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A viral Books Rite of Summer release There are terrors worse than stage fright Like falling in love Violinist Stephen Ashbrook is passionate about three things his music the excitement of life in Lon

A viral Books Rite of Summer release There are terrors worse than stage fright Like falling in love.Violinist Stephen Ashbrook is passionate about three things his music, the excitement of life in London, and his lover, Evander Cade It s too bad that Evander only loves himself A house party at their patron s beautiful country estate seems like a chance for Stephen to remember who he is, when he s not tryinThere are terrors worse than stage fright Like falling in love.Violinist Stephen Ashbrook is passionate about three things his music, the excitement of life in London, and his lover, Evander Cade It s too bad that Evander only loves himself A house party at their patron s beautiful country estate seems like a chance for Stephen to remember who he is, when he s not trying to live up to someone else s harsh expectations.Joshua Beaufort, a painter whose works are very much in demand among the right sort of people, has no expectations about this party at all Until, that is, he finds out who else is on the guest list Joshua swore off love long ago, but has been infatuated with Stephen since seeing his brilliant performance at Vauxhall Now he has the chance to meet the object of his lust face to face and .But changing an open relationship to a triad is a lot complicated than it seems, and while Evander s trying to climb the social ladder, Stephen s trying to climb Joshua When the dust settles, only two will remain standing when they re not flat on their backs.Warning Contents under pressure Contains three men, two beds, one erotic piercing, and the hottest six weeks of summer the nineteenth century has ever seen m m m m m. Popular Books Rite of Summer I really enjoyed this. It's very sex-heavy, which is fine and well done, though I honestly felt it would have worked with less. Stephen and Joshua are both lovely characters, and Stephen's relationship with Evander is very well done. What's super special about this is the historical grounding, though. All the MCs are artists, not aristos, and the Georgian gay underworld is really well delineated. I don't think I've seen the Vere Street Coterie mentioned in a romance before now, and the consequences of that ghastly (offpage) event are brilliantly worked through. Really solid read from an exciting new to me author.Could have been tighter overall, IMO, but it's an admirable erotic romance and strong historical, and I'm preordering the f/f/m book 2 right now. She Whom I Love

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    Tess has been a fan of historical fiction since learning the Greek and Roman myths at her mother s knee Now let loose on a computer, she s spinning her own tales of romance and passion in a slightly modern setting Tess lives on the east coast, with her partner of fifteen years and two cats who should have been named Writer s Block and Get Off the Keyboard, Dammit Sign up for my mailing list here

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  • I really enjoyed this It s very sex heavy, which is fine and well done, though I honestly felt it would have worked with less Stephen and Joshua are both lovely characters, and Stephen s relationship with Evander is very well done What s super special about this is the historical grounding, though All the MCs are artists, not aristos, and the Georgian gay underworld is really well delineated I don t think I ve seen the Vere Street Coterie mentioned in a romance before now, and the consequences o [...]

  • I enjoyed this historical romance, particularly for the grounding in the historical gay society of the era I appreciated the way historical events like arrests and punishments of those caught out in sodomy, were shown to have a devastating effect on the men to whom they were casual friends, and perhaps past sex partners And a chilling effect on any gay man of the era The romance proceeds slowly, and felt realistic I liked that the men weren t wealthy or powerful, but ordinary starving artist typ [...]

  • If you don t like open relationships in romance novels, this one is not for you I loved Tess Bowery s story of two boyhood friends who have been making their way in the world as a composer violinist partnership and somewhat rocky romantic pairing too, until they meet an artist whose temporary addition to their bed changes everything Bowery does a terrific job up ratcheting up the tension by including news of a real life police raid that resulted in the arrests of dozens of gay men, and the death [...]

  • I really enjoyed this historical M M M romance London 1810.Evander and Stephen have been together for nearly a decade, living the gay life in London Evander is a composer and Stephen a violinist Evander has a patron, the Earl of Coventry who invites Evander and Stephen for a six week holiday at his country estate Stephen doesn t want to go, he hates being confined in places where he can t be himself, and being openly gay is not possible on the earl s estate Plus, he has to suffer the constant co [...]

  • Three stars Not saying this was bad It wasn t More like it was okay but not exactly my cuppa It s a bit of a personal reminder that, with very few exceptions, I m not a huge fan of Regency Romance or historicals in general Mildly Spoilerish so hiding the rest view spoiler There were parts I liked I liked that this wasn t centered on the gentry and was a story about starving artists regular class making their way in the world.I liked that it included a threesome and that overall the sex was scor [...]

  • I got an ARC from the author so I was lucky enough to get an early look Now, interestingly Romances are not my thing, but I quickly got thoroughly engaged with the characters They read like real people I didn t feel so much like I was being told a story as I was drawn in and experiencing it with them The history is well researched and realistic including slang terms, professional jargon Nothing pulled me out of the moment Joshua sounds like a professional artist something I know something about [...]

  • What I think I enjoyed most about this book was it was about average guys Most period books I ve read normally feature a Lord of the realm and a servant of some type Or two Lords, but this was about two and then three different artist types trying to make a living and surviving as best they knew how Even if it meant breaking a heart or two along the way.The dynamic between the three is great Stephan shows so much growth in the end you can t help but love him Evander, you want to dislike but trul [...]

  • I have to admit that I approached this novel with a little trepidation because M M M is well outside my reading comfort zone however, I needn t have worried The quality of Bowery s writing makes her subject matter engaging even to a novice of the genre All the characters grabbed me from the beginning from Joshua, Stephen and Evander to minor characters In fact, one of the things I really loved about this story was the feeling that it did not exist in a vacuum The protagonists were obviously nar [...]

  • I cut my romance reader teeth on Regency romances, albeit the ones with corsets and raven tresses, so when I find a delicious looking Regency featuring breeches and breeches, I jump at the chance to read it.I expected a light romp in the 19th century, but Bowery s tale was much than that Don t get me wrong, it was not at all light on the sexd the sex was HOT The many sex scenes from M M M to M M left me feeling mmmm They were great, and definitely fit the story appropriately.What was done in t [...]

  • Rite of Summer by Tess BoweryBook 1 Treading the Boards SeriesSource PurchaseMy Rating 4 5 starsMy Review Stephen Ashbrook and Evander Cade are a package deal and have been since the moment they ran from their respective homes Life in London has brought them a couple of things, the freedom to quietly be together and a much larger and receptive audience for their music Every composer needs a muse and according to Cade, Ashbrook has always been his Their professional life is progressing nicely wh [...]

  • Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I Dig Good Books.Stephen Ashbrook, talented musician and Evander Cade, composer, come as a pair Evander manages to garner an invitation to a summer party, lasting six weeks Stephen isn t sure this is a good idea, but what Evander wants, Evander gets Once there, though, they meet Joshua Beaufort, painter Joshua has been smitten with Stephen since he heard him play a year before When the invtation to join Stephen and Evander in their bed comes along, Josh [...]

  • This is a sumptuous historical romance that s equally rich in detail and man on man action Featuring three male artists painter, musician, composer eking out their own existences at the start of the 19th century it s full of emotional angst and tribulations, the rush of new love, the pain of old friends, the fear of homophobic laws and the strain of patronage In essence my thoughts on this book are pretty simple Oh, Stephen Oh, Joshua Urgh, Cade.In a way that s both the pain and the pleasure of [...]

  • 4 out of 5 stars The Rite of Summer by Tessa Bowery is an erotic m m and m m m historical romance that is the start of the Treading the Boards series Stephen Ashbrook and Evander Cade are an established couple who have managed a comfortable life under the patronage of the Earl of Coventry, who is impressed by Evander s talents as a composer but merely tolerates Stephen as an accompanist A house party changes the duo s lives forever, as an encounter with painter Joshua Beaufort, who has admired S [...]

  • Not Such a MenangeThis one will catch you right away the intense love making between the young composer Evander Cade and his muse, the extraordinary violinist and his lover Stephen Ashbrook, will toss you for a loop and send you into an orbit of a tale that leaves virtually no stone unturned when it comes to digging into the swamp that is Regency England in 1810.But Evander is the dominant one in the relationship and practically orders Stephen to accompany him to a six week long vacation at the [...]

  • I received an ARC of the book, read it and here is what I have to say.Tess Bowery s Rite of Summer is beautifully written historical erotic M M novel where you are taken to a completely different world, whether you are reading this at home, on the train or wherever you might be Bowery s ability to take you through the lives and scenes of people in this time and place is truly amazing and so accurate that you feel as if you are there with the characters, not just reading their story from a book.T [...]

  • request submitted by author for an honest critique Two men shagging Three men Masturbation Tess didn t falter in delivering some rather heated scenes For me, Joshua masturbating was erotic than all the other scenes combined However, I m just a gal who enjoys self loving and watching others pleasure themselves winks As stimulating as those moments were, I have one small complaint the overuse of the word, PRICK In erotica tales, it s hard no pun intended to create elaborate love scenes and not us [...]

  • This book is the first book in the Treading the Boards series and is a mm historical Stephen Ashbrook and Evander Cade are a couple impacted by meeting a painter, Joshua Beaufort, at a summer party The book steams up a bit when Joshua joins them in their bed over the summerwhen all is said and done two of them are together, but I won t tell you which two.The writing was wonderful, but the persecution of these men who follow their hearts was not Society s intolerance of their lifestyle has a huge [...]

  • i honestly have no idea how good this was i read the majority of it between the hours of 12 and 2 in the morning and i have minimal fictional scruples at those hours of the nightit s a mixed bag because on the one hand GREAT way to finish books i ve been stuck on for awhile on the other hand i hate all of my life choices at work the next day so _ _ anyways these three dudes bang a lot and dude one eventually manages to leave his emotionally abusive relationship with dude two to pursue a happily [...]

  • I haven t read a single Tess Bowery book that I haven t loved, and Rite of Summer was no different Not only was the romance lovely and super steamy, I really enjoyed finding out what happened to everyone in the epilogue and even the author s note was sweet.

  • Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Stephen Ashbrook, violinist, is at the top of his craft And he s also the muse of his lover, composer Evander Cade When the two of them are invited to a house party and lengthy stay at the home of their patron, it seems like their future is set Also at this party is artist Joshua Beaufort, a man who has harbored a crush on Stephen for some time And when he spies Stephen and Evander in the [...]

  • This is a really different take on regency romance that is intensely character driven Most of the story takes place over six weeks at a country estate, where the heroes a musician and an artist have been commissioned to entertain the guests.Stephen Ashbrook, a violinist, is already involved with his musical partner, the composer Evander Cade a relationship that was once liberating but that has become confining and damaging over the years Joshua Beaufort, the artist, has been infatuated with Step [...]

  • Disclaimer, I received an advance copy of Rites of Summer Treading the Boards This is a wonderful book The character are engaging, have a great deal of depth, and striking personalities The story develops well and naturally, establishing the characters, the setting, and the situation easily Tess Bowery has does an excellent job of detailing the period for the story s setting The two main characters are well drawn and the growth of their love and affection develops well, from initial physical att [...]

  • This is a really good story, set in Georgian England, where being Gay is a threat to your very existence.Stephen and Evander have been together for years, since they ran away from their village to London, Evander a composer and Stephen a Violinist, making their name in small concert venues in London By the time the story starts, they have a benefactor, Lord Coventry, who invites them to a house party in the country, also invited is Joshua Beaufort, a painter who is also starting to make his name [...]

  • Too long, weak editing, and repetition upon repetition drove me crazy I would only vaguely refer to this as m m m as I was expecting the threesome to work out, which spoiler it didn t It shouldn t have, and I m glad it didn t, but still I expected it to be a working poly story not what it was end spoiler The sex was overdone and frequent than necessary I enjoyed that it was about every day people trying to make a living at the arts and that the aristocracy was peripheral to the story I liked Jo [...]

  • What the I m quite upset that this didn t turn out as I thought hoped wanted No happy M M M ending, nope, cause Evander turns out to be an ass and they break it off So Stephen ends up with the new guy, happily ever after Frustrating I actually did like Evander and that s why I m so annoyed The three would have been great together they were pretty yum if only Ev weren t so self centered And why the hell fuck around with some fancy woman Annoying The book s well written, and the characters were al [...]

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