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Popular Kindle Animals release SOMETIMES FRIENDSHIP IS THE ONLY TRUE LOVE STORY There s no ceremony for friendship is there If you go ahead with this wedding then you realise that what you re actuall

Popular Kindle Animals release SOMETIMES FRIENDSHIP IS THE ONLY TRUE LOVE STORY There s no ceremony for friendship, is there If you go ahead with this wedding then you realise that what you re actually saying is that your friendship with me is not meaningful and durable That, she sipped her wine victoriously, is the logical conclusion Believe me, if I could marry you too, Tyler, I would Laura andSOMETIMES FRIENDSHIP IS THE ONLY TRUE LOVE STORY There s no ceremony for friendship, is there If you go ahead with this wedding then you realise that what you re actually saying is that your friendship with me is not meaningful and durable That, she sipped her wine victoriously, is the logical conclusion Believe me, if I could marry you too, Tyler, I would Laura and Tyler are best friends and drinking buddies But things are set to change Can their friendship survive Or will growing up mean growing apart I wish I had written this book WITHNAIL with girls Caitlin Moran. A viral Book Animals This unexpectedly wonderful (and please note extremely vulgar) novel is being bandied around as “Withnail with girls”. That’s the quote on the front. For those who do not know the cult 1987 British movie Withnail and I you should know that Withnail, a skeletal out of work actor, exists in only three conditions; first is drunk, in which he says things likeWe've gone on holiday by mistake.Or (whilst driving)Look at this : accident blackspot! These aren't accidents, they're throwing themselves into the road! Throwing themselves into the road gladly to escape all this hideousness. [Heckles pedestrian] Throw yourself into the road, darling, you haven't got a chance! Or (to a policeman)I've only had a few light ales. Or (to a waitress)Black puddings are no good to us. I want something's flesh! Second is : hungover.I feel like a pig shat in my headLook at my tongue. It's like great yellow sockDon't threaten me with a dead fish!Look at me, I'm 30 in a month and I've got a sole flapping off my shoe.And the third kicks in halfway through the hangover when a desperate need of uninterrupted alcohol intake arisesI've some extremely distressing news. We just ran out of wine.We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now.And now, Tyler, from Animals, totally channeling the spirit of Withnail :On the train she emptied the contents of her carrier bag. A quarter bottle of vodka, four cans of diet coke, two pork pies. “We need to get these in while we can," she said, “Jean has turned practically macrobiotic. There will be nothing to eat except beansprouts and dung.”And here is Laura recounting a fond memory:Once at a boutique music festival, I’d been walking along with Tyler when she emitted a neat curve of projectile vomit on to the grass in front of her and just carried on walking, resuming what she was saying exactly where she’d left it, barely missing a beat. It was an adept expulsion – not so impressive for the twenty people sitting at picnic benches outside a food stand, wooden cutlery held aloft, unable to finish their falafel.Uncharitable readers of Animals might conclude that this is no more than an annotated account of what liquids are poured into the top ends of Laura (aged 32) and Tyler (aged 29) and what, therefore, inevitably comes out of their other ends. A remarkable amount of time in this novel is spent in toilets, and details are not spared. This is not a novel I could honestly recommend to our own dear Queen. I believe she is a reader, but this novel might cause her to abdicate. Indeed, Animals almost deliquesces as you turn the pages. But actually, this 245 page barrage of drug-taking, bingeing, yelling, shagging and vomiting is in fact an affecting account of that queasy moment when one of our two soulmates is thinking that now might be the time to (yes) get married and just… not have to do this any more. After all, Laura’s in love with attractive classical piano-player James, and in a moment of either perfect inebriation or perfect clarity, hard to tell which, Laura said yes, they should get married. So Laura loves Jim. But she loves Tyler even more. This is very clear from remarks like this :Competing for attention with Tyler was futile. She didn’t just change the temperature of rooms, she changed their entire chemical make-up so that anyone in the room would only be aware that the room was an extension of her and she was the thrumming nucleus.I guess the ostensible subject matter of Animals is not so remarkable, except that Emma Jane Unsworth takes it in her teeth and shakes the living daylights out of it, and then in the middle of all the gaily spouting bodily fluids will suddenly turn on the reader:How different the winding, stony path of the morning to the straight, solid road of the night. The sky was pigeon grey. The way the day begins decides the shade of everything. We disembarked at Manchester just before nine. On the platform my every step felt like a decision. I was full of spinning magnets, attracting and repelling their own poles : walk, sleep, drink, call, don’t call, eat, sit down, don’t sit down. In the photo of the author on the back flap Emma Jane Unsworth is unsmiling. She looks anxious. Maybe she’s worried about what readers will make of this frankly filthy story. I give it four frankly filthy stars which I found in a gutter outside a pub I would have been scared to go in. I stood outside and I swear I could hear Tyler's raucous laugh.
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  • This unexpectedly wonderful and please note extremely vulgar novel is being bandied around as Withnail with girls That s the quote on the front For those who do not know the cult 1987 British movie Withnail and I you should know that Withnail, a skeletal out of work actor, exists in only three conditions first is drunk, in which he says things likeWe ve gone on holiday by mistake.Or whilst driving Look at this accident blackspot These aren t accidents, they re throwing themselves into the road T [...]

  • It is 4 in Brooklyn right now record breaking, life threatening sez the mayor , tooth rattlingly cold When I walk my poor little pups, the pee arcs out of them already in icicles I m a big fan of winter, but this is preposterous So I did the only sensible thing I canceled all my fabulous Saturday night pre Valentine s party plans, laid in provisions, roasted a giant panful of veggies, and read a whole book, cover to cover, while eating too much chocolate It was kind of a fabulously decadent nigh [...]

  • So, I finally read this, after two years of it hovering near the top of my to read list It s hard to explain why I didn t make a stab at it before now something to do with the weight of expectation, I suppose, and perhaps something to do with feeling I needed to be in the right mood or frame of mind In any case, a holiday seemed like perfect timing I thought, after all this waiting, I might merely like it, which was in itself a dismaying prospect, but no, I loved it Here s what I wrote in my hol [...]

  • You know how it is Saturday afternoon You wake up and you can t move Laura is caught between two worlds One the one hand, she is engaged to Jim, a concert pianist with a budding international career, and a nice flat in the centre of town on the other, her best friend and housemate Tyler is an uninhibited force of nature, by turns many things nemesis, ally, co conspirator, master of persuasion Laura is working on a novel, Bacon, about a priest who falls in love with a talking pig, but progress is [...]

  • Originally posted at bookerteaseLet me start off with a bit of a warning Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth is not for everyone, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart Mom you re not going to like this book Honestly, I am not even sure how much I like it I mean I do like it, I really like it but it s kind of terrifying It s like someone took my early 20s and put them on crack and ecstasy and then flipped it all around til all I want to do is vomit And that s literally what is happening in th [...]

  • En realidad ser a 3,5 5.Creo que el libro habr a ganado mucho si hubiera tenido menos de alcohol drogas non stop y m s de autodescubrimiento Tyler y Laura son dos buenos personajes, pero el punto de inmadurez que alcanzan es tan alto que se me ha hecho muy dif cil empatizar con ellas Por poner un ejemplo, la actitud que mantiene Laura respecto a su delicada situaci n familiar no la veo justificable excepto si viene de una adolescente de 14 a os.De cualquier forma, el estilo me ha gustado mucho y [...]

  • Me ha gustado el libro aunque en l neas generales me ha parecido un tanto superficial El libro en si se centra en la b squeda, el encontrarse a uno mismo Eso me ha gustado mucho aunque me ha preocupado mucho la adici n al alcohol y otras sustancias de all protagonista.

  • I have just finished Animals, and have to say I was quite disappointed Aside from finding a couple of typos and grammatical errors in the book, which one is one of my biggest pet peeves, I found it took far too long to introduce some real substance.It isn t until around 200 pages in that something actually happens besides the two best friends going out and getting drunk taking drugs every night, which to be honest does become tiresome.I really enjoyed gaining snippets in to Laura s emotional jou [...]

  • Having found myself in many a situation not too dissimilar to Tyler and Laura albeit notably less extreme I found that Animals was everything I expected it to be but in some ways a complete surprise.I was absolutely blown away by the artistic yet abstract prose, which was clearly thought out with the utmost strategy to define these characters personalities despite the whirlwind of their drink and drug fuelled lives This is definitely a book that makes you want to put pen to paper and recount you [...]

  • This book features some really funny moments and was generally a great read Its humour didn t take anything away from its emotional depth and dealings with conflicting relationships Also, as a Manchester resident, I really enjoyed its references to the city and nightlife.My only real criticism would be Unsworth s writing style Whilst the book is a generally laid back read and Unsworth is a good writer, the writing seems a bit try hard I feel Unsworth should have allowed the characters and the fu [...]

  • Nailed it It that crazy insidious friend dynamic between young, unattached women who ve become, essentially, life partners who enable each other s fuckups even as they re getting way too old for it And then one becomes attached, and the shiz hits the fan On top of all the prurient interest of reading about two codependent train wrecks, the writing is beautiful Can t wait to read from Unsworth.

  • A fun cathartic read I like that the protagonist was still drinking in the end and that her journey as a character didn t necessarily equal complete 100% sobriety The shameless energy and unabashed drive in this book was very refreshing to me.

  • En la misma l nea de Dulceagrio Stephanie Danler , la trama me parece un poco tonta y simple, pero los personajes son arrolladores y tienen personalidades muy definidas Adem s, es un libro muy divertido, con peque os repuntes amargos, que acaban cal ndote No es un libro que vaya a cambiarte la vida, pero s que se disfruta leyendo en los ratos libres.Lo mejor, sin duda, es c mo est representada la amistad entre las chicas El sentimiento de hermandad, la sororidad ante todo Me gusta, tambi n, lo h [...]

  • Really enjoyed the style of writing, and found parts of it incredibly relatable in a bad way If you have been a teenager university student in the UK then the drinking culture and relentless going out portrayed here along with the things Tyler and Lo get up to may hit a bit close to home, albeit a bit extreme than my own experience.I have to say it did take a while to feel like all of this was going anywhere when probably around 3 4 of the book was spent following Tyler and Lo either getting dr [...]

  • Shall we get another drink I said Yes, drink More everything There s a party going on not too far away if you fancy it New friend of mine An artist I ve got something in my pocket I looked at her Of course the whole conversation had been an elaborate preamble Tyler was good talking about parties made you want to party I felt like it by then I felt as though oh, the justifications, they come like flying monkeys through the window getting lost somewhere together might be good for us.I said I need [...]

  • Excuse me while I take a minute to let out a long breath I first picked this one up after hearing an interview on NPR The way Unsworth described the book two young women with a complex, destructive friendship, tearing each other apart as one of them grows past the incessant drugs and partying just sounded like a great time.It was fantastic and funny, but then it got real The book transforms from a sort of fun party romp into a sort of cautionary tale for how my life could have gone if I hadn t l [...]

  • I listened on audiobook and its narrated by Caitlin Moran and its brilliant According to the back of the book I got a lot than I was expecting It s not just a story of best friend party girls, even if they are It turns into a complex story about new stages in life marriage, death and new beginnings and how that can effect everything, it tap dances around addiction issues but it s fairly obvious it s there It s about damaged women This is NSFW or if you offend easily Quite explicit The main poin [...]

  • It took me awhile to get into this book, almost half the book I don t usually give up on books but I was tempted to quit until the story started picking up in the middle I found the first half to be disjointed and it was difficult for me to get engaged with the story Also, there were often references to things that I either didn t understand or were just not explained well, which was a little frustrating The second half of the book was cohesive and the story flowed better I liked how the story [...]

  • La rese a completa en inthenevernever.e Para m , el fin de la embriaguez no era crear sino destruir esa parte de m misma a la que le importaba si creaba o no En qu momento nos volvemos adultos Cu ndo es tiempo de dejar las fiestas, con sus resacas y el arrepentimiento del d a despu s En Animales de Emma Jane Unsworth, Laura, nuestra protagonista, se plantear stas y muchas preguntas m s Al fin y al cabo, nadie dijo que la vida ven a con instrucciones.

  • This novel came into my life through a clever marketing scheme from Kramerbooks in DC As part of their blind date book project, the book was neatly wrapped in plain brown paper with a short sentence description to entice a reader into buying the book sight unseen I m really pleased with my purchase While the book flap might suggest a chick lit plot, Unsworth s solid writing and clear sighted wisdom make this small British novel a worthwhile read Would definitely recommend to a friend, especially [...]

  • I m really not sure where to start with this review Animals for me was an incredibly brilliant read and I m certain my musings on it will not do it justice I ve had this book on my radar since a number of my favourite UK bloggers read and recommended it on release last year and then I saw that the book has been longlisted for the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered prize I think this was a good cue to read it, even though I m in Australia I feel like I m in the UK sometimes though because the time differe [...]

  • Imagine what it would be like to have to constantly choose between your fianc and your soul mate This is the ever present predicament for Laura Joyce She is engaged to Jim, dependable, clever and creative yet her best friend and resident wild child Tyler keeps pulling her to the dark and arguably fun side.The lifestyles chosen by Tyler and Jim couldn t be different and whilst Laura should be a natural balance between the both of them things just do not work out that way When Laura is with Tyle [...]

  • Do we really grow up at the age of 18 Or maybe 21 I don t think so This book deals with two women around the age of thirty who are going to lots of partys, drinking a lot of booze and taking all kinds of drugs They are not what you may consider a mature grownup person I thought that the topic was really interesting and those studies from last year showed me that I hardly read any books by female authors so I ordered Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth Now I am not sure how to review this book and I kn [...]

  • That difficult second novel proves to be anything but Unsworth s Animals has been hailed as girls behaving badly but this is than a superficial booze and drug fuelled romp Yes, there is enough alcohol to give you a sympathetic hangover just reading the novel, if this tale reaches the screen, good luck to anyone trying to keep pace drink for drink with Laura and Tyler as people do with Withnail , but these self charming women have depth and truth to them Laura s a sympathetic narrator, and Unswo [...]

  • Slight Wanted to be like Girls or perhaps NW by Zadie Smith but lacked subtlety I didn t quite buy Tyler or Laura, who were or less just alcoholics who couldn t get it together In a predictable fashion Laura eventually sees how bad all that journeying to the end of the night can be via Tyler and punishes herself by living a solitary and Spartan existence, but with her wine glass not too far from her hand Tyler merely finds another patsy to lead around She was an utter nihilist, but of course we [...]

  • Bit of a heartbreaker This book is completely up my alley female friendship as the greatest love story But these women are also toxic and complicated and real They could also drink me under the table So much drinking, so many drugs Great writing, truly great Young British and Irish authors are killing it at the moment I loved reading a 30 something book instead of all the 20 something books that are around at the moment.

  • Not my kind of book, they said What do they know This book is incredibly well written, funny, poetic in places, heartbreaking and accessible despite my not being the target audience I defy anyone not to be swept along with Unsworth s protagonist Laura to find parallels, have mental disagreements, and laugh with her.

  • Modern a witty, just the way I like it J ai lu la version anglaise et la version fran aise du travail, je dois avouer pr f rer l originale, m me si la traduction est tr s r ussie, simplement parce que la version fran aise est trop fran aise pour tout ce qui est expression populaire.

  • vapid is the word that most readily comes to mind here this book lacks character development, focus, or purpose very disappointing read the only reaming value is that in the end the cat is safe and presumably relatively acceptably cared for.

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