Dixon's Resurrection

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A viral Ebook Dixon s Resurrection published When Dixon s past returns to claim his soul and fails the monster takes the easiest way to hurt him Georgie She s a fighter but even she is powerles

A viral Ebook Dixon's Resurrection published 2020 When Dixon s past returns to claim his soul and fails, the monster takes the easiest way to hurt him Georgie She s a fighter, but even she is powerless against such evil Can Dix and the Hell Raiders save her Dixon looks like a Boy Scout, but his past is far from clean The Hell Raiders Prospect finally has things on the ball, even Georgie But the ghosts from his formerWhen Dixon s past returns to claim his soul and fails, the monster takes the easiest way to hurt him Georgie She s a fighter, but even she is powerless against such evil Can Dix and the Hell Raiders save her Dixon looks like a Boy Scout, but his past is far from clean The Hell Raiders Prospect finally has things on the ball, even Georgie But the ghosts from his former life refuse to stay buried and come back to haunt him.Georgie was a cop, fired for excessive force, but now she manages the Rattlesnake When Dix helps her with a nasty little issue from her past, will she give in to the temptation he offers Determined to pull Dix back in at any cost, his ghosts go after his most obvious weakness When Georgie is taken, she fights like hell, but even she can t overcome such evil Terrified, Dix calls on the Hell Raiders for help Can he save Georgie from the hell that awaits her Or will it claim them both. Popular Book Dixon's Resurrection Yet anotherAstonishing story with just the right amount of action and love!!!! Great job on a great read!!! On to book 3 ;)

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    We all know real life, real people, and real love aren t always roses and rainbows I do my best to keep my characters, and their love, as real as possible, even if that includes an occasional stereotype or insta love Let s face it Stereotypes exist for a reason, and love at first sight is a real thing So, if you re good with those things, and with dirty talking, overprotective alpha males as heroes, and strong, smart heroines sexual tension and steamy sex scenes a man willing to do anything, even kill, for the woman he loves and sometimes the other way around Well, then you might love my books If those things make you squeamish, these are definitely not for you.In case you ve just found me, I m Aden, a male romance author in a female dominated world I live in the south eastern US, in the middle of nowhere, with the wife of my dreams, Elyse We have a few fur babies, and a horse named Joe.Follow me on facebook at facebook AuthorAdenLoweJoin my newsletter at eepurl crAlFT

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  • Title Dixon s ResurrectionAuthor Aden LoweSeries Hell Raiders MC, Book 2Publisher Release Date September 25, 2015Genre s MC RomancePage Count Heat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb When Dixon s past returns to claim his soul and fails, the monster takes the easiest way to hurt him Georgie She s a fighter, but even she is powerless against such evil Can Dix and the Hell Raiders save her Dixon looks like a Boy Scout, but his past is far from clean The Hell Raiders Prospect finall [...]

  • 3.5 4 StarsI was really looking forward to Dix s story and Aden Lowe sure didn t disappoint Dix and Georgie captured my attention in the last book and I m so glad we got his story, and what a story A lot of this story revolves around both Georgie and Dix s past, they both have secrets Dix has had a thing for Georgie for a while, but she won t let him near her She s a tough cookie, determined to look out for herself But, when a secret from her past is exposed she finds herself relying on Dix for [...]

  • Received for honest Review We really enjoyed Dix and Georgie s storyGeorgie runs Rattlesnake the local bar she is very head strong independent and doesn t take shit from anyone Georgie has kept her distance from the Hell raiders since moving into town and she has tried really hard to keep her distance from Dix the man that has been trying to capture her attention.Dix is head over heels for Georgie but hasn t made his move yet he knows that she doesn t like the MC but he wants her.He needs to cla [...]

  • Well alright God, where do I start First, I love, love, love the Hell Raiders so I was uber excited to read Dix s story I know everybody has a past and has a certain level of drama that comes with it, but Dix s past Damn I loved that Georgie wasn t weak At some points I felt she was a little too strong and gave Dix the damnedest time for no reason When she finally admitted to herself that she needed him and wasn t about to keep punishing him for the way another man treated her, I was beyond happ [...]

  • This is definitely not your typical MC story I have to say this is probably the most unique storyline of any MC book I have ever read, and that s a lot That s not a bad thing either While both Dix and Georgie have dark pasts coming back to haunt them, literally, she finally decides to give them a chance This story is dark in ways you ll never see coming, lots of action, angst, very suspenseful, some long overdue and extremely hot sex, and so many twists that will have you on edge waiting for wha [...]

  • After reading Kellen s Redemption, I couldn t wait for the other characters in that book to get their own story Dixon was one of them Loved him in Kellen s book and how he pined away after Georgie This book is his story.The book starts out with Georgie s past coming back to bite her and Dix comes to her rescue and his efforts to help her brings them closer He has broken down her walls and their relationship changes to something than just a one sided crush However, just when things are getting b [...]

  • I m not sure how to write this review This book was NOTHING like the first one, with the exception that it was a Hell s Raiders book And please don t take that as a bad thing, I LOVED it I loved Dix His past waswell, it was downright freaky I really don t want to know what research Aden did for this book There were times I had to say a few Hail Mary s and felt like going to confession and I m not even Catholic It had a, I don t want to say paranormal element to it, but it was certainly different [...]

  • Wow is a good way to put it I have read all of Aden Lowe s books and enjoyed each of them This was the story of Dix and Georgie Poor Dix has been pinning after Georgie for a few years but she was not interested That all changed when her past came back to haunt her and Dix jumped in as her protector, she gladly leaned on him Turns out Dix had one hell of a past as well and the timing of that showing up to haunt him literally at the same time trying to help Georgie caused quite a bit of Mayhem HIs [...]

  • I could not wait for dix story Dix the sweet hell raiders prospect that had it bad for Georgie Any man who would put up the the tough bad ass Georgie is a man I wanted to know of After learning an ex boyfriend posted nude pictures on the Internet of Georgie Dixon vowed to help her seek revenge Just when Georgie give Dix a chance Little did he know his satanist cult past would come back to haunt him and possible cost Georgie her life I loved both these characters and it was nice to see Georgie l [...]

  • I m not quite sure where to begin with this review Perhaps by saying that for an MC book, this was really, really different Georgie runs Rattlesnake the bar that is owned by Rita and protected by Hells Raiders MC Dix is a prospect for the club and has had his heart set on Georgie for about 2 years He has a sordid and frightening past, which has finally caught up with him Without giving anything away, ill just say that this book contains one hell of a huge plot twist that will leave you slightly [...]

  • This is the second in the series of MC books by Aden Lowe The story of Dix and Georgie.I loved Georgie s strong character in the last book and that continues in this one, though I d have liked for their to be back story of her police career and how she got to be at the Rattlesnake.Dixon is a prospect to the Hell Raiders and has been interested in Georgie forever Again, I d have liked back story to truly understand who Dix is and how he s gotten to this point.From the first page to the last, t [...]

  • Wow Aden Lowe out did himself on Dixons story If you ve ever read his books you ll know he always has a great adventure that will put you on the edge of your seat Aden did then that with this read a hot biker and beautiful badass women equals one hell of an adventure Aden did a few twist in this book that shocked the hell out of me but as I think back to his other books Dixons story had to be unique and wild Dixon and Geogries story was by far the best MC book I have ever read So if your lookin [...]

  • I was really looking forward to reading Dixon s Resurrection,I enjoyed Kellen s Redemption so i couldn t wait for Dixon s to be released, This book was nothing like i expected it to be and it totally through me when it turned into a bit paranormal, mindbending and dark, not what i would put with MC bikers I did love Dix and how he was protective of his girl Georgie but i think i expected a bit badass as with the last book I was happy for Dix when he got together with Georgia as he has admired h [...]

  • Have been waiting for this book to come out sitting on pins and needles When it went live it was mine as soon as it s been on It s been a really great read that took an very unexpected turn keeping you hooked till the last lineFrom suspense to a love story with charakters you live and suffer witheverything there and of course some steamy scenes too Just a great read all in all

  • I loved the Hell Raiders and loved Kellen s Redemption, however I have to say Dixon s Resurrection fell a little short for me Maybe because Kellen s Redemption was amazing, I don t know I was left wanting so much It was a good read, story line flowed Kept my interest the whole time The ending I think is where I would of love to see a little bang After Dix got justice for Georgie All in all would still recommend as it was still a good read.

  • Dixons Reserection had some of the most amazing twist I did not see coming It was amazing to say the least The author Aden lowe did a wonderful job writing Dix and Georgies story My heart was pounding reading this book I love the Hell Riders, they are bad boys who will go through Hell to protect their family

  • contains SPOILER great book never would ve thought a demonic cult would be part of Dix s past would ve given this book 5 stars but the final battle scene was short Was expecting Belial and Dix to fight a bit longer like at the ritual when Belial was about to take Georgie and Dix and the crew fought him and his minions, something like that

  • I loved Dix and Georgie s story Aden Lowe s books keep getting better Even though Georgie is a tough female that can take care of herself, Dix was there to help her when needed and she was there for him too.

  • Book 2 in the series Hero is Dixon M C romance with some paranormal What happens when your past from an old city catches up with you Right when you have the girl of your dreams with you and your helping her.

  • This was a highly anticipated continuation of the Hell Raiders series I love Dix and Georgie s story I have to say this wasn t what I was expecting, but it was still good all the same Can t wait for Aden s next book in the series to come out.

  • Dixon is a cutie He is hung up on Georgie and has been for two years They share glances at each other but don t make a move Past come back to haunt both of them and it threatens to pull them apart when they finally make it together Fast paced and packed with action.

  • Georgie is a total badass and puts Dix off til some naked pictures of her surface the ghost from Dixon s past try to ruin everything but Dixon isn t having it and saves the day with the help of the hell raiders.

  • Just WowI love Dix and Georgie, and was truly surprised to find out about Dix s background This is another great story in this series hoping that we get many books about the Hell Raiders.

  • Aden s books keep getting better and better, I loved Dix and Georgie s story it wasn t what I expected but was still an awesome read Looking forward to Hell Raider stories.

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