CROSS STITCH is the best selling first novel in my Outlander series of books It was first published in the U.S.A in . Outlander cast defends Sam Heughan after he reveals online Apr , Outlander star Caitriona Balfe, who plays Heughan s onscreen wife, posted the most pointed comments about the show s outspoken stans, who have subjected Heughan and his circle of Outlander Brewery Pub Seattle, WA Outlander Brewery and Pub We are a very small scale brewery and pub specializing in foreign and unique beers and eats Our brewery is a . barrel system which we use to create hand crafted,

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  • Quick question if this book has a quarter of a million ratings and still maintains an average rating of 4.13, why the hell are the most popular reviews the snarky, mean spirited, one or two star reviews That doesn t match up at all with what I d assume would be the case, which is that most people who read this book LOVED IT Including me Please, people If you enjoy a book, click like on the good reviews as well That s what people see first when they look for reviews on e ones with the most popula [...]

  • A special note to those who say my review stopped them from reading this book No no no Read it I actually reread the whole series last summer and enjoyed it immensely Just read it for what it is ludicrous, well written, humorous, delicious TRASH Just don t expect it to be the most brilliant novel ever written and you ll be fine.How To Commit Adultery Without Being a Cheap Slutty Whore A QA by Diana GabaldonQ I love my husband but I m feeling kind of restless But adultery is wrong So what do I do [...]

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  • I remember my friend in college 1992ish coming out of her room holding a book to her chest and saying YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK She said it was a time travel, romance book set in post world war II Scotland and mid 18th century Scotland Being as I was a 24 year old stoner and a 5th year college student, Lord of the Rings was up my alley and I told her I d put it on my list Fast forward to 2009, I m on my usual Saturday morning sojourn to Barnes and Noble and I come across Outlander in the ficti [...]

  • WHATTTT HOW DID I NOT MARK THIS MAGNIFICENT CREATION OF A NOVEL AS READ BEFORE I read this book 2 years ago and it has captured my heart and is my favorite book of all time 3

  • This book is my love, you all know this It deserves an infinite amount of stars, too bad only allows 5 Check out my review on YouTube here youtu FNfLLKhP E8

  • Ok, first off, there are going to be minor spoilers hints in this review read at your own risk, although I ll try not to reveal too much Outlander is a damn good book Sure, the book has a blue fake leather cover, costs four bucks, and screams spinning rack at the airport bookstore I approached the text with suspicion but found myself invested in the language and storyline within the first hundred pages Here s why TEN GOOD THINGS ABOUT OUTLANDER1 The characterizations of Jamie and Claire, along w [...]

  • I gave up on this book because I was sustaining permanent damage from reading it and I was afraid I d start hitting back And it s a borrowed copy, so that wouldn t be cool.In fairness, I should say there s a lot of good writing here I really enjoyed the beginning chapters They even kind of cracked me up, because I have friends who love genealogy and their husbands always get that look when they start talking about it and that s exactly how I imagined Claire looking when her husband Frank started [...]


  • I wanted to write a better review for this book to coincide with the release of the new TV series, where Jamie actually does look pretty hotBack when I read this as a wee lass okay, like, three years ago , there weren t quite as many interesting interpretations of the novel going on I remember reading a bunch of reviews that either sold it as sophisticated, well researched historical fiction, or a trashy kilt wearing romance full of sex, violence and violent sex In my opinion, neither is too far [...]

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  • Reviewed for thcreviewsI ve read that Outlander was originally marketed as a romance novel because the publisher didn t know what else to do with it, but this book is no ordinary romance novel It doesn t follow any typical romance formula and is a real genre bender that doesn t fit neatly into any one category Outlander has a swoon worthy hero and dozens of truly romantic scenes that should be sufficient to satisfy even the most discriminating romance reader, while it s time travel aspect and a [...]

  • This series changed my life I cannot even begin to go into the details of how much I fell in love with the main characters Claire Beauchamp and Jamie Fraser The love story between these two beautifully written characters actually transcends time and logic Their devotion, respect and soul reaching love was one of beauty and even awe inspiring Theirs is a long and beautiful historic journey together reaching limits and boundaries of both heartwarming depth and gut wrenching tragedy Not to be crypt [...]

  • Man, after the pitch I ve heard about this book from basically every female reader I ve ever met, I was expecting something that was NOT THIS Fairly offensive, needlessly graphic, and smutty in that skeevy way, rather than the hot way At one point, Jamie punishes Claire for disobeying him by literally spanking her which was treated as perfectly understandable, and was quickly dismissed I know that I cringed throughout the entire thing, and found it hard to believe that any relatively modern woma [...]

  • Outlander is not a book for everyone I ll put that right out there If you think you can stomach extreme sexual violence as well as themes of sadism then go ahead If you can understand good characters doing things in their historical context that would be seen as abuse now, then give it a try.You won t be disappointed.Gabaldon has finely crafted a novel that is radically different to the stereotype This is no average love story Her research is extensive and flawless bringing to life a world that [...]

  • I read the first 300 or so pages of the book The first 200 had me hookedd then the sex scenes started I ve got nothing against a sex scene or two but the main characters were having sex all the freaking time And when it escalated to include violence, including a scene that I can only describe as rape she says no, he forces her to have sex anyway , I closed the book decided not to read any I enjoy historical fiction just not this type of it, I suppose.

  • 4.5 GREAT AWESOME COOL FANTASTIC BRILLIANTSTARS You can find the full review and about this book on my blog I am going to part this review in two sections parts because I don t want to give spoilers away but also want to share some of the scenes I really enjoyed with people who have also read the book so we can discuss together.So the first part of the review will be SPOILER FREE and everyone can read it,and the second part will be filled with spoilers so if you haven t read the book don t go t [...]

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  • Here, I m going to rewrite the scene that ruined this book for me.Jamie, some Highlander from the 1740 s Claire, you didn t listen to what I said You disobeyed me, your husband You risked everyone s lives and I m going to punish you for your misbehaviour Yes I know the evil man abused you and nearly raped you But that was your own fault I love you, I really do, and I don t enjoy this, but people expect me to give you the punishment you deserve.Claire, an educated women from the 1940 s Jamie, fir [...]

  • Myriad problems with this one but several surprising multifaceted splendors as well This is an unexpected tome that merges speculative fantasy with true historical events It does something remarkable in having a target audience that vacillates between YA the nonFiction prone in other words, if you are a READER, this one is for you it s got something for Everyone.The sex gets racier and racier, but the adventure starts growing tepid The antagonist is for sure memorable as a, what serial rapist Bu [...]

  • I figured I would love the book since I loved the first two seasons of the show Although, I have many books to go I did get the beautiful bound 20th anniversary edition of the book because it is beautiful Here s a little picture of the book and some of my stuff around it to make it even pretty The book looks smaller in the picture than it is so I don t know images on your screen are smaller than they appear I love Jamie and Claire I just want them to be together and that s the end of it Unless [...]

  • Okay, there are tons of reviews on this book, and I can t add too much to the review ether that hasn t already been said But, I promised to write a review for every book I read, so I ll do this in an different kind of way How about a QA session about this book Question and Answer Session With Danielle Regarding Outlander by Diana Gabaldon1 So, you finally read it How does it feel to read this 850 page magnum opus I feel a profound sense of accomplishment I m glad that I womaned up and faced this [...]

  • The year is 1945 Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles Suddenly she is a Sassenach an outlander in a Scotland torn by war and raiding Highland clans in the year of Our Lord1743.First off, I am not big on Time travel books but this has been on my kindle forever and with the new TV series coming out in a month or so I thoug [...]

  • This is actually a very difficult book for me to rate Certain aspects of it were very good Others, I didn t care for at all I suppose I can say that as a whole I liked it okay Somewhere between a 2 and a 3, but I m going to round down due to the seriousness of my dislikes What worked for me Attention to detail on that below, however It was very easy for me to visualize scenes and actions In general, the premise for the novel was interesting And some parts of it were very exciting to read with l [...]

  • In late 2015, I saw a book in Barnes and Noble Written in my Own Heart s Blood by Diana Gabaldon and thought This sounds amazing I picked it up and it was nearly 1000 pages in harcover and suddenly realized it was the most recent book in a series with books that were all practically a thousand pages long I can t read a series book without doing it in order, so I put it back on the shelf and said Another time Fast Forward to 2016I sign up for the 2016 Reading challenge 52 books in a year 1 a week [...]

  • Um YES This is what I like It took a while to get into and read as I was having to do school work and holiday festivities at the same time, but it was definitely worth it If you like historical fiction, time travel, and or romance, PICK THIS UP You also get the beautiful and perfect specimen of Jamie.

  • People kept telling me how good the Outlander series was, and I kept putting off reading them because they re time travel romances Time travel romances are always completely cheesy aren t they Well, I finally broke down and read Outlander, and quickly discovered it s one of the most original novels out there I was happy to see that Barnes Noble recently moved them out of the romance section because they are way involved than your typical girl meets boy Claire, the World War II combat nurse who [...]

  • Too bad here isn t a rating stronger than didn t like because I hated this book In fact, I read the entire thing just so that someone couldn t talk me out of hating it by saying Oh, it gets better at the end or you really needed to read the whole thing to appreciate it This book isn t about Scotland or time travel, it s about Jamie and Claire having sex in different locations and positions Throw in a little wife beating, rape and repeated torture and you ve got yourself a toned down Marquis de S [...]

  • This book is featured on this week s Shabby Sunday readrantrockandroll 2017 Claire Randall is a nurse living in Scotland with Frank, her husband, just after the end of World War II Frank is absorbed in studying his family tree and tracking one of his ancestors named Black Jack Randall Claire has an interest in Botany and studies plants along with their healing factors.One day, Claire comes across a stone circle called Craigh na Dun.While there, she discovers a plant and can t stop thinking about [...]

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