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The Wise Man s Fear are Kindle An Opinionated look at Patrick Rothfuss The Wise Man s FearBy Eric AllenOne thing I can say for Patrick Rothfuss is that he has great ideas Unfortunately great ideas

The Wise Man's Fear are Kindle An Opinionated look at:Patrick Rothfuss' The Wise Man's FearBy Eric AllenOne thing I can say for Patrick Rothfuss is that he has great ideas. Unfortunately, great ideas do not a great story make. I have heard rumors that the first book, The Name of the Wind, took eleven years of revisions and rewrites to finally get published. Whether that is true or not, his hard work paid off. Since its release, the internet hype over the future of the trilogy has been building to monumental proportions. Rothfuss has developed an almost rabid, cultlike following of fans yearning to know what happens next. The Name of the Wind gave us many mysteries and few answers.The first book was a fun read that, while flawed in terms of story and character, was quite entertaining and extraordinarily well written. It was like the ramblings of an old man, talking simply to be listened to. Like cake, it tastes good but has little nutritional value in it. Make no mistake, I really enjoyed the first book, but as a followup to a great book, The Wise Man's Fear was insultingly bad. We were left with many burning questions at the end of The Name of the Wind. Would Kvothe learn to control the Wind? How would he be thrown out of the University? Would he ever become an Arcanist? Would he find some way to make money? Would he ever avenge his parents? How did he come from the promising youth seeking clues to the supernatural beings that murdered his family to the broken down innkeeper telling the story? Would he ever make any sort of progress with Denna, or would my book simply explode while I read it because of the pent up sexual tension?Were any of these questions answered or even addressed in this book? Not a one. So let’s take a look at The Wise Man’s Fear. Or, as I like to call it: The Name of the Wind 2: Kvothe Gets Laid.We begin where The Name of the Wind left off, with a much older Kvothe, now an innkeeper, telling the story of his life to the king's Chronicler. It is a story in three parts, told in three days, much like the silence that haunts his inn. At first I didn’t get the whole silence in three parts thing, but then I realized the writer was trying to be clever and failing miserably at it. As Kvothe begins his story, the book switches from third person to first person. He begins his next term of schooling at the University. Some of his teachers love him, others hate him. He’s made friends and enemies. Unfortunately, we’ve already read this before. It seems like the last half of The Name of the Wind has basically been retold here in the first half of The Wise Man's Fear.Luckily, the plot finally intervenes, and Kvothe takes a year off from his schooling for adventure, and hopefully to fill his pockets with a little money to fight off his abject poverty. An acquaintance conveniently knows of a rich and powerful nobleman in a distant land that is looking for a clever young musician to help him win the heart of the lady he has his eye on. Fortunately, Kvothe happens to be a clever young musician. Convenient...To make an extremely long story short, he foils an assassination plot, gains the nobleman’s trust, and helps him woo his Lady. In a completely pointless tangent he’s sent on a mission to bring bandits to justice, loses himself on a tangent from the tangent when he meets a seductress who teaches him how to please women. Then the tangent from the tangent takes another tangent to another distant land where he learns to tangent from a group of tangentary tangents, but is tangented by yet another tangent after leaving when he tangents upon some young tangents in need of being tangentially tangented away from--wait, what as I talking about again? Oh right, I'm reviewing a book. One could say that the entire last half of the book is just one gigantic tangent that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, and ultimately leads nowhere.Falling out with his lordly employer, Kvothe returns to school with an arrangement that for his services his education and expenses at school would be taken care of. At which point he resumes his school life as if nothing has happened and the book ends rather abruptly, again with no climax, no conflict, and no resolution.The good? Rothfuss has an excellent sense of humor. Kvothe can be entertaining at times, when he's not acting like an insufferable smartass... which is most of the time. The world and the magic system are very well thought out, and the different cultures and races seem very distinct and real. The writing itself is excellent. So good in fact, that most people don't even realize what a god-awful mess every other aspect of the book is. Despite all the bitching I do about this book, it was worth reading at least once for the humor, or to see the train wreck for yourself.The bad? Firstly, it is very evident that Rothfuss has ABSOLUTELY no respect for women whatsoever. Almost every woman in this book is a figurative, if not literal, whore that exists for the sole purpose of pleasuring, comforting, or otherwise confounding Kvothe. News flash Pat, women are people too. The same as you and me, with thoughts, feelings, and desires all of their own, that do NOT typically revolve around some incomprehensible and fantastical yearning to please men. Just thought you'd like to know. Half of this book is copy and paste from the first book. The other half has little to no point and goes absolutely nowhere. There’s no conflict, there’s no suspense, there’s nothing like a normal story arch. There is no climax because the book doesn’t build up to anything. Like I said, Patrick Rothfuss has great ideas, but no storytelling skills to apply them to. The whole narrative is incoherent and nonsensical. You have to reward your readers with a climactic event or two for sticking with you through the whole book, Pat.Far too much time is spent on characters telling allegorical stories that really have little point or purpose except to take up space in a book that is already FAR too long for what actually happens in it. They take up huge swaths of the book and leave the characters with very little in the way of worth afterward. The lessons they learn could have been simply taught through other means or much, much shorter stories. The huge amount of tangents that the story takes makes it feel as though the writer made it up as he went along. It's really so incoherent, and so rambling that I believe this book should have been marketed more as a collection of short stories than a novel. The frequent interruptions back to the present day where Kvothe discusses aspects of his story are annoying and hugely distracting, breaking up whatever little suspense that the writer managed to cultivate. Not a single question raised in the first book was answered, or even addressed in this book, in fact this book picks up as though there were no questions left by the first book and does nothing to either build up the mystery of them, or move closer to answering them. It is as though the writer completely forgot all of them and moved on to something else.If you’ve read The Name of the Wind you have no need to read The Wise Man’s fear, because you’ve already read it. It’s basically the same book, and there isn’t a single thing necessary to the overall story that happens in it. When book 3 eventually comes out, you could probably pick it up after reading book 1 and not have missed a single thing. This book was completely unnecessary, and utterly pointless.I have never liked the first person perspective very much. It gives a very narrow view of the world as you can only see, experience and feel the world through the eyes of a single character. You have no other views to give perspective. I always find the contrasting views of different characters to give the world and story a lot more flavor than simply following the words of a single character. However, some of my favorite books are written in first person. It can be done well, and for the most part Rothfuss does good things with it, but when he moves to the parts of the book that happen in the present day he switches to third person and the contrast is jarring and almost as distracting as the actual interruptions themselves. Especially because he does not seem to be as talented in writing third person as he is at writing first person.Rothfuss goes out of his way to shoehorn the title of the book into the story in several places and it's really distracting. It was like he came up with a great sounding title, and then completely drew a blank on why the book should be called that, then dropped a couple references in after the fact. He also seems to think his readers are idiots and frequently talks down to them.The ugly? Lots and lots of sex. There are so many sex scenes in this book that I started to wonder if it shouldn’t have had a shirtless, ripped, long-haired dude on the cover and a title more like Warrior of Passion, or some such nonsense from the porn—er, I mean Romance—section of the bookstore. Everywhere Kvothe goes, women are throwing themselves at him. I wonder what his secret is… Must be the Axe body spray. In real life, no man has women constantly trying to jump his bones simply because he's the main character in the story of his own life. Especially not sixteen year olds who are often thought to be younger than that by appearance. That's called pedophilia, and most people tend to see that as very WRONG. News flash, women don't typically think or act like that. If I were a girl reading this book I think I'd find myself highly offended by this. It's almost as though he's the bearer of the One Wang. Yes, the fabled One Wang of Power. The One Wang to rule them all. The One Wang to find them. The One Wang to bring them all, and in the darkness... well, you know.Denna. I.HAAAAATE!!!!!FREAKING.DENNA!!!Oh my holy hell, I hate this character. Talk about doing EVERYTHING you possibly could in character creation wrong. I get that the writer obviously wanted to make a mysterious female character for the male lead to fall for, someone who equals his own mysteriousness. And that sort of thing CAN be done well, but here, it's definitely NOT. You can only drag it out so far before it becomes annoying, distracting, and downright torturous. Rothfuss has completely and utterly failed in making a compelling love interest. Why do I hate her so much? Because, frankly, she's just a badly crafted and written character. She is bland. So much so that Rothfuss should be both highly embarrassed and ashamed of her. She is boring. She is annoying. She tries to be clever, but isn't... AT ALL. She is not a realistic portrayal of a woman in the slightest bit. She serves no purpose to the plot whatsoever and is blatantly shoehorned in where she does not belong because someone decided that every work of fiction just HAS to have a love story in it. Her faux mysteriousness is badly written, contrived BS that does little but annoy the reader and make her even more painful to sit through. And, most importantly, she adds NOTHING of value to the story even in the barest possible meaning of the term! In short, she is completely unlikable in any way, shape or form. Besides being completely unlikeable, neither she nor Kvothe act like they give two damns about each other, and their relationship fails completely because it's been dragged out FAR too long. Even the most rabid Twi-tard would likely agree on that point.Sometime in the story SOMETHING has to happen between them. You can't just keep building up between two people that honestly have no reason to fall in love with each other and call it a love story. DO SOMETHING!!! And for the record I do not count an argument that has absolutely nothing to do with their relationship in any way to be "something" happening in said relationship. Rothfuss keeps playing up her mysteriousness to such a degree that I finally just started flipping through and skimming the last few chapters with her in them because she pisses me off too much. I get it, she’s terribly mysterious, GET TO THE DAMN POINT ALREADY!!! She turns an otherwise entertaining character into a whining, crying, spineless, emo, stalker. Her character is so distracting and utterly painful to be subjected to that she completely ruins the book all on her own. If every other gripe I had about the book mysteriously disappeared, the presence of Denna alone would have ruined it. Worst of all, this painful mess of a love story, has yet to serve any purpose to the overall plot. Oh, it may come into play in the third and final book, but suffering through this horrible, boring, emotionless, and frankly unbelievable abomination for two books leading up to it is asking too much. There haven't even been any hints whatsoever that it may, in fact, be important later on to what passes for a plot in Patrick Rothfuss' universe. It’s a contrived, annoying, distracting, and frankly painful waste of time.Remove Denna from the series entirely and it is a much better series. I do not know who came up with the rule that in every work of fiction there must needs be a love story, but guess what. Sometimes, you really don't need one. It becomes superfluous and takes away from the story instead of adding to it. This series certainly would benefit a GREAT DEAL without one. Why? Because Rothfuss doesn't know the first thing about love, which is painfully obvious if you've read even one scene between Kvothe and Denna. He doesn't seem to understand what love is, or how it works. He seems to subscribe to the George Lucas version of love. Two talented and good looking people are together... TADAAAAAAH, IT'S LOVE!!! now shut up and enjoy your ridiculously over the top computer animated explosion fest of a climax. If you can't craft a believable and compelling love story. STOP. Take two steps back. And completely remove it from your book, because the story is better off without it than it is when it completely fails.A love story has to develop and always be moving. Whether it be forward or backward, it must always be going SOMEWHERE. The characters have to get to know each other and fall in love through mutual experiences and differences, not randomly meet here and there and have a boring conversation with a convenience that stretches credulity and coincidence alike. The supposed relationship between Kvothe and Denna goes exactly NOWHERE, and it leaves you wondering why the author keeps trying to tell us that there is even a so-called love story between these two characters at all in the first place. There has to be some sort of progress made. You can’t throw two good looking people together that have no reason to fall in love with each other and call it a love story. There is nothing about this love story that is a.) even a love story and b.) the slightest bit interesting.And yet Kvothe continuously pines after this girl as though he has any sort of meaningful relationship with her when there is no reason whatsoever for him to even care that she exists, other than that she's a girl and he's a boy. There may be some small, one-sided physical attraction on his part, but physical attraction does not equal love. The attraction is NOT mutual, however, and that is plainly obvious in the way that Denna acts and speaks to Kvothe. The lengths to which the author goes to assure us that there is a love story here are almost as creepy as the lengths to which Kvothe goes to stalk her. Especially because she has expressed no romantic interest in him at all and frequently attaches herself to other men IN HIS PRESENCE, INCLUDING his arch-nemesis Ambrose. AND THEN, Kvothe himself basically bones every girl he meets in the entire book OTHER THAN HER!!! What is this? This isn't a love story. It's like watching a rock try to get it on with a piece of wood. They constantly boink other people throughout the book, and seem to have no romantic feelings toward one another at all. Do you even understand what love is Pat? From this book I can definitely say that you do not. I haven't seen such a failure to write a compelling love story since Attack of the Clones. And I'm not just biased against love stories because I'm a guy. I will admit that I do enjoy the occasional, well done love story, so long as it actually serves a purpose to the plot, or makes me feel that these characters truly do love each other and deserve to be together--two things that are lacking here, so much so, in fact that it completely and utterly ruins the entire series from the first page Denna walked in on. The moment she showed up was the moment this series was irrevocably ruined. I can’t wait for her foreshadowed death because I will cheer with joy the day I read her last words. Until then, I award Patrick Rothfuss the George Lucas Totally Understands Love Stories Award.So, after all is said and done, is The Wise Man’s Fear really as bad as I make it out to be? YES!!! IT IS!!! But at the same time, no. It really isn’t that horrible. If you can ignore that this entire book is completely pointless and full of a non-love story that is really starting to grate, it can be quite entertaining. The sense of humor, and Kvothe as a character, are enough to keep you interested through the good and the bad alike. Denna is annoying and pointless, but you can skip any chapter about her and miss little to nothing because she's not important to the plot and serves no purpose at all except to make Kvothe so lovesick that he screws 25+ other girls during the course of the book. *shrug* Yeah, I don't get it either. If sex scenes offend you, you’ll be doing quite a bit of skipping. As I said before, this book was completely unnecessary, and did nothing at all to ultimately advance the plot, or the characters. If you come at it as a work of comedy rather than part of a grand epic fantasy, then you'll likely be entertained by the humor. On the other hand, you could pick up book 3 when it comes out and not be lost at all, because this book was about nothing. The characters did not learn, grow or progress at all, and it ends as it begins, with Kvothe in school, dealing with the same problems he was dealing with in the beginning. He hasn't taken anything away from his misadventures. He hasn't learned any lessons. He's the same character he was at the beginning. There’s a great story in here somewhere, the author keeps hinting at great events to come, but he never takes any steps closer to them. It’s the best book about absolutely nothing that you’ll ever read.At the risk of inviting nerd rage the likes of which GOD has never seen, I give The Wise Man’s Fear 1 star. It loses points in complete lack of plot, endless tangents, repeated use of pointless allegory, and inflicting Denna's completely horrible side story on us. The only thing that kept me reading this book was the sense of humor. Patrick Rothfuss seemed so promising after his debut novel, but I doubt his will be a lasting name unless his next book makes some major improvements upon the pile of steaming crap he served us with The Wise Man's Fear. He has obvious talent, but lacks any skill to apply it to. I have been accused of giving this book a poor rating simply because everyone else loved it. This is untrue. You can take my words at face value. I mean what I say. I say this book is terrible because I truly feel that it IS terrible. Not every book is for everyone, and this one is not for me. Just because a lot of people enjoyed it does not mean that I did. I've read a rare few books I disliked more than this one. Agree or not, that is my HONEST opinion. You don't have to agree with me, but I don't have to like this book. I have never read a book so vacuous, vapid, pretentious, and up its own ass as The Wise Man's Fear. Check out my other reviews.. There are three things all wise men fear the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man My name is Kvothe.I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings I burned down the town of Trebon I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are There are three things all wise men fear the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man My name is Kvothe.I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings I burned down the town of Trebon I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep.You may have heard of me.So begins the tale of a hero told from his own point of view a story unequaled in fantasy literature Now in The Wise Man s Fear, an escalating rivalry with a powerful member of the nobility forces Kvothe to leave the University and seek his fortune abroad Adrift, penniless, and alone, he travels to Vintas, where he quickly becomes entangled in the politics of courtly society While attempting to curry favor with a powerful noble, Kvothe uncovers an assassination attempt, comes into conflict with a rival arcanist, and leads a group of mercenaries into the wild, in an attempt to solve the mystery of who or what is waylaying travelers on the King s Road.All the while, Kvothe searches for answers, attempting to uncover the truth about the mysterious Amyr, the Chandrian, and the death of his parents Along the way, Kvothe is put on trial by the legendary Adem mercenaries, is forced to reclaim the honor of the Edema Ruh, and travels into the Fae realm There he meets Felurian, the faerie woman no man can resist, and who no man has ever survived until Kvothe.In The Wise Man s Fear, Kvothe takes his first steps on the path of the hero and learns how difficult life can be when a man becomes a legend in his own time.. The best Kindle The Wise Man's Fear HULK SMASH KVOTHE!KVOTHE CAN DO ANYTHING AND THAT MAKE HULK ANGRY! NOT BECAUSE HULK IS JEALOUS! BUT BECAUSE HULK THINKS THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND MAKES HULK ROLL EYES AND SNORT AT THOUGHT OF 100% PERFECT KVOTHE! KVOTHE IS BEST LUTE PLAYER, IS BEST SONG WRITER, IS BEST WEAPON-MAKER, IS BEST FIGHTER, IS BEST ACTOR, IS BEST INVESTIGATOR, IS BEST KILLER, IS BEST GIRL RESCUER, IS BEST MAGICIAN, IS BEST IS BEST IS BEST IS BEST! EVEN FAERIE ENCHANTRESS LOVE KVOTHE BECAUSE KVOTHE IS BEST FIRST-TIME LOVER IN ENTIRE HISTORY OF MADE-UP WORLD! HULK FROTH AT MOUTH WHEN THINKING ABOUT PERFECTION OF ALWAYS CLEVER KVOTHE! EVERYONE KNOW HULK IS INCREDIBLE, HULK IS STRONGEST MAN-THING IN ENTIRE WORLD, HULK IS HANDSOMEST GREEN MAN EVER - BUT HULK IS NOT BEST DANCER OR BEST KARATE EXPERT OR BEST EMBROIDERER TOO! UGH! ARGH! HULK WANT TO MAKE KVOTHE BEST BLOODSTAIN!HULK ANGRY AT PATRICK ROTHFUSS TOO! HULK THINK SOMETIMES AUTHORS DREAM UP THEIR 100% PERFECT FANTASY VERSION OF HERO - OR EVEN FANTASY VERSION OF THEMSELF, HULK GUESS - WHEN THEY SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT PROTAGONIST WHO CAN DO ANYTHING AND WHO CONSTANTLY MENTIONS ALL OF THEIR AMAZING ABILITIES IS WORTHLESS AS PROTAGONIST! WHY DOES ROTHFUSS NOT UNDERSTAND THAT PERFECT IS BORING?!? IF HULK WERE FEELING GENEROUS HULK WOULD SAY, WELL THIS IS ONLY ROTHFUSS' SECOND BOOK SO WHY NOT BE MORE PATIENT, HULK? BUT HULK IS NOT FEELING GENEROUS AND SO HE MUST CALL OUT THAT THIS IS STUPID, STUPID MISTAKE FROM VERY SMART AUTHOR! IF ROTHFUSS WERE BAD WRITER, HULK MIGHT UNDERSTAND. BUT ROTHFUSS IS VERY GOOD AUTHOR! SO HIS BIG MISTAKE WHICH HE REPEATS OVER AND OVER AGAIN IS EXTRA EXTRA IRRITATING!HULK WANTED TO GIVE BOOK 2 STARS HE WAS SO FRUSTRATED.BUT HULK CANNOT. HULK LOVE THIS BOOK! HULK LOVE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES. HULK LOVE HOW ROTHFUSS TAKES TIME WITH EPISODIC NOVEL AND LETS READER REALLY UNDERSTAND EACH PART OF WORLD THAT STUPID KVOTHE VISITS. HULK LOVE DETAILS OF LIFE AT UNIVERSITY. HULK LOVE DETAILS OF VINTAS AND FAERIE LAND AND SMALL BAND OF BANDIT-KILLERS AND SO MANY MORE DETAILS AND ALL THE DIFFERENT STORIES. IT IS LIKE HULK IS ABLE TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD AND HULK LOVE THAT! HULK ESPECIALLY LOVE KNOWING ABOUT ADEM CULTURE. FASCINATING CULTURE! ADEM CULTURE THINK WEARING CLOTHES OR NOT WEARING CLOTHES IS NO BIG DEAL AND THAT REALLY MAKE SENSE TO HULK. HULK ALSO LOVE INSIGHTFUL ENGAGEMENT WITH STORYTELLING IN BOOK. VERY SMART! HULK NOT LIKE SCENES SET IN PRESENT BUT HULK HAS COMPLAINED ENOUGH. HULK LOVE MYSTERIES AND BOOK IS FULL OF GOOD MYSTERIES! HULK LOVE MYSTERY OF CHANDRIAN! HULK ALSO LIKE PORTRAYAL OF MOST WOMEN IN BOOK. HULK NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT HE GOT JUST A LITTLE BIT TEARY IN EYES OVER RESCUE OF RAPE VICTIMS. BUT HULK ESPECIALLY LOVE WARRIOR WOMEN OF ADEM! STRONG WOMEN! HULK APPRECIATE STRONG WOMEN!HULK REALLY THINK ROTHFUSS IS EXCELLENT WRITER. VERY TALENTED AT MANY THINGS AND GOOD WITH MOST CHARACTERS AND NARRATIVE AND IMAGERY AND LETTING STORY LIVE AND BREATHE IN PACE THAT IS NOT RUSHED AND LETTING READER GET TO KNOW WORLD SLOWLY AND UNDERSTAND MAGIC SLOWLY AND HULK NOT TURNED OFF BY VERY BIG SIZE OF BOOK. HULK LIKE BIG THINGS! BUT HULK NOT LIKE KVOTHE! HULK SMASH KVOTHE!
The Wise Man s Fear Kingkiller Chronicle Its sequel, The Wise Man s Fear, debuted at on The New York Times bestseller chart and won the David Gemmell Legend Award His novels have appeared on NPR s Top Science Fiction Fantasy Books list and Locus Best st Century Fantasy Novels list Pat lives in Wisconsin, where he brews mead, builds box forts with his children, and runs Worldbuilders, a book centered charity that has The Wise Men Six Friends and the World They A captivating blend of personal biography and public drama, The Wise Men introduces six close friends who shaped the role their country would play in the dangerous years following World War II. Tyler Perry s House of Payne Full Episode A Wise Man s Sep , A Wise Man s Opinion Tyler Perry s House of Payne S EP Full Episode SUBSCRIBE TV PG Aired . The Wise Man Maduro Cigars International Jan , The Wise Man Maduro has earned an impressive point rating and was named the Cigar of , noting It s a flavorful blend that oscillates between the sweet and the savory Cocoa and vanilla notes, for example, play off the tobacco s meaty, beef stock qualities, all integrated by an ever present earthiness. Off the Bookshelf The Ancient Ones, Excession, Wise Man s Sep , Wise Man s Fear Patrick Rothfuss s follow up to The Name of the Wind is a doorstop of a book, weighing in pages longer than the first one The book starts off by continuing its Harry Potter for grown ups vibe, with protagonist Kvothe attending the Arcanum, dealing with arcane rivalries, and furthering his education. The Wise Man s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss In The Wise Man s Fear, the second volume of The Kingkiller Chronicle, Patrick Rothfuss avoids all the pitfalls of a middle entry by writing a book that defiantly refuses to acknowledge that it is part of series In nearly , pages, The Wise Man s Fear barely moves the overarching storyline forward an inch. The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock with actions Apr , please subscribe for videos subscribe for videos for videos check here cans of

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    It all began when Pat Rothfuss was born to a marvelous set of parents Throughout his formative years they encouraged him to do his best, gave him good advice, and were no doubt appropriately dismayed when he failed to live up to his full potential.In high school Pat was something of a class clown His hobbies included reading a novel or two a day and giving relationship advice to all his friends despite the fact that he had never so much as kissed a girl He also role played and wrote terrible stories about elves He was pretty much a geek.Most of Pat s adult life has been spent in the University Wisconsin Stevens Point In 1991 he started college in order to pursue a career in chemical engineering, then he considered clinical psychology In 1993 he quit pretending he knew what he wanted to do with his life, changed his major to undecided, and proceeded to study whatever amused him He also began writing a book.For the next seven years Pat studied anthropology, philosophy, eastern religions, history, alchemy, parapsychology, literature, and writing He studied six different martial arts, practiced improv comedy, learned how to pick locks, and became a skilled lover of women He also began writing a satirical advice column which he continues to this day The College Survivial Guide Through all of this he continued to work on his novel.In 2000 Pat went to grad school for English literature Grad school sucked and Pat hated it However, Pat learned that he loved to teach He left in 2002 with his masters degree, shaking the dust from his feet and vowing never to return During this period of time his novel was rejected by roughly every agent in the known universe.Now Pat teaches half time at his old school as an assistant sub lecturer He is underpaid but generally left alone to do as he sees fit with his classes He is advisor for the college feminists, the fencing club, and, oddly enough, a sorority He still roll plays occasionally, but now he does it in an extremely sophisticated, debonair way.Through a series of lucky breaks, he has wound up with the best agent and editor imaginable, and the first book of his trilogy has been published under the title The Name of the Wind Though it has only been out since April 2007, it has already been sold in 26 foreign countries and won several awards Pat has been described as a rough, earthy iconoclast with a pipeline to the divine in everyone s subconscious But honestly, that person was pretty drunk at the time, so you might want to take it with a grain of salt.

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  • 4.75 A farewell letter to my Kvothe WOW Oh, wow It just dawned on me that Kvothe and I won t be meeting again for another, what, 10 to 15 years Sounds about right The inevitable long await is so disheartening and the fury s already starting to creep in.Thus, Kvothe, this s my farewell letter to you.Dearest favourite douche in fantasy,Let s get real, here, you rub people the wrong way not me Never me But people do talk and the consensus is that you re arrogant, kind of an ass, a little bit of hub [...]

  • I am SO excited to read this Omg AHH.EditSecond time reading this, and I decided to listen to the audiobook I really enjoyed the narration It was a long audiobook, but it was enjoyable every second of the way.

  • 4.5 5 starsThe Wise Man s Fear had all the potential to be better than The Name of the Wind and although this is still an amazing book, putting it in comparison with its prequel show how this one fell a bit short in quality.Picture The Wise Man s Fear main quoteThe plot of WMF, still as simplistic as the previous book, started on Day 2 straight after the end of NotW with Kvothe sharing his life journey to Chronicler with Bast listening to it If you think the pacing of NotW was slow, believe me t [...]

  • FINALLY How much can I rave about these books The storytelling is so engrossing, the worldbuilding super immersive, and the characters pull all the stellar elements together in a series that truly defines epic fantasy You want to KNOW these characters, you want to see them interact, and you definitely want to go on a journey with them.After reading a lot of paperback UF novels, I felt so pleased that this book provided what felt like 4 books worth of story and development and wonderfulness for t [...]

  • It s hard to write a review after reading a book like this It s like reviewing a sunset after a spring storm Yes, that s a poetic image, and that s what Rothfuss does to your brain I plan on selling all my worldly possessions soon and devoting my life to chasing the windBut meanwhile, I ll try to do this book justice It starts much as Name of the Wind ended, with Kvothe still a 15 year old at the University It spends about 300 pages in this mode Kvothe has a handful of new adventures at the univ [...]

  • I enjoyed the first book, but did not feel the same way about this one Fantasy books are meant to be the unbelievable, this much is certain, and the heroes that take the starring role are meant to be people of great intrigue and who can accomplish completely incredible feats, but it feels that it s pushed a bit too far in this book.Kvothe not only is an amazing arcanist, a prodigy with a memory so perfect that he can call up how people smelled on a single day years ago, but he s a musician, and [...]

  • Patrick Rothfussalmost did it again Healmostwielded his magic like he did the first time healmost teased me in the same way and made me feel like I was part of the story, but, ultimately, stumbled over his own words This book had the potential to be like the first, though he didn t quite pull it off Its main problem was that it simply had too much story, which translated as a complete structural mess The plot was good, but there was just too much of it in the word count there was enough material [...]

  • When THE HELL is this book coming out The first book grabbed me by the throat and threw me down and had it s way with me and I am fast becoming impatient in having it happen a second time This better not turn into another George R.R Martin wait Or or or I shall be extremely vexed VEXED I tell you Update 11 10 2014We now haves this book and we reads it Oh yes precious, we do and we loves it It is the precious The Wise Man s Fear is absolutely fantastic Rothfuss has propelled himself to be my most [...]

  • Patrick Rothfuss s The Wise Man s Fear is a great continuation book 2 of the KingKiller Chronicle We learn much about the precocious young wizard, Kvothe, and we get of a feel for the conflicts and turmoil of the present from which Kvothe tells his story I kept asking myself, How is Rothfuss going to resolve that I am now one of the seeming legion who are anxiously patiently awaiting the final installment of the trilogy I m just not sure how he can do it in one book even a big fat fantasy book [...]

  • I have almost 1500 SF F books in my database, and I ve probably read 500 that I forgot to list I have never read a book that was simultaneously so bad and so good I suspect that as time passes I will like it less You know when you go to the local Enormous Portions restaurant and go with the meat in the rich gravy with the fries and onion rings, and the mud pie for dessert, and a couple of drinks, and you enjoy it all Until near the end of the meal, when you don t feel so good then you can t sle [...]

  • Patrick Rothfuss sang to me Literally sang You are my sunshine to me last Sunday More on that later.I didn t want this book to end When I was within sprinting distance of the end, I actually put the book down, bought groceries, and vacuumed the stairs My husband was pleasantly surprised I wanted so desperately to savor those last fifty pages that the parking lot at Target didn t seem like an ideal location Thus, I acted like a normal human for a couple hours until I could curl on my couch and di [...]

  • Prologue There was an echo of three parts The first echo was the most obvious one It told of promises unfullfilled, questions unanswered and time invested It was an echo of frustration.The second echo was subtle A yawning of the mind reverberating through synapses untrained It was an echo of boredom.The final echo felt like a spiral, winding its way ever downward, digging deeper into the matter of things It was an echo of reviews within reviews within reviews.Chapter 1 The wise man s fear, the [...]

  • EDIT So, I ve decided to change my rating to 5 stars How can I not when the story is so epic and my attachment to Kvothe keeps growing Original review Not sure whether to rate this 4 or 5 stars yet, but I think I ll end up probably changing it to 5 There s something about these stories that you know will stay with you for a while The you think about it, the better it becomes And the you begin to love and appreciate it I definitely preferred this instalment to the first book Though slow burning [...]

  • I like stories where I cannot predict what will happen next Patrick Rothfuss writes stories like that Good solid characters and a plot that unfolds as unpredictably as life itself.

  • 4.5 WOW wOwWowWOw.I can t really form sentences right now at the time I m writing this, I literally spent the past 15 hours reading this book yeah , so I ll just make a couple of lists here.Things I liked or rather loved about the book Kvothe Kvothe s insane growth as a character and just as a human Kvothe s friends I want my very own Simmon, please thx it s so fucking funny guys you have no idea getting to see different parts of the world getting to experience different cultures in this world K [...]

  • You know that feeling when you finish a book and think It wasn t as good as the first, i should rate it with less stars , but then think It is still excellent, and doesn t deserve less than a perfect score That s the case here TWMF wasn t the perfect, one in a million book as was TNOTW It didn t gave us the answers we were seeking, it didn t followed the paths we desired, it didn t even gave us a conclusion on some open fronts But it was still a great story, and once again, Rothfuss proved to us [...]

  • Nothing in the world is harder than convincing someone of an unfamiliar truth I think an unfamiliar truth that would be hard convincing me about is the fact that the third book might never be released I do have a theory, maybe the next book is actually 6000 pages long, that s why it s taking this long, right Nahh Am going to put aside my thoughts and theories about the next book and talk about this book for a moment.This book starts off where book one ended and it s actually the second day of Kv [...]

  • 1 The Name of the Wind 2 The Wise Man s Fear 2.4 The Lightning Tree 2.5 The Slow Regard of Silent Things 3 Doors of Stone n aThis review is going to contain mild spoilers and theory crafting, so I have to caution you while reading this if you are not familiar with this amazing world I do this so you cannot help but hear A wise man views a moonless night with fear Obviously I m being a little bit presumptuous, but I believe The Kingkiller Chronicles will be the best trilogy I ve ever read And I v [...]

  • 4.5 starsIf, like me, you were so impressed with The Name of the Wind that you neglected all but the most pressing business until you turned the final page, you may have decided to give it a quick re read in anticipation of the sequel If you did, you probably spotted this quote in Chapter 43 There are three things all wise men fear the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.After a long but worthwhile wait, we now have the second novel in The Kingkiller Chronicle, and [...]

  • I finished this last nightlly While there are moments in this book of brilliant writing they are for me interspersed with LLLLOOONNNGGG stretches of yawningly boring prose Had the book been maybe two thirds it s length I think it could have been better.Without spoilers I found that the story of Kvothe wanders along getting almost nowheres I know we established some of it here, but not a lot and we re about where we were in a lot of ways The story in the book s present is just as annoying and bo [...]

  • I thought that I had reached my limit of disliking the main character and the rambling story in the first book, but this took things to a WHOLE new level I decided to read this because I was confused by the first book s high ratings and wanted to see if anything improved in the sequel.But guess what Kvothe s still here AND HE S STILL BETTER THAN YOU.Instead of repeating my previous review about this special snowflake Gary Stu, let me just leave the actual book description here My name is Kvothe [...]

  • OK Kvothe is always making the most stupid decisions But now it s been two days since I finished this book and I MISS HIM I need the third installment and I know I won t get it anytime soon.

  • Update 10 8 17 Re Read with buddies I m pretty much exactly where I was the first time I read it It reads like a wonderful dream and I could keep immersing myself in this story FOREVER There s no real point where I ever get tired of anything The text is not only clear, it s mythological and astounding and I frankly love how Kvothe keeps on adding his skills indefinitely Sure, he s an unreliable narrator but there s so damn much that he has done, so it s really hard to separate the truth as he te [...]

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