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Bestseller Book The Power of One the best work No stranger to the injustice of racial hatred five year old Peekay learns the hard way the first secret of survival and self preservation the power of o

Bestseller Book The Power of One the best work No stranger to the injustice of racial hatred, five year old Peekay learns the hard way the first secret of survival and self preservation the power of one An encounter with amateur boxer Hoppie Groenewald inspires in Peekay a fiery ambition to be welterweight champion of the world.. Popular Kindle The Power of One Wow... incredible!!! I fell in love with Peekay even 'before' he was five years old, starting in South Africa, when he shares of being nursed from his lovely black nanny before being sent to boarding school. ( although we follow him from age 5 to 20 - from the late 1930's to mid 40's).Our oldest daughter attended a boarding High School in Michigan for a short time -an academic/arts school. The family separation was painful. I can't begin to imagine sending a 5 year old away to a boarding school even in the 'best' of conditions.And the fact that this story is inspired by the authors real life....for me, this is one of the most wrenching parts of the entire book...."being sent away from his family at age 5 -- from 'love' he was receiving to 'hatred' he was walking into. Peekay is bullied and abused almost immediately upon arrival as a 5 year old at his boarding school. He's the youngest child in the school. Missing the comfort of his Black nanny ( Peekay is English and white), who would soothe his hurts...missing his mother who was sent away due to a nervous breakdown, Peekay was the first live example of the congenital hate they carried for his kind."The Boer War had created great malevolent feelings against the English, who were called the 'rooineks'. It was a hate that had entered the Afrikaner bloodstream and pocked the hearts and minds of the next generation". Given that Peekay, spoke English, he pronounced sentences that killed their grandfathers and grandmothers to the world's first concentration camps. Little Peekay had no advance warning that he was wicked before coming to the school. One of the other kids - called 'Judge' abused Peekey regularly. Peekay even made a deal with him to do the Judge's homework and make sure he didn't fail-- but he still continues to abuse him. - really 'tortured him.We see how Peekay begins to survive- horrific conditions at such a young tender age: Peekay says: "One thing got to them more than anything else. They could make me cry. Even the Judge, with all of the fear he could provoke, could not make me cry. I suspect they even began to admire me a bit. Many as them brothers my age at home, and they knew how easy it is for a five-year-old to cry. In fact, I had turned six but nobody had told me, so in my head, I was still five"."Not being able to cry was the hardest part for me as well. Crying can't be a good camouflage. In truth, my willpower had very little to do with my resolve never to cry. I had learned a special trick and, in the process, had somehow lost the knack of turning on the tap". Peekay is a diamond in the inspiring character. He's smart, open minded, and doesn't have an ounce of bitterness or hatred in him. He develops meaningful friendships with teachers and mentors who teach him to read. He meets a healer, and a boxer. We learn a tremendous amount about boxing. We also learn a lot about the history of South Africa through the eyes of a child. The themes of discrimination were well defined by the author: the Boers vs. the English - South Africans vs. the Germans - the Jews vs. the Germans - white Africans vs. the Black Africans. Violence is graphic - so be warned. It's a cruel and beautiful world we live in!
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    I was born illegitimately in 1933 in South Africa and spent my early childhood years in a small town deep in the heart of the Lebombo mountains.It was a somewhat isolated community and I grew up among farm folk and the African people At the age of five I was sent to a boarding school which might be better described as a combination orphanage and reform school, where I learned to box though less as a sport and as a means to stay alive.But I survived to return to a small mountain town named Barberton in the North Eastern part of the country.Here I met Doc, a drunken German music teacher who spent the next few years filling my young mind with the wonders of nature as we roamed the high mountains His was the best education I was ever to receive, despite the scholarship I won to a prestigious boy s school and thereafter to a university in England where I studied Journalism.I came to Australia because I was banned from returning to my own country.This was due to the fact that I had started a weekend school for Africans in the school hall of the prestigious boy s school I attended.One day the school hall was raided by the police who then branded me a Communist as they considered educating Africans a subversive act.While studying journalism, I met a wonderful Australian girl Come to my country Benita invited.I did, and soon after arriving in Australia, married her Benita gave me three splendid sons, Brett, Adam and Damon Brett, who married Ann has given me three lovely grandsons, Ben now 14, Jake is about to turn 12 and Marcus is almost 6 years old.I have lived all my Australian life in Sydney the nicest place on earth and, until I started writing fiction, made my career in advertising working as a copywriter and creative director.At the age of 55 I decided to take the plunge I had been telling stories since the age of five and had always known I would be a writer some day, though life kept getting in the way until I realised that it was either now or never.Bryce Courtenay died at his home in Canberra, Australia He was 79.Courtenay is survived by his second wife Christine Gee and his children Adam and Brett.

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  • Wow incredible I fell in love with Peekay even before he was five years old, starting in South Africa, when he shares of being nursed from his lovely black nanny before being sent to boarding school although we follow him from age 5 to 20 from the late 1930 s to mid 40 s.Our oldest daughter attended a boarding High School in Michigan for a short time an academic arts school The family separation was painful I can t begin to imagine sending a 5 year old away to a boarding school even in the best [...]

  • I just finished reading The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay which was recommended to me by JK in our little cross country virtual book club Divided into three parts, this is a story of a boy named Peekay coming of age in 1930 1950 s South Africa So, we ve got major historical things happening Boer War aftermath, Hitler Germany and WWII, the buddings of Apartheid And then you have this really small boy going through hell at age 5 in a boarding school and learning at this infant stage in life how [...]

  • Of all the books I read in 2009 one stands out in the horizon of my memory, a mass market paperback with 540 pages of microscopic print which I devoured in a day and a half.The Power of one gave me the chance to meet a part of myself that I thought I had lost forever It rekindled a long extinguished flame of hope, it awakened a lost feeling of wonder, it gave me proof that one can make a difference.Set in South Africa in the 1930s and 40s , The Power of one is the compelling coming of age story [...]

  • I hardly know where to begin writing this review This book had been on my to read list for a long time I finally decided to take the plunge and listen to the Audible version, narrated by the fantastic Humphrey Bowers who really brought SHANTARAM to life also And now it s over Twenty hours spent getting to know the wonderful Peekay, and now I m done This is one of those books that isn t really over when you finish it It stays with you and the characters live on inside your head.That s really the [...]

  • I had high hopes for this book, but in the end was a little disappointed It seems towards the end of the book he lost track of where he was going with it all and just ended it, although maybe this says about my lack of getting his point than it does about his writing style One thing he does have though is energy, and that helped in keeping me interested I also think the power of one is a rather funny concept considering the main character, Peekay, who supposedly possesses or cultivates this pow [...]

  • Took me some time to read, but not because it wasn t good, but just because there is so much to this story A supremely well written book If you like historical fiction the type focused on people living in certain historical eras, not necessarily specific historical events you will enjoy this story I now feel like I have a good feel for WWII era South Africa Also, if you like interesting characters and good character development, this is a good story for you, too.

  • What a nice surprise this book was for me This coming of age story set in 1939 South Africa has a focus on the sport of boxing throughout, which I am generally not a fan of, but certainly loved every minute of it in this story Peekay endures awful humiliation and abandonment at such a young age yet he struggles along through adversity and heartbreaking losses.Numerous comments by readers mention they did not care for the ending, but I, for one, loved it view spoiler I kept wondering when the jud [...]

  • This book is a wonderful story of the hope and success of an underdog, of relationships breaking barriers of race, age, religion, wealth, and of a boy learning who he is and who he should be I would really like to rate this book a 4.5 I loved about 500 pages of this book, but was disappointed with the ending SPOILER ALERT For most of the book I really thought, this could really happen And then, to make a nice ending , of course it all comes full circle in the end and the frayed ends are all knot [...]

  • One of my favorite books This is a truly inspirational historical fiction about of boyhood in South Africa at the birth of apartheid Follow the life of a British child who comes of age amidst resentful Boers who are recovering from their own persecution while simultaneously championing the causes of Hitler in Germany This precocious boy struggles to understand the clash of races and racism while simultaneously overcoming boundaries through the medium of competitive boxing.One perhaps could make [...]

  • This is the story of Peekay, a frail, young, English boy growing up poor in South Africa and of his refusal to be demoralized by the racial torment surrounding him On the road to becoming a young man he cultivates some uniquely, diverse friends and discovers many truths, not the least of which, are that loyalty, strength, love and compassion, coupled with a insatiable, thirst for knowledge and armed with the focus and courage to stay true to one s own self, can all be fused together, thus harnes [...]

  • When talking about The Power of One, it is easy to be distracted by the power of one itself and place ultimate importance on Peekay s slippery personal philosophy But to do so to the exclusion of all else but racism is to read only a small portion of Bryce Courtenay s masterwork.The Power of One also deals with class, religion, science, obsession, faith vs reason, objectivism, homosocial intimacy, and in one of the finest literary expressions of its kind, the importance of violence.Peekay s use [...]

  • Review of Audio book, The Power of One written by Bryce Courtenay, Narrated by Humphrey Bower.This has been both a Hard and Easy review to write The Power of one is a wonderful autobiographical novel which has been made into a fantastic audio book Astonishingly this was Bryce Courtenay debut novel Humphrey Bower is both experienced and gifted narrator and the perfect pick as he is able to pull off a convincing South African accent Hard to write up as it has so many powerful, tender and tantalisi [...]

  • The Power of One is a semi auto biographical coming of age story set in South Africa during the 1940 s is an English boy who endures a great deal of abuse from the Boer children, some of whom are Nazi sympathizers until he is taught to box He is an exceptional student who later befriends Doc, a German professor who is a great pianist but who is confined to the local prison for the duration of the war The professor teaches PK many valuable life lessons including the piano but boxing and excelling [...]

  • This is one of the most important books I have ever read The reader really gets pulled into the life of PK, experiencing his trials and successes There are some great laugh out loud moments, such as during his train ride with Big Hettie, and when Granpa Chook decides to express his opinion of The Judge and his Nazi party though the surrounded circumstance is sad and grim There are also some very dark times in his life, but these serve to prove the triumph of the human spirit and so are a valuabl [...]

  • I firmly believe that a book or a movie can be about absolutely anything as long as its well written There are a few sports movies out there that I have enjoyed, that I got wrapped up in, all because what they were really were was just good stories This is a book like that If you do happen to read the back cover, you will learn that the book is about boxing, but it s hardly just about boxing Saying The Power of One is only about boxing is like saying doing well in school is only about showing up [...]

  • The Power of One is at its simplest, a story of self reliance and perseverance in times of hardship and struggle The story follows Peekay from childhood through his young adult years, including his schooling, his pursuit of boxing, and his odd collection of enemies, friends, mentors and teachers The book is long, and it took me quite a long time to get into the story It was a commitment, particularly because I found the pace of the story to be slow and full of somewhat unnecessary detail early o [...]

  • I ve read this book three times and each time it s as good as the previous read, if not better A semi autobiographical novel, Bryce Courtenay s The Power of One is set in South Africa immediately before, during and after WWII The novel s protagonist is Peekay just Peekay who is, in all respects, a remarkable young man The story begins when Peekay is 5 years old and ends when he is 17, but the 12 years covered are formative although we don t know what lies in store for Peekay by the end of the bo [...]

  • At least 3 people I know have told me that this is their favorite book, so I just had to give it a read It is really, really good The book follows a young man, Peekay, as he grows up in South Africa in the 30s and 40s He meets a series of very influential adults and is constantly being shaped by them and also by his many differing experiences growing up The one theme that stays true throughout is his desire to become the welterweight boxing champion of the world This is the kind of book that you [...]

  • I found this book to be a mixed bag For example, I loved the story of the main character s relationships with others, particularly with an old German professor who helps to shape his mind However, I got bored with the focus on boxing, something I have no interest in but which permeated every aspect of the story I thought the treatment of racial and cultural issues was excellent, especially the insights into struggles among the Boers, Afrikaners, and English settlers On the other hand, I got tire [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed many elements of this book, and I learned a tremendous amount about boxing and the history of South Africa, through a child s eye view However, my opinion took a downward plunge toward the end of the book specifically the final 5 pages of the book I don t want to include any spoilers, but what on earth was the author thinking I interpreted the book s message so differently from what is depicted in the final scene Perhaps I owe the author a second reading STRANGE Update Just [...]

  • AudibleI came across Bryce Courtenay through the narrator I was such impressed by Humphrey Bower performance in Shantaram that I immediately started to look for his other works after I had finished it It is a fate Now I m looking forward to reading by Bryce Courtenay, because his books are exactly the kind of a life story I am seeking for.The Power of One takes place in South Africa and covers the period of time from the early 1930s up to the late 1940s, the birth of apartheid It tells a touchi [...]

  • When did this book sneak up on me It s a story of a prodigy mentally, physically, in geology, botany, boxing, gambling, chess, in pretty much anything but music, where he s merely competent Bryce Courtenay s hero should irritate the hell out of me And yet somehow he doesn t It s also the story of how a white boy becomes a symbol of power for black South Africans I m a little uncomfortable with that, and yet, it s handled as well as such things can be Note The rest of this review has been withdra [...]

  • I wasn t sure whether I would like this book since all I knew was that it was about boxing which I am not a big fan of, but a girl had told me this was her favorite book so I thought I would give it a try I loved it In some ways it is a fasinating look at South Africas devastating history, but the protagonist s innocent perspective just draws you into his story The characters in the story are what really make it great, Peekay s mentors, friends and even the evil adversaries he has to overcome Ev [...]

  • This was a curious book because I never really knew which direction it was headed in You would think Peekay was headed in one direction and then things would change It was also a wonderful book and I had tears of joy and victory in my eyes than once The narrator was beyond brilliant Peekay often made comments in a very dry way and the narrator really added some expression to these parts He was wonderful and even if I listened to him in a dozen books I would always associate him with this one.My [...]

  • God help me, I ll never finish this book I m drowning in uninspired writing Ok, I finished it This was truly one of the most laborious reads I ve had in quite a while Suffice it to say I thought I d never climb my way out to read another book again in my life The writing style isn t difficult it s not that that made it painful to get through It s just a terribly written book with terribly boring, stock characters who go around doing terribly improbable things that evoke not one ounce of feeling [...]

  • This is the story of Peekay, a young boy growing up in South Africa before, during, and after World War II, and the good people he met along his way to becoming the welterwieght boxing champion of the world The memorable characters included among many Giel Peet, an imprisoned black man who taught Peekay to box Doc, a gentle 6 7 German professor who taught Peekay to love nature and music and books and, Miss Boorstein, a brilliant Jewish teacher who fostered Peekay s intellectual genius through he [...]

  • I thought the book could have been tightened, better edited and shortened I was not that interested in the boxing The ending view spoiler , with Peekay s old childhood enemy The Judge being the man he worked with in the copper mines, hide spoiler seemed contrived it felt like the neat ending was too nicely tied up It felt fictional, although the novel is supposed to be autobiographical I would have appreciated an author s note that explained what was fictional and what was fact Nevertheless it i [...]

  • I just finished reading this book for a summer assignment, and I have to say that I would rather have read the telephone book At least the telephone book doesn t have characters so annoying that I throw it against a wall.My main issue with this book was the main character He goes through the whole book with a poor me, I m such a suffering soul mentality which really makes no sense He speaks almost as many languages as I have fingers on one hand including a bit of Latin, which I ve heard is very [...]

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