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The best Ebook Heartstopper release From the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of Mad River Road comes

The best Ebook Heartstopper release From the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of Mad River Road comes a spine tingling thriller about a picturesque Florida town and the killer determined to prey on its teenage girls.Welcome to Torrance, Florida Population 4,160 As Sheriff John Weber would attest, the deadliest predators to date in his tiny hamlet were the alligators lurking inFrom the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of Mad River Road comes a spine tingling thriller about a picturesque Florida town and the killer determined to prey on its teenage girls.Welcome to Torrance, Florida Population 4,160 As Sheriff John Weber would attest, the deadliest predators to date in his tiny hamlet were the alligators lurking in the nearby swamps But that was before someone abducted and murdered a runaway teenage girld before the disappearance of popular and pretty Liana Martin The pattern is chilling to Sandy Crosbie, the town s new high school English teacher With a marriage on the rocks, thanks to her husband s online affairs, and a beautiful teenage daughter to protect, Sandy wishes she d never come to the seemingly quiet town with shocking depths of scandal, sex, and brutality roiling beneath its surface And as Sheriff Weber digs up questions than answers in a dead end investigation, one truth emerges the prettiest ones are being targeted, the heartstoppers And this killer intends to give them their due.Alternating between the chilling journal entries of a cold blooded murderer and the sizzling scandals of small town life, Heartstopper is Joy Fielding s most exciting novel of suspense yet.. The best Book Heartstopper Брррр! Продължавам да чета психарските истории на Джой Филдинг, надявайки се да открия още някоя , като "Другата жена" . Пише наистина увлекателно, но малко са книгите , които си заслужават.Тази е прекалено разтеглена , което не допринесе затова да стане по-интересна.Накрая е съшита на две на три съвсем елементарно.Откроих този бисер:"Той бе класически случай-огромен,як и малоумен-и някак твърде горд от всичко това."И мисълта:"Адът, това са другите хора."

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    Joy Fielding n e Tepperman born March 18, 1945 is a Canadian novelist and actress She lives in Toronto, Ontario.Born in Toronto, Ontario, she graduated from the University of Toronto in 1966, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature As Joy Tepperman, she had a brief acting career, appearing in the film Winter Kept Us Warm 1965 and in an episode of Gunsmoke She later changed her last name to Fielding after Henry Fielding and began writing novels.Fielding is also the screenwriter of the television film Golden Will The Silken Laumann Story.At the age of 8, Joy Tepperman wrote her first story and sent it into a local magazine, and at age 12 sent in her first TV script, however both were rejected She had a brief acting career, eventually giving it up to write full time in 1972 She has published to date 22 novels, two of which were converted into film Fielding s process of having an idea to the point the novel is finished generally takes a year, the writing itself taking four to eight months Joy Fielding sets most of her novels in American cities such as Boston and Chicago She has said that she prefers to set her novels in big American cities, as the landscape seems best for her themes of urban alienation and loss of identity Fielding is a Canadian citizen Her husband s name is Warren, and they have two daughters, Annie and Shannon They have property in Toronto, Ontario, as well as Palm Beach, Florida.Fielding had an interview with the Vancouver Sun in 2007, just after her publication of Heartstopper She enjoys catching readers off guard with the endings of her stories, but insists that it isn t what her fiction is about , but rather about the development of her characters Discussing her novels with the Toronto Star in 2008, she said I might not write fiction in the literary sense But I write very well My characters are good My dialog is good And my stories are really involving I m writing exactly the kind of books I like to write And they re the kind of books I like to read They re popular commercial fiction That s what they are Fielding has been noted as a novelist who is popular in the United States and foreign countries, rather than in her native Canada For example, the novel Kiss Mommy Goodbye was popular in the States, and See Jane Run in Germany In addition, she had an American agent and publisher, although she has now switched to a Canadian publisher.

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  • Less than 100 pages in I figured out who done it, so no point in finishing I don t particularly like the writing, it s MUCH too rambling for me to maintain interest My mind kept wandering every time the narrator would go off on yet another tangent about their sordid past Most of the time, even if I know the big twist, I ll still read the book to find out how things unfold, but here I just don t care and I m certain I already have a pretty good idea of how things will go anyway view spoiler What [...]

  • Joy Fielding is one of my favourite authors and I always jump at the chance to pick up her latest This one did not disappoint It s about a small town sheriff who is on the hunt for a killer after 3 young woman were killed.There is not much to say about this one because it s really not that deep I especially liked that this was a very fast read, like all her books usually are And even though I figured out who the killer was about half way through that did not slow my pace at all because the writi [...]

  • Lagi2 Joy Fielding mmasukkn urusan prselingkuhan k dlm bukunya.Kali ini si suami ninggalin istri anak2nya demi wanita yg hmpir smua onderdil tbuhnya udh dijejali silikon plastik botox.Bener2 deh ni lelaki,cm bs mkir pake ap yg ad d balik celananya.Untung sj si suami ini bner2 tipe lelaki brengsek,jd yg bc gak smp emosi wkt dia pamer kmesraan sana sini sm wanita jalang pilihannya.Gak nyangka klo pelakunya trnyata si itu.Dan lagi2,penganiayaan masa kecillah yg mmbuatnya jd seorg psikopat gila.Btw, [...]

  • Not as chilling as I was led to believe I can t even get into a description with this one before giving my honest opinion I think this is the first time I ve ever read a book where there doesn t feel like there s a main character I mean, the synopsis has Sandy Crosbie as the main character While you do see a lot of her and what s going on in her life, the teens in the book, the sheriff and his family it s like equal exposure Chilling journal entries Um, I think not And I could tell it was a teen [...]

  • In Joy Fieldings Thriller Heartstopper wird ein kleines Dorf in Florida von einem unbekannten Killer heimgesucht, der auf brutale Art und Weise willk rlich Frauen und M dchen t tet und zwar mit einer Kugel in den Kopf.Im Mittelpunkt des Romans steht Mrs Sandy Crosby, die Englischlehrerin der Highschool, doch auch andere Charaktere werden n her beleuchtet Es werden viele m gliche T ter dargestellt, sodass ich bis zum Schluss nicht wusste, wer der T ter war und den wirklichen T ter niemals verd ch [...]

  • This book Was So Terrible Where do I even start Well, first the writing itself I honestly don t know how the editors thought most of this was acceptable Most of the details Not needed whatsoever they were just frivolous things Something to add And it took away from the actual plot orwhatever is there of the plot The book could have shrunk by at least a third if they were removed Moving on, outside of the unneeded details, the writing was atrocious Here are a few examples He liked a woman s natur [...]

  • There were many things to like about this book and a few things to passionately dislike So which one should I talk about There are three major points of view in this story a high school English teacher, the chief of police, and the writings braggings of the antagonist The setting, a small town in alligator alley in Florida, worked well I don t like coming across teachers in books that are not good role models to the profession I m appalled at the things that Sandy Crosbie allows her student to g [...]

  • I have read several of Joy FIELDING s thrillers and, similar to these, Heartstopper did not disappoint me, quite the contrary This is another of her unputdownable and gripping psychological thrillers The author drags you in the story and I was completely absorbed by it She does her best at misleading her readers and spreading subtle clues that direct you to the wrong suspect at least, that was the case for me Very cleverly done The characters are realistic and certain situations that seemed a bi [...]

  • This was a great book As usual, I peeked at some of the reviews before I started reading this book One of the reviews said that they knew who the killer was early on in the book I did guess who the killer was correctly too, but I kept having to second guess myself because the author made it possible for many of the suspects to be the killer The main thing that threw me off was if the killer was eighteen, and this person killed her aunt almost three years ago, that would make her about 15d she wa [...]

  • I would have to agree with the writer who made the comment about Delilah s weight I work in a Middle School and many of the girls are about Delilah s height and weight and are quite popular It was annoying to be constantly told how heavy she was and then to find out she is probably around a size 10 or 12 Certainly not anorexic but not obese either It was also unrealistic to attribute all of the rejection and bullying to the so called weight problem Other than that it was a light enjoyable read L [...]

  • Nejprve jsem se nemohla po dn za st, p i lo mi to cel n jak ujet a pachatel mohl b t v t to ujet komunit vlastn ka d D Pak jsem se ale kone n chytla a mus m uznat, e to nebylo patn Ale tedav ichni byli dost zvl tn Dkniznidenicek 2016

  • As usual with Joy Fielding books, Heartstopper is a psychological study than a typical whodunit mystery She delves deeply into teenaged angst, bullying, the emphasis on body image and mean girls and mean boys , creating a spooky all too realistic picture of the consequences of bullying and negative self image In small town Torrance, Florida, not much happens in terms of crime So when a popular teenaged girl s body is discovered in a shallow grave, the town residents are shocked and terrified, p [...]

  • Typical Joy Fielding, but not her best I think she peaked about 15 books ago Some of her stuff I absolutely love, but this was run of the mill In fact, it is possible I read it before and completely forgot the whole thing except for one little part that seemed really familiar This means I can put all my thrillers aside and read them again five years later and they will all seem brand new The main thing I didn t like about this book much like Stephen King s Carrie is spoiler alert I don t like b [...]

  • Ik ben dit boek beginnen lezen met de intentie om mijn gedachten te verzetten Een simpele thriller, die door de meeste mensen hier op een redelijke beoordeling kreeg juist omdat ik gestart ben met geen al te hoge verwachtingen, is dit boek beter meegevallen dan gedacht het boek leest vlot en de personages worden goed beschreven Het plot was enigzins verrassend voor mij, aangezien ik gelezen had dat de dader voor de hand liggend was en hierdoor iemand volledig verkeerd op het oog had deze misvatt [...]

  • A really good read that had me hooked from start to finish Everyone seems to have something to hide in this apparently quiet town when teenage girls begin to disappear it would appear the town is hiding a killer there s certainly enough characters to choose from Although there s the Killer s Journal to provide some insight to whodunnit , on this occasion I failed to spot the baddie though I was on the right lines but in hindsight the clues were there entertaining read to the very last page.

  • Ziemlich vorhersehbar, ich wusste ab ca Mitte des Buches, wer der M rder ist Aber nichtsdestotrotz spannend und kurzweilig geschrieben Hat mich aber nicht so mitgerissen wie andere Romane von Joy Fielding.

  • Great bookThis was a book I couldn t put down The characters were interesting and you felt like you knew them The plot was amazing I m good at finding the bad guys but the reveal was shocking A total surprise Buy this book and everything else Fielding writes.

  • Overall good but somewhat predictable, throwing a lot of red herrings to hide who the true killer is If you think a little on the issue, it s not that hard to predict.

  • Its been a long time since I read a Joy Fielding book After reading this one I was wondering why I haven t kept up with her This is definitely a novel of suspense Its a small town in Florida and a serial killer is on the loose It is told from the perspective of the killer s journal and also 3rd person story telling I didn t know WHO the killer was going to turn out to be Kept me guessing

  • 2.5 stars Must say I was surprised by the killer s identity This was at least 50 75 pages longer than necessary, thanks to the long rambling inner dialogue of the main characters, but still a decent read I listened to this on CD and was again struck by the brilliant idea that a narrater should only attempt varied voices if they have the required talent Otherwise, please just read the story Honestly, this was like nails on chalk

  • I didn t finish it Got halfway and really tried to keep with it but it just was boring and nothing happening for me Why waste time on reading any book that you can t get into when there are so many good books waiting out there

  • Setting buku ini adalah di sebuah kota kecil Torrance, Florida dengan jumlah penduduk 4.160 Di kota kecil ini penduduknya merasa nyaman dan anak anak bisa bermain dengan bebas bahkan di malam hari.Di kota kecil ini juga lah Sandy Crosbie, seorang guru Bahasa Inggris dan ibu dari dua remaja, Megan dan Tim Crosbie tinggal setelah sang suami yang pintar merayu dan meyakinkan seluruh keluarganya Namun ternyata bukan kehidupan yang lebih baik yang didapat oleh Sandy, setelah mengetahui alasan suaminy [...]

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