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The best Book Pig Heart Boy the best work You re thirteen All you want is a normal life But most normal kids don t need heart transplants So there s this doctor He says there s a chance for you But he

The best Book Pig-Heart Boy the best work You re thirteen All you want is a normal life But most normal kids don t need heart transplants.So there s this doctor He says there s a chance for you But he also says it s experimental, controversial and risky And it s never been done before.Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, this is a powerful, thought provoking story from the award winning Malorie Blackman.. The best Books Pig-Heart Boy So touching, my 2nd favourite Malorie book of the month. Review to follow in the next few days. FULL REVIEWFor my pre read thoughts and reasons for rating please visit my blog:From the Shadows I Review You know how I had trouble reviewing ‘Double Cross’ well I’m having even more trouble with this one. I can’t quite put into words how I feel about any of this. But I’m gonna give it a good go. This is a really good story, touching, realistic, heart breaking and so enjoyable. It’s a short story, I read it in only a couple of hours but it left its mark on me. It raises the dilemma of what would you do if you were dying. I have to say that the story felt well put together and felt like I could actually believe that it’s happening to someone. The way it’s been written is engaging and makes you hang on to every word and the pages are devoured as opposed to actually read.Cameron – Cameron is the owner of the pig heart. We follow him as he makes his decision to go through with the op. I thought he was initially a lovely boy who just wanted to be normal. However, he changed part way through and became a temporary tool but he changed back at the end. So overall he’s a likeable character that handles himself well considering the situation he finds himself in.Marlon – He’s Cameron’s best friend, I did like him but his family’s actions did taint him for me. Don’t get me wrong, what happened and why is explained but I still find it hard to trust him. However, despite the failings of those around him he was a good friend and (kind of) loyal. I don’t think he’s one of the best characters in the book though.Dr Byron – He’s the guy who’s come up with the idea to transplant pig hearts into humans and I must say I think he’s a bit shady. I just never trust him, even though he’s helping others a part of me feels it’s purely for his own gain. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though, I don’t think anyone ever entirely trusts someone like Dr Byron,Overall this is so touching. I didn’t quite cry but believe me there were times when I was close. Malorie Blackman knows how to write stories like this and she does it so well. It’s hard not to appreciate the quality of her writing every time you pick up one of her books. Pig-Heart Boy is, for me, hard to describe, it’s hard to capture the emotions of the storyline without revealing spoilers but it broke my heart and managed to heal it all at the same time. It gives you hope for the future and takes it away. I really can’t explain why I loved this book. I just did.

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    An award winning children s author, Malorie Blackman was honoured with an OBE in 2008 Her work has been adapted for TV and stage.More information available at MyspaceBritish Council Contemporary AuthorsBritish Council Encompass CultureChannel 4 Learning Book Box

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  • So touching, my 2nd favourite Malorie book of the month Review to follow in the next few days FULL REVIEWFor my pre read thoughts and reasons for rating please visit my blog From the Shadows I Review You know how I had trouble reviewing Double Cross well I m having even trouble with this one I can t quite put into words how I feel about any of this But I m gonna give it a good go This is a really good story, touching, realistic, heart breaking and so enjoyable It s a short story, I read it in o [...]

  • This is all about a young teen who needs a heart transplant because his own is not working and he will probably die within a year He is offered a heart but it is a pig s heart and if he accepts he ll be the first human to have had this kind of transplant As with anything new, it involves risks but he is prepared to take them as he is fed up of not really living just watching He decides to go ahead and tells his friend to keep it secret Unfortunately his friend lets it slip to his parents who are [...]

  • let me quote the protagonist and summarize this novel it is simple, really Cam is a boy with a weak heart , and the only ready donor is a pig called Trudyr Cam and his family , after the procedure instead of being concerned about their son s short life span, their focus turns to the media, and the people talking animal rights the boy has to face all kind of people, and all kind of opinions, trying to figure out the right from wrong, and the art of living, forgiving and forgettinge novel ends up [...]

  • I read this book a while ago but every time I remember it I can only think of the good things This book is so amazing and it just opens up a whole new part of our world that could one day be realistic I love the way Malorie makes the characters come alive and I just love the entire book so much Definite 5 for me

  • In Pig Hearted Boy , Malorie Blackman presents the reader with a touching but heart breaking story, full of various challenging questions about life and death The story is told through the perspective of thirteen year old Callum who is about to undergo a life saving heart transplant in which he is the first to be given a pigs heart Throughout the story, Callum shares with us the many challenges he faces both before and after having the transplant which include, being surrounded by a media circus [...]

  • I ve read a few of Malorie Blackman s books some good, some not that good, but none of which, in my opinion, can match her excellent Noughts Crosses series Pig Heart Boy is my favourite of these books In typical Blackman style, it s a powerful story that tackles some pretty hefty issues.Thirteen year old Cameron is dying, and time is running out to get a transplant In desperation, his father approaches a doctor who is trying to conduct research with pig hearts Desperate, Cameron s family agree f [...]

  • Cameron is thirteen and desperately in need of a heart transplant when a pioneering doctor approaches his family with a startling proposal He can give Cameron a new heart but not one from a human, one from a pig It s never been done before It s experimental, risky and very controversial But Cameron is fed up with just sitting on the side of life, always watching and never doing He has to try to become the world s first pig heart boy.I remember seeing the BBC adaptation of the novel Pig Heart Boy [...]

  • The beginning is just wow It really hooked me in Nice book Recommended For Ages 9 12.Synopsis Thirteen year old Cam wants to be normal He wants to touch the bottom of the swimming pool at the deep end, to run, to dance, and to play football with his friends, but he can t because his heart doesn t work properly He caught a viral infection that affected his heart and his doctor decided that he needed his heart replaced with a pig s one The doctor told him and his parent s that it MUST be kept a se [...]

  • She was going to die so that I could live Wasn t that a fair exchange Thirteen year old Cameron Kelsey is told that, without a heart transplant, he will be dead within a year But without any available human donors, he is beginning to lose hope That is, until Doctor Bryce appears with a different option Cameron could receive the heart of a pig It s risky, controversial and it s never been done before, but will Cameron be willing to take the plunge I m not sure how I felt about this book On the on [...]

  • Pig Heart Boy touches on a very sensitive subject using animal organs in human transplants The book made me think about whether I would accept a pig heart.Yet I still had to give it 3 stars.Honestly, this book wasn t amazingly well written Some reviewers said it was amazing because it was written in the way an 11 year old would speak Well, here s some news for you 11 year olds who read books don t conform to sterotypes Blackman seemed to be busy trying to get into the mindset of a young boy inst [...]

  • Malorie Blackman, everyone says she is the best children author, and I can see where they are coming from This is a truly brilliant book, I do not think I have ever read a book so fast If anyone says that this is a CHILDREN book then they are wrong My mum is reading this book and it is a powerful story, sticking in your mind for days Whenever something bad happens to one of the characters, you really feel for them I got to know the characters so well, this is one of the best books I have ever re [...]

  • I read Pig Heart Boy when I was in year 6 and I really liked it.It was about a boy who has heart problems and needs to have a heart transplant No person would give away their heart so the doctors suggested to use a pig s heart The boy s parents do not want that to happen and let their child have a pig s heart and they fuss about it really much The boy dos have the pig s heart at the end and it has a really good ending.I enjoyed the book and will read Malorie Blackman s books.

  • This book deals with some very mature themes in a way which manages to high not shy away from them but remain child friendly It is a captivating narrative and explores great topics for discussion with children based on animal rights, bullying and death.

  • Cameron is a 13 year old boy 2 years ago, a viral infection damaged his heart and without a transplant, he s not expected to live to 14 His dad contacts Dr Bryce, a doctor experimenting in transplants that involve pigs Its controversial and never been done before The plan is to do it in secret But of course its never that simple The operation is a success but Cameron s friend has blabbed and now the whole world knows he is pig heart boy and suddenly he finds himself being avoided by people he on [...]

  • This book is quiet a quick read but it really gets you thinking on how we are trying new things and inventing new ways to live In this book the character gets a heart of a pig to survive It s a really interesting concept and to see how others react to the family and Cameron is really interesting Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and it is another amazing read from Malorie Blackman.

  • An interesting topic to read about and I flew through it Some of Cameron s dialogue and internal thought processes didn t really feel true to a 13 year old to me but it was an enjoyable read none the less that raised some important questions.

  • Light hearted and witty, but truthful and emotional Malorie Blackman is a seriously underrated author who writes incredibly honest novels I loved the story, and the sarcasm, and the emotions that run through the story Time to read Naughts and Crosses

  • I really enjoyed it I think the main character is so powerful and there are so many self morals that he set for himself and I just think that he s so cool

  • Everyone should read this book Calorie Blackman does it again making you think, question and ultimately books you with a great story Loved it.

  • I am drowning in this roaring silence I am drowning I am going to die Cameron, a thirteen year old teenager is desperate for a heart transplant He is smart, good looking and extremely intelligent However his life isn t normal Ever since his body caught the viral infection 2 years ago, his heat had started weakening and producing a massive number of problems for his body And now it was the time that he was forced to change his heart to survive against the forces of the world Not with a human s he [...]

  • A story about Cameron, a boy with a dodgy ticker who is offered a way out by the enigmatic Dr Bryce He has a heart transplant using the heart of a pig, and the story is really about what happens to Cameron afterwards how others perceive him, how he perceives himself, and what life comes to mean to him A strong emotional ending and lots of talking points around animal rights and the price of life.

  • This was not the story I expected it to be but, in a way, the story that it actually was turned out to be even better than what I d thought up I expected this to take a sinister, creepy turn, with the heart effecting Cameron s characteritics and making him pig like, particularly in his appearance The graphic image on the cover, paired with the quite harsh title of the book and the quote from the doctor quite early in to the book that the pigs they were breeding took on human characteristics gav [...]

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