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Zip Lover Reborn Just a fair warning This book buttfucked me raw without lube spoiler pun intended and destroyed

Zip Lover Reborn Just a fair warning: This book buttfucked me raw without lube (~*spoiler*~ pun intended) and destroyed my heart and sanity. My feelings are all over the place and I need to vent. Cursing, spoilers and inappropriate gifs ahead.TORH/NO'ONESummary: SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXANGSTANGSTANGSTANGSTA year ago when Ward announced Tohr was next, I got so mad. It was too soon for him, it felt rushed, he wasn't ready, she was fucking him up, etc. And sadly, I still stand on that.And on that note, let me clarify something: One thing is to accept someone you love died and to move on with your life and another is finding a new partner. You don't need to fuck/love someone else to move on in a healthy way. I disagree completely with Ward here. Tohr needed to find himself again, move on naturally, accept Wellsie was death AND THEN find someone else. Not do both things at the same time.And honestly, Tohr was a douchebag to her for the most part. He treated No'One with no respect, insulted her and used her. Grieving doesn't give you the right to act like that. And also: TOO MUCH SEX! If you know me, you know that coming from me is huge.The whole seasons thing was a weak plot device to be able to squeeze a whole year worth development into one book, when each book usually covers like two weeks top. We've been getting Qhuay little by little over 5 books now, when that's exactly what Ward should have done with Tohr/Autumn. Reading their developtment in 4-5 different books and then getting their own book would have worked better and more smoothly, IMO.But I guess Ward ran out of characters we currently care enough about to give a shit about a book with them as main characters. She's got, what? The Shadows, the BoB, Muhrder, Lassiter (who she already stated needs to happen AFTER Tohr) and, oh yeah... Qhuay. But I guess 4 books were not enough built up for them...JM/XHEXFirst of all, you need to know I'm completely biased when it comes to these two. They are my favorite m/f couple. Xhex can do no wrong in my eyes, I'm her bitch and will always be. I stan them so hard they should fucking adopt me.I read spoilers before reading the book and knew they had some problems. At first I thought, so soon?! WTF. But it made total sense. In fact, I'm glad this happened because someone had to make these warriors see women are more than soft, obliging creatures they own.I still believe John is the worst and most selfish BFF someone could have, but he's one of the best boyfrands from the bunch of mated dudes we have in the series, IMO. I have a love/hate relationship with the handsome son of a bitch.XHEX (and the oppresion of men)Xhex was amazing, perfect, flaw free, better than your fave, best bias you can bias and the ultimate HBIC in this book AGAIN.She stand in front of the whole Brotherhood and called them an "anachronistic group of misogynists", and very rightly so! She is greatly needed in this misogynist vamp society. You're mated and suddenly all the males look at your mate for approval to let you do shit?! Horrible dejá vù of women not being allowed to open their own bank accounts for example without their husband's signed permission. *shudders* I love the Brothers but they need to work on their close-minded view of females ASAP. Btw, during all her ordeal against the oppression of testosterone, where the fuck was Payne?AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THIS BS?The only female (Xhex) who seems to EVEN care about this general chauvinist behavior is constantly described as manly and masculine. Why can't feminine women notice this and FIGHT AGAINST IT, too?? Are Marissa, Mary, Ehlhenhah, Cormia, Bella or Beth grateful and content their mates let them get outta the mansion and do appropriate work for women?! Marissa thinking "I'm so lucky, Butch is old fashioned but he never complained about me working" made me want to punch her in the face. You may not see it, but that's classic fucked up thinking for women in regards of their rights in society according to men. She is grateful her husband allows her to do as she pleases? Bitch, please. That thought should not exist in the first fucking place!And don't get me started on the needing bullshit. "Servicing", my ass.LAYLAJ. R. Ward has ruined this character for me, verily. I can no longer stand to see her getting any kind of attention from any male, at all. My blood literally boils and I want to smack her. It's irrational at this point.She possesses not a single redeeming quality IMO. You may be thinking, but she's selfless and lives to service the warriors! If that is the case, let me direct you to my previous point. Layla is the worse example of women embracing chauvinism. Examples:"Providing blood to males of worth was all that was left of her calling. All that she had in her life.""Let us do what we must. For the future."Those are just a few of the little pearls of wisdom she presented us with in this book. Qhuinn has been "educating" her for months to see life is much more than just servicing men and wanting cock, and yet she's still thinking exactly the same? Qhuinn, sts but yo wasting yor time, bud.Plus, is she dumb? No, seriously. I'm actually asking this for real. She's been in the mansion for a few years now, right? She must know everyone who lives there, right? Plus, she's been hunting for a mate so she must know all the males, right? And yet, she mistakes Xcor and Throe for BDB Warriors...? She didn't notice anything shaddy when Throe called her in the middle of no fucking where? Or when she never saw them in the mansion after weeks of waiting? She so conviently never asked anyone about the warrior she had fed, either. And then, when she finds out who they truly are she faints, she is in distress, she can't believe they fooled her... Oh poor, poor victim of the cruel system. Note my sarcasm, please.She's already started to bond with Xcor (pretty hardcorely, too) and the first backbone she shows is to betray him and help them TO KILL HIM?! She's so worried about getting her servicing "job" taken from her, she's ready to sell her mum if needed. Not even once did she try to convince them of some way out for the male she's already fallen for. I'm sorry, I can't respect her. She's selfish, she wants wants wants and doesn't think of consecuences or other people's needs/feelings. She's so selfish she wants a baby to feel better, FFS!!!Conclusion:XCOR/BoB/LAYLAMostly: Meh. I'm sad Ward is going to use this pontentially awesome HEA storyline in Xcor and Layla, tbh. The BoB started a bit zzZZzz but after Xcor betrayed Throe things picked up pace and turned interesting.The gay undertones between Xcor/Throe, Zypher/Throe, everyone/Throe were greatly appreciated. Throe is the glue keeping the Bastards together, everyone is his bitch! :DI'm also thinking ex-Aristocrat Throe and Super-Aristocra Saxton could be fun to read!QHUINNDuring the first half of the book, Qhuinn's angst was so beautiful my heart ached for him. I'm not ashamed to admit I ugly cried when he got recognition from the Brothers.He is, however, a fucking dumbass. Can't deny the truth. I love him, and bless his heart but he duuuumb. He needs to grow so much to be able to reach Blay. And don't get me started on what a coward he is. Honestly, I'm mad at JRW for doing this to Qhuay. Not with Qhuinn.She made Qhuinn hold back his feelings because he thought he was not good enough for so long, and then she made him have a kid on a whim and change his mind about holding back with Blay on another. She spent 4 books building up his character, layer after layer, and it was so good!! And then idk, she went on crack? And ruined it all in a 30 secs decision. Just... WTF? Plus, maybe this is just me but... Since he is aware of his feelings for Blay now, shouldn't he be more concerned about not hurting him? Sure, he believes Blay has moved on and no longer cares about him (convenient plot device nº56730367) but when you love someone you obsess over silly things, such as, oh idk, "I know Blay has moved on, but I used to hurt him with my whoring around. Maybe this still bothers him even when he's happily mated with someone else and I should do something about it"??Talk about not knowing how to properly pine for a person. Talk about dumbasses plot devices.QHUINN & LAYLA BFFsWhenever Qhuinn called Layla "baby girl" or touched her in any way, I got so mad at some point I realized I was projecting on Blay and getting all jealous and possessive. If I were Blay, after being mated, I couldn't stand the thought of that bitch anywhere near us. Sorry, could never work for me... Even when Blay is a fucking saint, I can't see it realistic for him to accept her in the middle of their marriage, especially after being hurt by Qhuinn's slutty behavior for years. Blay is flaw free, but his confidence is touching rock bottom when it comes to Qhuinn. There has to be an issue about this between them or I call BS.But back at the unpleasant subject that are Qhuinn and Layla. I guess Ward was aiming at "awww they are BFFs, how qt is that?!" but sorry, couldn't go there with them. Even Layla thinking she was over him sounded hollow and fake to my ears. It just didn't make sense with the rest of her behavior. She's pretty much the same after months of ~discovering the world~ and yet she has realized her feelings for Qhuinn weren't real? Bitch please anyone else?THE BIG OH NO, YOU DIDN'THDY JRW HFDY doesn't even start covering it. She went there. She fucking went there.Already-bonded Layla and Bonded-for-3-Books-at-least Qhuinn decided the solution to all their issues was to have a kid together! Bringing a child to the world like it is a business transaction is not right. The way she manipulated him into this was disturbing, too. “You’re my only hope, and I yours. … ”For someone playing so dumb about certain things (such as traitors) she was verily must cunning in convincing Qhuinn. She knew exactly what to say to use his issues and weak points against him."Let us do what we must. For the future."Oh yeah, the whole vampire race depends on you two! Now go populate the earth!I knew Qhuinn was a weak coward (see his relationship with Blay for examples) but my god, he went from "I will NEVER have sex with her to prevent that Fade vision to happen" to "A child sounds like a fantastic idea and that Face vision assures it will happen!" in less than 0.30 secs. *blinks a few times in confusion* Also: 1) No'One could barely talk when the needing hit her while Layla had a whole conversation with Qhuinn??? 2) Layla had been to the other side but not enough to get a free pass on the needing triggering??? 3) She decided to risk it and not freak out like the rest of the females *just in case*??? Pfff please.And hey, WHERE THE FUCK WAS PHURY WHEN THIS TRAIN WRECH HAPPENED?!They had isolated No'One and still, it seemed a porn movie was being filmed in the mansion while she was through her needing. And yet, when Qhuinn takes needing!Layla to his room, no one seems to notice or care enough to says "OH WAIT SOMEONE IS DEFLOWERING A MOST VERILY SACRED CHOOSEN DURING HER NEEDING, DANGER, DANGER, PREGGO TIMES, DANGER."In vampire age, Qhuinn is a fucking kid. How come no one stopped them from making this huuuuge mistake?! Even Qhuinn thought Phury was going to kill him and yet, Phury was no where to be seeing. Not before, not during, not after. Perhaps Ward is holding those ~precious moment~ for the next book?I should have been glad they were awkward as fuck after it and clearly not ~in lurv~, but my god, this is such a huge mess I can't even rejoice in the little mercies. And I'm assuming some people will be mad at Qhuinn for caring so much about her after it, but come on, IF this had to happen, he'd be an even bigger asshole if he didn't act like this now, tbh.I still don't undertand WHY Ward went there. I can't see anyone being pleased with this. Qhuinn/Layla fans? (Legit question: Do they really exist?) "Oh so romantic, they share a kid while they mate someone else." FRUSTRATED AND PISSED. Layla stans? "My girl deserves respect and a male who worshippes only her!" FRUSTRATED AND PISSED. Qhuay fans? Oh please, do I have to explain this one? FRUSTRATED AND ROYALLY PISSED.Conclusion:FUTURE DAUGHTERXhex: "But why would they want a young? That shit was crazy town" (There's a good reason why Xhex is my fave!)^^^ Only shade of light in this mess is how IMO Ward showed the whole thing as something negative. The undertone was something along the lines of "look at these two lost souls making a decision for the most fucked up of reasons". That's the only tiny positive thing on all this.This child is going to come to this world and be taken care of by a girl who lives in a fantasy world, unable to take care of herself, selfish and delusional and with a daddy so full of his own issues he's nowhere near ready for any kind of responsability. And hey, congrats! Your step-dad is Xcor! Woohoo! I wish the kid wouldn't exist... Well, scratch that. I wish Layla and her needing didn't exist. But Qhuinn's daughter? Sorry to say, I'm the biggest fucking sap in the world and I already love her. She's fault-free and part of Qhuinn. #noregrets #comeatmebroBLAYBlaylock is, with Xhex, my favorite character. At this point I'm only invested in his happiness and fuck the world. He deserves only the very best, and maybe at this point some people believe Qhuinn doesn't match that description (big surprise here), but Blay wants him and I want Blay to be happy, so I'm still pinning hard for Qhuay to happen.“I’m surprised … ” At how awful this felt."As that fucking chandelier twinkled overhead, Blay said roughly, “I’m still in love with him.”(GPOY of me while reading this scene)He broke my heart so much I don't think I'll ever recover from it. He is my most dearest character ever. And what's happening to him is so unfair, in so many levels. Maybe he's the character with the least tragic past or lesser issues, but my god, life is fucking him up royally over and over. When is it going to be enough for Ward's standard of tortured men?! Even when he gets his man, he'll have to share him with someone else. How fucking fair is that? For him, for Layla or for us. "If he’d been able to, he’d have jumped up and torn that goddamn cocksucking light fixture off the goddamn cocksucking ceiling."If that didn't cover perfectly well the general sentiment I don't know what could. Blay losing it was so liberating. It was like I was losing it with him. About fucking time, too!SAXTONSaxton is a fucking saint. My creys. This male of worth deserves a good, long, thick cock handsome, flawless male to service him for life.The fact that it was him who suggested Qhuinn should get some recognition for his brave actions was such a neat move. I can't wait for Saxton and Qhuinn to have a stronger family bond. #sapAnd yet... Why the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- did he stop Blay when he tried to storm out the room? Maybe he was headed to Qhuinn's room to stop that madness from happening!!!!!! Am I the only one who yelled NOOOOOOOOO?BLAY/SAXTONBLAY BUTT-FUCKED SAXTON WITHOUT LUBE!!!!!!!Sorry, I *had* to say it. For a moment it was like reading a yaoi comic, where men always have self-lubricating bottoms. Hopefully this was an out of the moment thing and Ward knows this is not the norm for future references. Or maybe she pulls a "gay vamps can self-lubricate themselves at will *poker face*"…? You never know!Still, not enough details. I know, none HEAs don't get sex screen time, but hey, someone remembers that sympath bitch and Rehv? Hmmm... yeah.MY DEAREST QHUAY *CHEST HURTS*I'm actually so disappointed in Ward. I used to believe in her. I trusted her. 100% But she's been dragging out their story for too long and adding ridiculous plot devices to hold them back. Don't bullshit me anymore with "they aren't ready". They are and they were. You made Torh be ready and stuffed a whole year into a book to make it happen, so STFU and give us Qhuay already!Onto more fangirling comments: Qhuinn's physical reaction when his stare met Blay's was so intense I forgot to breath for a moment.And I guess we're going for full circles here. First Blay told Qhuinn he loved him and Qhuinn didn't hear him (very convenient) and now Qhuinn told Blay he loved him, and very conveniently again, Ward used John's self-centered character to mistake the tone and who Qhuinn was talking to, to cockblock Qhuay ONCE AGAIN.There has been so much cock-blocking between these two, I'm glad they are both males or they wouldn't know what a penis looks like anymore at this point.When Qhuinn was injured, they were so heartbreaking, so clearly in pain and longing for each other. It's exaclty what I needed. But then, Blay believes that angsty tear is because Qhuinn is in pain and is about to leave, Qhuinn calls his name and he ignores him?! You love someone, and no matter how much that person rejected you, if they call you like that in a moment of need/being hurt, you turn around and see what they want. No, seriously, stop with the stupid cock-blocking!!!! And yet, when Jane is like wtf at Blay, another cock-block happens with Saxton holding him back outside the room. Can we please be done with the delay already? Those are just weak, weak, weak excuses. And I'm tired of them. I've seen lots of people discussing what those two things that had to happen for Qhuay to be ready were, and my two cents are: Blay's reaction to Qhuinn/Layla during her needing, and Qhuinn realizing life is too short and you can lose your loved ones in a moment.WHO IS NEXTDuh:"As Blay started to straighten, like a message had been received, Qhuinn thought 'That's right, buddy. Our future has come…'"Side Note: Qhuinn, you stupid fuck, you just got a girl pregnant and NOW you decide to go after Blay?!!?!EDIT: March 31 2012 "THEIR TIME HAS COME. 2013- NEXT BDB HARDCOVER…..BLAY & QHUINN!!!!"Note: The gifs posted here keep getting exceeded bandwidth with too many views. omg guise… What are y'all doing? :__). Lover Reborn am Book Ever since the death of his shellan, Tohrment has been unrecognizable from the vampire leader he once was Physically emaciated and heartbroken beyond despair, he has been brought back to the Brotherhood by a self serving fallen angel Now, fighting once again with ruthless vengeance, he is unprepared to face a new kind of tragedy When Tohr begins to see his beloved in hiEver since the death of his shellan, Tohrment has been unrecognizable from the vampire leader he once was Physically emaciated and heartbroken beyond despair, he has been brought back to the Brotherhood by a self serving fallen angel Now, fighting once again with ruthless vengeance, he is unprepared to face a new kind of tragedy When Tohr begins to see his beloved in his dreams trapped in a cold, isolated netherworld far from the peace and tranquillity of the Fade he turns to the angel in hopes of saving the one he has lost But because Lassiter tells him he must learn to love another to free his former mate, Tohr knows they are all doomed Except then a female with a shadowed history begins to get through to him Against the backdrop of the raging war with the lessers, and with a new clan of vampires vying for the Blind King s throne, Tohr struggles between the buried past and a very hot, passion filled future but can his heart let go and set all of them free. J.R Ward is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous novels, including the Black Dagger Brotherhood series She lives in the South her family.. Bestseller Book Lover Reborn Verily, Ward, you hath redeemed thyself in mine eyes.Lover Unleashed was disappointing for me on several levels. But I knew that, if Ward did it right, Tohrment's book had the potential to be the best installment to the series in a long time. I've wanted him to find peace and healing ever since that fateful scene at the end of Lover Awakened, but I knew it would take time. And now that his time has finally come, I'm pleased to say that Ward doesn't disappoint.Tohrment & No'One:I know a lot of people aren't happy that Tohrment doesn't get Wellsie back. I'm not happy about it, either. But save for getting Wellsie back, I believe Tohr was dealt the best hand possible in Lover Reborn.Let me be frank: I had very little faith that Ward could pull a romance like this off. Seriously, Tohrment and Wellsie? Probably one of the most romantic couples I've ever come across in the PNR/UF genre. Their back story, the glimpses we see of their relationship in the first three books . . . how can you possibly follow an act like that? Some of the sentences in this are like an assault to the solar plexus. There were scenes where I felt like I was chopping onions. Suffice it to say I cried a lot while reading Tohr's story. Man, Tohrment . . . he just . . . tears me apart. Truly.As Tohr says himself, No'One could never replace Wellsie; but the emotional — and physical — connection between Tohr and No'One is undeniable. Tohr and No'One have a lot in common (each has been through a tremendous ordeal in their lifetime), they've meant in the past and spent an entire year in each other's company, and No'One is incredibly understanding and supportive of Tohr and his situation. I don't think any other female could've brought him back from the brink the way No'One did.I didn't expect to like No'One as much as I did — I've never really liked the Chosen women, and although No'One isn't a Chosen, she's very similar to them. But she is humble, kind, and, underneath the shield she's erected to protect herself, passionate. Ward has surprised me before, and she definitely did in the case of No'One's character. The best part about the romance in this is how slow it builds. One year passes from beginning to end of this installment, and Tohr doesn't give himself over to the possibility of loving another easily. It isn't until near the end that he truly opens his heart to No'One. (view spoiler)[But did you notice? No bonding scent. Save for a little show of possessiveness (which I think could just be chalked up to the nature of a male vampire), Tohr didn't bond with No'One. I have to say that I liked this fact very much. For me, that would've discredited Tohr's love for his previous shellan as well as the bonds the other Brothers have with their shellans. I don't think that the bonding thing should be taken lightly.Don't get me wrong; I'm glad he's in love with her and all, but I think him bonding with her would've been too much. I hope it doesn't come into play in future books. (hide spoiler)]Lassiter:Can somebody get me a bib? Seriously, you can have all of the Brothers (except Z, of course; I got dibs on him a long time ago), just give me Lassiter! God, he just gets more interesting — and sexy — with each book. And when his own book is finally released, I'll be one of the first ones at the bookstore ready to trample over the other shoppers to get my copy.And something tells me his book is going to be very similar to Tohr's and maybe even equally sad. If you're observant and you've read Hello, Old Friend and Book Order in the Brothers on the Board section of the insider's guide, then you know that Lassiter had a woman he loved who is now either missing or dead. There is also some hinting of that in this book. I don't know if Ward will have him get her back, or have him end up with someone else. Since Ward seems to enjoy torturing her fans, it'll probably be the latter.John & Xhex:Just as there was a lot of Vishous in Payne's book (for obvious reasons), there is a lot of John and, naturally, Xhex in Tohr's book. Their relationship gets tested and, similarly to Vishous and Jane in Lover Unleashed, they go through a real rough patch. One of the things I like most about Ward's couples is that, when their book is over, their story isn't. There'll always be new trials and new developments in her characters' lives.There are some really emotional — and erotic (seriously, they get twice as many sex scenes as the main couple) — scenes with John and Xhex in this. Fans of theirs should be very happy.And for John and Xhex, I'm sure the trials aren't over. When Murhder finally gets into the series full-time, I'm sure he'll shake things up quite a bit for them, as he is Xhex's former lover. Can you say cohntehst?Qhuinn & Blay a.k.a. Qhuay (& Saxton and Layla, or as I like to think of them, The Third & Fourth Wheels): There isn't much Qhuinn and Blay in this. :( Neither of them get much page time, because John and Xhex and the Bastards hog it all take up the majority of the side story's time. Still, there are some good scenes with them — both together and individually --- and they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder. (Although I don't see how I could get any more fond of those two . . .) On the plus side, there aren't any lesser POVs!Given the way chapter seventy-six ends . . . Qhuay's story must be soon. Very soon. Whether it will be a novella or a full installment remains to be seen. All I can say is, if it turns out to be the former, it sure as hell better be tome-ish, anyway. (view spoiler)[So Qhuinn and Layla are going to have a child together, huh? I know it will infuriate many readers (I know it did me — at first), but at the same time I can see the beauty of it and the reason behind it.That little girl will be one of the most loved children you can imagine. She'll have three parents — two fathers and a mother — and she'll have the whole Brotherhood and their shellans to care and love for her as well. It may not be ideal, and it may not be what a lot of readers had in mind for Qhuinn and Blay, but I can see the potential and beauty that this prospect holds. And I see why she wrote it this way. After Qhuinn was shunned by his family and the aristocracy, I think he deserves a full family. And this way, he'll get to spend the rest of his life not only with the love of his life (Blay, naturally) and the Brotherhood, but a beautiful baby girl. (hide spoiler)]Oh, Saxton . . . Ward has hinted as to what will become of him in a future installment, and I'm pretty sure I know what it is and that all of his fans (including myself) will not like it. Especially since in Lover Reborn it becomes pretty clear that Saxton has fallen for Blay.As for Layla . . . well, I won't give it away, but it is now very clear who Layla's HEA is. And despite the fact that I've never been a big fan of Layla . . . I'm very much looking forward to her story. (This is really because of the male she ends up with. He is all kinds of hot.) (view spoiler)[Xcor! Xcor! Xcor! He may just end up being my favorite male character — next to Zsadist, of course.Which reminds me . . . The situation between Throe, Xcor, and Layla reminds me a bit of the one featured earlier in the series between Phury, Zsadist, and Bella. Phury had been attracted to Bella, had yearned for her, even; but in the end, his interest in her didn't compare to the powerful, once-in-a-lifetime (especially for someone like Z) connection that Zsadist had with Bella. I believe it will be much the same for Layla and the two males who seek her out. And I'm sure Throe will eventually end up with someone else special. (Another Chosen, perhaps?) (hide spoiler)]Band of Bastards:I predicted in my review of Lover Unleashed that the B.o.B. (Band of Bastards) would most likely end up becoming good and each member would get their own book. Now . . . I still say that will happen, but I think it's going to take a while. I think it would be a good idea, because without them Ward doesn't have very many possibilities for future books. I think if it were ever to go in that direction, it would be a long time from now and a lot would have to happen in order for any of them to be ready for their own book. Ward actually talks about the B.o.B. in a YouTube video (specifically Xcor), which you can watch here. (Turn up the volume if you wanna hear what she says) (view spoiler)[Oh please, please, please just leave him a little bit naughty . . . ! (hide spoiler)]Favorite Quotes:"The quick and the dead are all the same. Everyone's just looking for home.""She wished for Qhuinn this soldier. She truly did.""Then again, he supposed the healing process, in contrast to trauma, was gentle and slow . . .The soft closing of a door, rather than a slam.""Our future has come."In short, I enjoyed this installment very much and I'm happy that Tohr is finally happy.Note: After I wrote my review, Ward announced who the next book will be about. If you want to know, click the spoiler.(view spoiler)[ Qhuinn and Blay!!! Please see my review of that book for more information.(hide spoiler)]My reviews of other titles in this series:Lover Unleashed
Lover Reborn A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Lover Reborn is the story of Tohr who, as long time readers of the series will know, lost his shellan wife of nearly years when she was shot by a lesser undead enemies of vampires As with all the books, the heart of the story is a romance, understandably Tohr is still hung up on his shellan Wellsie and does not wish to move on. Lover Reborn Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book Kindle Mar , Lover Reborn is the story of Tohr who, as long time readers of the series will know, lost his shellan wife of nearly years when she was shot by a lesser undead enemies of vampires As with all the books, the heart of the story is a romance, understandably Tohr is still hung up on his shellan Wellsie and does not wish to move on. Lover Reborn Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J R Oct , Read an Excerpt ONE The bastard s taking the bridge He s mine Tohrment waited for an answering whistle, and when it came, he tore off after the lesser, his shitkickers slamming into puddles, his legs going piston, his hands fisting hard.He passed Dumpsters and parked POSs, scattered rats and homeless people, jumped over a barricade, vaulted over a Lover Reborn Black Dagger Brotherhood read online Lover Reborn Black Dagger Brotherhood Ever since the death of his shellan, Tohrment has been a heartbroken shadow of the vampire leader he once was Brought back to the Brotherhood by a self serving fallen angel, he fights again with ruthless vengeance, unprepared for a

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  • Verily, Ward, you hath redeemed thyself in mine eyes.Lover Unleashed was disappointing for me on several levels But I knew that, if Ward did it right, Tohrment s book had the potential to be the best installment to the series in a long time I ve wanted him to find peace and healing ever since that fateful scene at the end of Lover Awakened, but I knew it would take time And now that his time has finally come, I m pleased to say that Ward doesn t disappoint.Tohrment No One I know a lot of people [...]

  • Just a fair warning This book buttfucked me raw without lube spoiler pun intended and destroyed my heart and sanity My feelings are all over the place and I need to vent Cursing, spoilers and inappropriate gifs aheadRH NO ONESummary SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXANGSTANGSTANGSTANGSTA year ago when Ward announced Tohr was next, I got so mad It was too soon for him, it felt rushed, he wasn t ready, she was fucking him up, etc And sadly, I still stand on that.And on that note, let me clarify something One thin [...]

  • Spoilers are hidden The quick and the dead are all the same.Everyone s just looking for home LASSITERHear ye Hear ye Leteth it be known that on this day, March 31st, 2012, I solemnly vow that I shall never doubt the WARDen again So, now that that s out of the way, my thoughts on the bookI wasn t sure she could do it Pffffft Silly me I didn t think she could pull it off sigh Whatever was I thinking And had I had actually considered skipping this book and not reading it at all Yes, yes I had hangs [...]

  • 5 stars Paranormal Vampire UF RomanceThoughts Before Reading When will the WARDen give us Qhuinn s Blaylock s story, dammit I don t give a about Tohr I want Qhuay Thoughts After Reading This is me coughing up feathers after eating crow because Lover Reborn was sooo much better than I expected It s an emotional read that had me shedding serious tears and an a wesome installment to the series And now that the Warden has officially announced on Facebook that Blay and Qhuinn are the next BDB hardcov [...]

  • With Lover Reborn, Ward partly redeems herself for last book I can t say she s back to her old level though To me, the book was a 4 star start and a 2 star finish There were lots of okay moments, some very beautiful moments and some seriously contrived, idiotic and redundant moments So I ended up with 3 stars Despite this I think this book came too soon and didn t do justice to Tohr, his needs, and his relationship with neither Wellsie or No One More on that later, I m going to start with the go [...]

  • 3.5 Letting Go StarsSpoilersFirst read 2014Reread 4 9 2017 I need this, he said, as if speaking to himself Yes, you do You are so gaunt that I ache for you Except he was going to stop this, she thought as his stare grew dull And she knew why She is welcome in this space, No One said Bring your shellan unto your mind Let her take my place Tohr and AutumnLover Reborn, the 10th book in the BDB series was an emotional read for me I have loved Tohr since book one I also loved his mate Wellsie I thoug [...]

  • He waited for his conscience to start screaming.He prepared himself for an overwhelming desolation that he had been with another female.He was ready for something, anything to cough up out of his chest despair, anger, frustration.All he got was the sense that what had just happened was the beginning, not an end Lover Reborn is a heartbreaking story, even though it has a happy end.Watching Tohrment and his suffering, trying to let go of Wellsie It was sad and beautiful at the same time, because o [...]

  • big satisfied sigh Well, I was a little worried about how this book Tohr s story might play out Tohr has been in misery over losing his Wellsie for just over 15 months has it only been 15 months It seems so much longer Anyway, in this book he has to move on and get past his grief because Wellsie is view spoiler stuck in the In Between a kind of purgatory, and she s not in The Fade , the happy place where vampires go when they die If Tohr doesn t snap to it, Wellsie and their unborn son wiill cea [...]

  • Well Xcor and Layla might be hooking upd than Quinn and Layla trying 2 get knock up SMH Anyways the book was awesome All of JR Wards books are awesome When Thor let go of his Wellsie that was so emotional And opening his heart for Autumn was so beautiful It had me crying.Can t wait for Quinn and Blay book It s about time I know one thing John and Xhexania sure did have some very intensive sex They both out did Thor and Autumn Lmao

  • SPOILER FREE Opening Line The bastard s taking the bridge He s mine Wow, I honestly don t know where to begin with this review To say that this was good is an understatement To say that it knocked me on my ass and left me a drained, emotional wreck, is far closer to the truth Yup, LOVER REBORN did me in, talk about your gauntlet of emotions, I mean I expected some angst but jeez I cried I mean really cried I laughed, I sighed, I swore, I groaned and I gasped but in the end I also smiled As much [...]

  • May 17th 2011Qhuay Qhuay Qhuay Qhuay Qhuay Qhuay Qhuay Qhuay Qhuay Tohr who oP March 27th finished at 01.30 in the morning, so technically it s the 28th I guess Done And I dont know what to say really I should be happy, I should be freaking out, crazy excited, all over the place, considering that last Qhuay scene But I m not I m so fucking not happy right now view spoiler I may be the most evil person, but I do not want Qhuinn as Layla s babydaddy Not even if she somehow died and the kid got rai [...]

  • Life was short, no matter how many days you were granted And people were precious, each and every one, no matter how many you were lucky enough to have in your life And love love was worth dying for.Worth living for, too This book is tragic Tohr has to move on and leave his past behind if he want his shellin to rest in peace, it s not easy when she is the only thing he can hold on to even he passed the storms, it still hurts like hell for him I didn t expected too much about this book The story [...]

  • This review was posted at My Secret RomanceSPOILER FREE Normally I never curse in a review, but today I m going to so I m warning you now This book pushed me over the edge in good ways and bad, so an F bomb is appropriate at times I m also reviewing it spoiler free My first spoiler free review ever See, there is a first time for everything.Each year we anticipate the release of the new BDB book than any other book release Why Because it s the Black Dagger Brotherhood, bitch that s why No other [...]

  • Bigtime Spoiler Warning I can t write this review without them Sorry Super duper Long Review Disclaimer I have so much to say When I started reading this series back around 2005 or 2006, I was drawn into the dark, seductive, dangerous world of JR Ward s vampires, and something took root in me I knew I would come back for when I finished Dark Lover, and so I did Again and again Every year, I look forward to a new book in this series, and rightfully so I believed the culmination of my love for th [...]

  • 5 BDB Obsessed Stars God, I miss you, he said in a voice that cracked Every night Every day Even though Tohr s shellan has been gone for a while, it still hasn t gotten any easier for the brother He is heartbroken, devastated, all he can do is fight the lessers, fight to avenge his shellans death That s all he has the strength for We meet No One in book 8 JM and Xhex s book She is Xhex s mahmen, and she has been staying on this side to try to form a connection with her daughter Tohr and No One h [...]

  • sigh Where to begin I don t really have much juice left to write a full blown review This book just kind ofdrained me Here are some thoughts that I ll share, however Note that it s pretty much spoiler free, in my opinion Possible spoilers have been hidden behind spoiler tags 1 WRITING The slang ARGH, THE SLANG No matter what ANYONE says or thinks coughs JRW coughs , Pop Tarting is not a word that can be used interchangeably with jerking something upwards Not at all Also, I was sort of informally [...]

  • Read in 2013Find my complete review on my blog here rachybee the rest is still unwLover Reborn by J.R Ward tells the tale of Tohr a broken shell of a Brother, destroyed and altered by the loss of his mate, a man who finally gets his story told I have to be honest here Lover Reborn wasn t my favorite of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books Don t get me wrong, there s nothing wrong with it I just struggled to really connect like I wished I could For some reason I wasn t as absorbed by Tohr s tale as [...]

  • My 1 anticipated release for 2012 is Lover Reborn by J.R Ward Last year when I read Lover Unleashed, I had said I wasn t as excited with this series as I used to be, and my crack like addiction had dwindled Well, I was lying because the moment J.R posted excerpts of Lover Reborn on her Facebook page, I was dragged back in And now, I am fully enad again.Ward has me doing back flips in glee already for the eleventh book because it s going to be about Qhuinn and Blay, known better as Qhuay, a big f [...]

  • 5 TOHRMENT STARS Life was short, no matter how many days you were granted And people were precious, each and every one, no matter how many you were lucky enough to have in your life And love love was worth dying for I thought I couldn t possibly love this series and I m convinced I m becoming annoyingly predictable with my black dagger five star ratings, but quite frankly I just can t help myself Lover reborn had all the usual ingredients dished out in one well written book, action, romance, fi [...]

  • Tohrment or Tohr and No One or Rosalhynda her initial name or Autumn the name that was given to her by Torh Life was short, no matter how many days you were granted And people were precious, each and every one, no matter how many you were lucky enough to have in your life And love love was worth dying for.Worth living for, too Such a sad sad love story Torhment is heartbroken because his mate Wellsie and his unborn son were killed Since he knows that if he kills himself, he won t be able to reun [...]

  • Tohr s loss serves as the catalyst for his struggling brothersThe BDB rallies behind their king, their cause, and each otherMan, destiny sucked ass It just had to barge in and piss all over everyone s rose garden.And now it was taking a shit in the other flower beds Before we get started, I want to make sure I sing several praises of this book, because it was not all fun for meThere was a lot laughter and witty dialogue from the Brotherhood in this Novel that kind of easy banter was lacking in [...]

  • There aren t spoilers present, but I m still warning you to read at your own risk Tohr No one deserves a happily ever after than he does His grief is potent and moving, causing me to tear up as expected I love that Ward took this one slow It was needed for the type of distance Tohr had to travel No One To be honest, I wasn t expecting much from No One but I have to say that I enjoyed reading about her genteel spirit and quiet strength She has her own past to outrun so Tohr and her have that in [...]

  • Genre Paranormal RomanceType Book 10 of Black Dagger Brotherhood seriesPOV Third PersonRating When Tohrment lost his shellan Wellsie, he lost part of himself too Once a feared and respected leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, what left of him was just a shell of the male he used to be What he didn t realize was as he suffered in living, so did she in the afterlife He needed to move on to ease both of their suffering.No One knew suffering first hand With a tragic past, she carried her burden [...]

  • Second Read November 2014 As promised, I m not re reviewing all of the books because that seems like far too much work for what s meant to be a lazy and enjoyable series re read However, this book needed me to expand on some thoughts There are series spoilers up through book 10, so please don t read this review if you aren t looking to be spoiled.Why did I decide to add an additional note to this book in particular Well, the reason is this I m doing it for the disgruntled BDB fans You know who y [...]

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CANT WAIT TILL NEXT YR The Warden needs to surprise us with an early release later this yeare one PRETTY PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE UpdateThe Warden always delivers Outstanding characters creatively woven through well crafted events Somethings I didnt always understand, or like but I appreciated the action packed and emotional roller coaster ride I escaped to for a few hours She always cements with each new novel the extent of her writing prowess and as My fav writer.The Main char [...]

  • 5 hand to my heart and tears falling STARS I loved this book My Tohr I will love one and only one female for the rest of my life No matter what I do, who I m with, or how things appear, you can take that shit to the bank, son We clear Tohr broke my heart throughout this whole book except for the one part where he took a stupid pill and ripped my heart out The love of his life Wellsie had been killed earlier in the series He was as devastated as if it happened just yesterday He had nothing to liv [...]

  • Woohoo release day at last and I can put my review up Review also on Under the CoversWe are now on the tenth Black Dagger Brotherhood book and I still love this series as much as I did when I started Dark Lover, for me this series never gets old When I first started reading though I never though Tohrment would need a book of his own, he already had his shellan, Wellsie, but shit happens and Tohr is now drowning in his own grief, which is not only killing himself, but is preventing Wellsie and hi [...]

  • Initial thoughts For those who don t know, I love the BDB These are my boys For me, Lover Reborn is so much better than the previous book, Lover Unleashed The romance, the smexy times, the supporting characters, we have much to talk about Let s get to it.Tohr No One LassiterOh boy Well, let s get right to Wellsie First let me say, while I was sad Wellsie died, I was not one of those people who was overly devastated Just so you know where I am coming from But I WAS concerned about how JR Ward wou [...]

  • Background Lover Reborn is the 10th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and is the story of the last original Brother, Tohrment, and the female character No One In the first 3 books, Tohr was the most stable of the Brothers as he was happily bonded to Wellesandra Wellsie for almost 200 years Wellsie is a featured character as Tohr s beautiful, devoted, pregnant mate, and a loving surrogate mother to pre transition John Matthew In Lover Awakened, Wellsie is murdered by a Lesser and Tohr d [...]

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