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In Queensland Come join PJ on this his second adventure along the coast of Queensland as he snorkels at the Great Barrier Reef chats with a Loggerhead turtle in the midst of a great undertaking and explores th

Come join PJ on this, his second adventure, along the coast of Queensland, as he snorkels at the Great Barrier Reef, chats with a Loggerhead turtle in the midst of a great undertaking, and explores the tropical rainforest until he ha to be rescued by one of the local friendly wildlife.

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    Hi I lived all over the world as a child.Boston and San Francisco in the USA, Vancouver and Montreal in Canada, England, St Lucia, Peru I settled in Vancouver to attend Simon Fraser University and get my MBA in accounting and marketing As an adult, married with 4 children, I have worked from home in order to raise my children and we have continued to explore our world It is a fantastic place In my books I hope to share my love for our planet and the peoples, places and animals that are a part of it As children explore with PJ Mouse they will learn of some amazing places, interesting facts, and cool animals I hope you will come and explore and learn with me, and PJ Mouse.

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  • PJ is off down under that is Australia Along with his very own teeny suitcase and passport PJ is ready for adventures Fortunately, his stuffing doesn t get lumpy on the plane ride and he and Emily are off to Dreamworld for some rides and fun They visit two important parts of Australia the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest where PJ meets a Lorikeet I ve seen Lorikeets in Australia they re sooo pretty Read on to see of PJ s adventures with the loggerhead turtleThese little books together wit [...]

  • I received a free copy of In Queensland The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse 2 through First Reads.As a dedicated armchair traveler, I was thrilled to accompany PJ Mouse on his adventure to Queensland Queensland is in Australia, you know This was my first meeting with PJ Although he is certainly a Funny Little Mouse he is also a brilliant traveling companion Interesting creatures are naturally drawn to PJ and he willingly shares his new friends I am anxious to accompany PJ Mouse on his next adventu [...]

  • Full review will come on blog tour, but this is an adorable children s book with very adorable illustrations Thank you for Ireadbooktours for providing me a copy of the book

  • The author dedicates her first PJ Mouse sequel to her mother and family, not to mention an elementary school in her hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, which endorsed her first story As with its predecessor, the second adventure depicts protagonist PJ s view of the story s setting, in this case Australia, an airplane flying to the location, specifically Queensland The narrative opens with PJ, who has a passport of his own, and his adoptive family taking a plane to the land down under, with t [...]

  • I m going to start by telling you that Jackson really loved this book He said this one was by far, his favorite of the two In this book, PJ gets to go boogie boarding, which Jackson asked me why there were boogers on a board, which made me laugh and we had to take a break from reading It also talks about the Great Barrier Reef, which they studied briefly in first grade so he knew about that and had a general idea of what PJ was seeing Another thing about these books we liked was the last chapter [...]

  • This is a cute follow up to PJ and Emily s family s travel adventures in Canada When they visit Australia in the second book, PJ gets to do things that I dream of I d love to visit Queensland and see all of the sights I am pretty sure I could not handle the flight though We can always dream right And that is what your child will do when they read PJ s travel adventure stories The characters are sweet and I loved the illustrations that bring the story to life The text is easy to read and your chi [...]

  • Lost and then found, PJ Mouse, the delightful talking stuffed animal, is off on another adventure Follow him as he explores Queensland, by land and by sea.Another wonderful chapter in this adventure series Never having been to Australia, I especially enjoyed the watercolor illustrations PJ is so adorable and the places he explores are beautifully depicted.Follow PJ as he swims with sea turtles, hitches a ride on a Lorikeet, and winds up in a bit of a pickle.PJ was his usual adorable self and I s [...]

  • PJ Mouse Teaches While Entertaining The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Queensland is a fun and informative look at Queensland from the childlike point of view of PJ Mouse My girls found the story entertaining and both acknowledged that they either learned or remembered a good bit of information about Queensland and Australia without feeling like they were being taught And I will tell you after a full day of school, they are the first to toss aside a book that teaches first and entertains later [...]

  • This is the second book in PJ s adventures, and now, the mouse takes a huge trip half way around the world to Australia The big plane ride, which is quite the adventure not only for a small mouse like PJ, already has his curiosity and excitement spiked, and does the same to the reader.I enjoyed this book than the first one The adventures have a quicker pace and throw PJ into situation kids themselves would love to dive into As in the other book, the reader discovers Queensland, learns several f [...]

  • This was another cute installment of The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse Pretty much everything I said about the first book applies to this one as well The illustrations are very cute and colorful, the book is organized into small chapters, PJ is a funny little guy although he rambles a bit too much at times , and the story not only entertains, but teaches readers about a new place This time, we visited Queensland, Australia Lucky PJ I ve always wanted to visit Australia Readers pack their suitcas [...]

  • In The Travel Adventures Of PJ Mouse In Queensland, Emily and her family are about to go down under and PJ Mouse, her adorable stuffed mouse, is ready to join her on a new adventure The excitement begins when PJ boards the big plane with his very own suitcase and passport, sharing with Emily why he believes he will be a different mouse when he lands.Of course, he s right travel changes us and PJ s world is stretched to new limits as he learns to boogie board, snorkels the Great Barrier Reef, cha [...]

  • The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse In QueenslandBy Gwyneth Jane PageIllustrated by Megan ElizabethPJ is about to go on his second major adventure with Emily and her family This time PJ s adventure is taking him to Australia and he is going by airplane And even amazing he s leaving Canada in winter and arriving in Australia in summer Australia is an amazing land there is a something called the Great Barrier Reef Clear turquoise water filled unusual fish of different sizes and shapes And PJ discov [...]

  • In the second book in the PJ Mouse series, PJ and his new family embark on an adventure through Australia PJ is a stuffed mouse that Emily found wet and dirty under a bench After bringing him home and washing him up, he became part of the family Even the family cat likes PJ Mouse.After taking a very long airplane ride, PJ Mouse and the family arrive in Australia Their first stop is a theme park where PJ faces his fears on a number of exciting rides The Great Barrier Reef allows PJ to meet a new [...]

  • In the Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Queensland, we hop on a plane with PJ and his family and head for his second adventure This time we went to Queensland, Australia I have always wanted to visit Australia so this was a fun little story book to read to my son about the different things PJ mouse was able to do in that far off country In this second story, PJ seems much at home with his family and really excited to try out all the new and fun things As in the first, we learned a little bit a [...]

  • I hope to visit Australia somedayAustralia is one of my bucket list I wish I could visit this beautiful country someday This book The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Queensland is such a fun book to read not only for kids but also for adults I LOVED how the illustrator did with the second book it turned out so beautiful The book is so full of adventures It is fun to read PJ s adventures in Australia You will also learned animals that you only found in Australia The best travel experienced witho [...]

  • The adventures of P J Mouse in Queensland is book 2 in the P J Mouse series As with book 1 this book is very educational in teaching children about different places in the world This book focuses on Queensland Queensland is in Australia P J Mouse and his adoptive family fly to Queensland where their adventure begins in this book I love how Gwyneth Jane Page drags us into the book and makes us feel like we are along for the adventure with P J and Emily She really brings the places and the things [...]

  • PJ Mouse, Emily and the family are off again, this time on vacation in Queensland, Australia The second book in the series includes many of the same wonderful elements of the first book charming artwork, meeting and being saved by native wildlife, visiting well know sites The Great Barrier Reef and lesser known attractions Mon Repos , and having lots of fun The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Queensland gives children a chance to visit an amazing area of Australia that doesn t always get its fa [...]

  • PJ Mouse is off again, this time he is going to Australia He starts off on a plane with his own passport and suit case on his way to Queensland While in Australia he is going to visit the Great Barrier Reef and meets a turtle that helps him back to his family He then goes to a rain forest and meets a lorikeet among other adventures that he finds himself on This is a great sequel to PJ s first adventure in Canada I loved the illustrations, they are absolutely beautiful This is a great book to tea [...]

  • I really like the family in The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse books Emily is always telling PJ Mouse how funny he is and I agree PJ Mouse is adorable, he says and thinks some funny things The illustrations are all about PJ Mouse and they are so so beautiful My favorite thing about these travel adventure books is that we get to learn a little about travel to different places we have never seen for ourselves I love that The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse books are based on the author s family actua [...]

  • The adventure continues for PJ the Mouse in the second book in the series which takes him and his family to Queensland, Australia This time they take a huge plane and PJ is a bit worried about how something that big can stay in the air Soon though he is distracted, and starts having a great time The trip takes him on great adventures He and his family visit the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest, two places I d love to see myself.Like in the first book in the series, the illustrations by Mega [...]

  • This is by far my favorite book in this adventure series.I loved the thrills and scary adventures.I loved learning along with PJ and Emily.I am looking forward to getting to know Star Bear and the cat better.The illustrations are enchanting and add greatly to the enjoyment of this delightful chapter adventure book.Reading it along with your children will lead to pleasant discussion.I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The enjoyment of reading and discussing was 100% [...]

  • The Adventures of PJ Mouse in Queensland, book two in the PJ Mouse series, is a fantastic continuation of book one, The Adventures of PJ Mouse in Canada and fun adventure for kids From page one beginning readers will love the exciting story of the first adventure of PJ the mouse Each chapter is filled with a fun venture with PJ, with the pictures throughout the book enhancing the storyline as well I would recommend this book to elementary readers.A review copy of this book was provided by iRead [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.This is the second book in the PJ Mouse adventures This time they fly to Queensland in Australia It s non stop adventure when PJ is around.The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Queensland is easy and fun to read PJ is always getting into a jam and has to be saved Even though it s a fun read, children learn about some of the interesting places in Queensland A great book for children

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