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Dangerous Liaisons Showbiz celebs hounded by the paparazzi A Tudor queen s command I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may drives her present day descendants to break the bounds of marriage the law

Showbiz celebs hounded by the paparazzi A Tudor queen s command, I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may , drives her present day descendants to break the bounds of marriage, the law, and the church, with heartbreaking consequences.Can the ultimate sin of loving too much be forgiven

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    Sarah Stuart s passions are theatre, music, history, travel and wildlife 100% of her royalties are donated to animal charities worldwide Book 4 of the award winning ROYAL COMMAND series, SWEET TEMPTATION THE AGONY AND THE ECSTACY OF PASSION, is now live, Find it here viewBook SweetTemptaion

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  • Dangerous Liaisons is a unique and well written fictional story about dark hidden secrets, love and betrayal and forgiving the unforgivable.The story begins in Scotland when Lizzie Cameron comes across a jewel encrusted journal that was written by Queen Margaret, during the 1500 s Lizzie learns from her mother that she is a descendant of the Queen The Book of Hours, the Queen s journal is written in code Lizzie and eventually Lizzie s daughter Lisette take turns deciphering the Queen s secrets Q [...]

  • Outside of novels like The Notebook or Bridges over Madison County, romance is normally not my genre, but like The Notebook or Bridges over Madison County, I truly enjoyed reading Dangerous Liaisons by Sarah Stuart.Stuart has written a very good novel that speaks to the readers without trying to talk over their heads while avoiding the romance genre s sometimes overuse of similes In fact, I would rather like to think of Dangerous Liaisons as falling into both the romance genre and mainstream fic [...]

  • It is a tricky thing to write across varying time lines Sometimes it falls flat and other times the reader just gets sucked in Dangerous Liaisons certainly grabbed my attention at the start and held it throughout This is a story with familiar themes of love betrayal and has significant sexual content some of which is taboo so as long as you go in with that in mind, you won t be offended The sex scenes are probably the weakness for me but that is my personal perspective, I am a terrible skipper o [...]

  • I was hesitant when I began Dangerous Liaisons because I don t normally read Romance My thoughts on romance books makes me think of Mills Boons How wrong was I This book was full of surprises, yes there was romance but not the kind I expectedn t say too much without spoilersbut be prepared, you have to have a very open mind when you read Sarah s Stuart s fantastic novel.As far as the characters go, they are well rounded and all make their presence known The author takes them from strength to str [...]

  • One touch, sparks fly, true love for life time.Lizzie Cameron was leaving her parent s home in Scotland to join university in London Before departing she began to search the house s attic and found an old diary It belonged to Queen Margaret of the sixteenth century and was named Book of Hours The diary had the evidence that Lizzie had royal blood in her The queen had written a command for her heirs, I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may Love is a gift of God, not of kings Liz [...]

  • I enjoyed reading Dangerous Liaisons by Sarah Stuart Firstly, refreshingly, because she writes well Her prose is clear and it flows with no snags in its path Secondly, she is a good storyteller, and thirdly, the characters she creates are all interesting and believable At first, I wondered why her book was called Dangerous Liaisons, as it seemed at first it was simply a rags to riches tale, about a young woman, named Lizzie, come to London from Scotland, not to seek her fortune so much as love, [...]

  • A young Scottish girl finds a journal in her attic that has been passed down to the daughters of her family for generations starting with Margaret, Queen of Scotland five hundred years ago, proof that the girl has royal blood Due to a loveless marriage of her own, the queen directs her descendants to find love wherever they may Pray you do not find a similar journal in your own attic Because nowhere in the journal does the queen warn her descendants that that pursuit will get really complicated [...]

  • My review of DANGEROUS LIAISONS BY SARAH STUARTI really enjoyed this modern romance, and yet was especially captivated by the historical thread that weaves through it.The characters are vivid and real the Scottish setting, in particular is evocatively described A young girl with a sheltered upbringing decides to buck the family trend and become independent, following the command of a royal ancestor discovered through a closely guarded secret, a family heirloom She chooses London to fulfil this d [...]

  • Hmmm What can I say If I m like a lot of readers, I m tired of paying the known authors to produce sub standard stories So, I ve been searching for new talent to read This book was something I would not normally read I m a mystery paranormal gal However, I found this book, was intrigued by the story line and took a chance Just like a bad accident, I could not look away from this book It s the kind of book that has you yelling at the characters, You idiot Don t do it The twists and turns in this [...]

  • I was very intrigued by the synopsis There is something very appealing about intertwining the past and present in a book, and if the author does a good job, it can be a rewarding experience Sarah Stuart has superbly managed to combine a historical era and language with a contemporary story, in a unique and coherent way.I won t give spoilers but I will say that I thought the characters and their development carried the tale, very well Predominantly a love story with a few twists, and a bit of cl [...]

  • The story starts in the past, and at first I expected a Historical novel, but no it is essentially a story of the past and the present and how they link together Lizzie finds a diary in her parent s attic which proves she is descendant of a Scottish queen While she tries to unravel the mystery she goes to London to University, and there she meets Michael Although it is a romantic novel, I found it very emotional, and despite the author tackling a difficult subject I thought she did a fantastic j [...]

  • I don t normally read romance novels but I am certainly glad that I picked this one up.It was a really lovely love story until the middle of the book and surprise, surprise it turned into a Greek tragedy or a modern novel by Shakespeare Without giving away spoilers I can say Sarah touches on topics that many writers would shy away from That being said Sarah tackled them in an honest, forthright and in your face manner Bravo It is also apparent that the author has a great deal of knowledge of the [...]

  • This book reminded me of the books I used to read by Jacqueline Suzanne and Jackie Collins The glamorous world of stage super stardom and fans, the disruption to anything approaching a normal life, the strange and complicated sexual liaisons All set against the undercurrent of a historical diary of royal lineage tying together the past and the present The author handles difficult topics in a way that is admirable, and the story was a gripping saga throughout The characters really stayed with me [...]

  • I started this book and had no idea what I was in for and it didn t disappoint This is a tale of love through the generations guided somewhat by the book of hours passed down through the female bloodline of a Queen Fast paced, and an really engaging story line kept me gripped to the very last page This is a romance with a difference loving too much can lead to dangerous liaisons, and this story delivers it all Recommended.

  • This was truly a pleasure to read I am a huge fan of history and theater so this book had me hooked from the start With twists and turns and unforgettable romance, this novel kept me interested until the very end I will be looking forward with great anticipation to future novels by Sarah Stuart I can only hope history will repeat itself with her writing skill.

  • Dangerous Liaisons was a great read The author expertly pulls us into Lizzie and Michael s modern romance as they navigate through life and their love for each other The reader is taken on a journey into the West End theater life, and I especially enjoyed the history woven into the story Highly recommend.

  • Loved it Romance isn t normally my genre, but this is a boy meets girl with a difference Great characters, well drawn, great locations and insights into worlds we usually only see from front of house Mix in a command from a Scottish queen, rags, riches, celebs and promises to keep, and you have an explosive cocktail Pull the pin and see what happens

  • Complicated is the word I would use to describe Sarah Stuart s love story in Dangerous Liaisons Weaved around the wonderful world of theatre, musicals and song, it tells the story of Michael and Lizzie s love, their successes and failures as well as Lizzie s historical links to a Tudor Queen Several generations are represented and Part II will really surprise you.

  • Interesting story, but I m not sure if it was really my type of read I did enjoy it a little though, but I guess everyone has different fav genres.

  • Dangerous Liaisons has a gripping storyline that kept me enthralled until the very end A real page turner I look forward to reading from this very talented author.

  • When I picked Dangerous Liaisons to read, I had no idea what I was in for The story starts with a young girl, an only child, raised on a hunting estate in Scotland She has flaming red curls and a book that had been passed down to her through generations called the Book of Hours Lizzie Cameron works diligently at decoding this diary of sorts written by her ancestors who were of royal lineage in the 1500s The message was always the same, to find love where they may Love is a gift of God, not of ki [...]

  • If there was one word to describe this book it would be a rollercoaster The pace is fast and furious as it flicks from Lizzie an heiress trying to find her place in the world, to Margaret Henry the VIII sister whose writings in the book of hours Lizzie is trying to decipher, and Michael the man Lizzie has fallen in love with The book is written in two parts and they couldn t be different in storyline Part one is a sweet love story between two young people Michael has ambitions as an actor and L [...]

  • This is a book of many strands, which all weave in and out of each other to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts It is the story of the love affair between the heiress of a Scottish estate who is now living on the breadline in London, and an aspiring actor and singer from a poor background As their relationship develops, so does the story of their progress towards shobiz success, with all the advantages and disadvantages that it brings It later becomes the story of their chil [...]

  • I have very mixed emotions about this book, but the good thing is that they are strong emotions, and that s what a writer seeks to elicit in her audience I found the prose a little difficult at first, but as I got further into the story it began to seem quite natural, different as it is from the books by American authors to which I m accustomed After that, I loved it until I got to Part Two, and that s where I began to have problems, not with the writing, which is most of what I try to judge by, [...]

  • I expect a story to have well rounded characters, good imagery, and a level of detail which conveys an air of authenticity In a word, I want entertainment.The dialogue should reflect the period in which the story exists, and if there are any outside influences, then they must fit into the tale and be unnoticed, because they belong For example car models, locations, or journeys are things that I expect to sound matter of fact.I believe Sarah Stuart has a fair grounding in than one area covered i [...]

  • Prepare to be shocked at the scandalous triangle, and yet gripped by this tale of lust and incest You won t be able to put this book down until you read to the end There are three major components to this book The first half of the story is how young Lizzie and Michael meet and fall in love The second half of the story focuses on Lizzie and Michael s married life and their complex relationships with their grown children And the third component that is woven throughout the story from beginning to [...]

  • A very interesting book would be one way of describing Dangerous Liaisons What started out as a simple romance between a privileged girl running away from her family life and a backstreet boy, quickly blossomed into an incandescent love that saw the main character thrown into the lead in a West End production Stuart does extremely well in tying this modern day story into a tale of an unbroken line of often illegitimate daughters that trace their lineage all the way back to Queen Margaret of Scot [...]

  • Secrets and BetrayalsA touching love at first sight romance, this is a story of Lizzie, a girl who hides her wealthy background and royal heritage from Michael a wannabe actor from a low income background The book has two timelines as Lizzie seeks to retrace the story of her royal lineage while we follow Michael s rise to stardom and their relationship I don t read books which are sexually explicit in nature, but I think that in this case they were well written and sensitive to the characters an [...]

  • I loved the concept behind this book While a contemporary romance the central females have a diary dating back to the early 1500s which has been passed from mother to daughter through the centuries This diary not only urges them to search for true love but also claims they are of royal descent It would seem although the specifics may change what people do in the name of love, lust and money remains constant through history.The story starts with Lizzie leaving the family hotel and estate in the S [...]

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