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Good Ebook Texas Straight Up release Welcome Back To Somewhere TX Five Authors One Town No Limits Volume

Good Ebook Texas Straight Up release Welcome Back To Somewhere, TX Five Authors, One Town, No Limits Volume 2 Includes Jodi Vaughn Trouble In Texas Somewhere, TX 2 He s hiding a secret and she s his only hope Shawn Collins is terrible at choosing men One bitter divorce under her belt has her swearing off men completely, especially cowboy Casanova, Walker Hammett She wants to focus on hersWelcome Back To Somewhere, TXFive Authors, One Town, No LimitsVolume 2 Includes Jodi Vaughn Trouble In Texas Somewhere, TX 2 He s hiding a secret and she s his only hopeShawn Collins is terrible at choosing men One bitter divorce under her belt has her swearing off men completely, especially cowboy Casanova, Walker Hammett She wants to focus on herself and make peace with her pastWalker Hammett has a reputation as a player in Somewhere and the cowboy has one rule Never bring a woman back to his house But when it comes to Shawn, he finds himself willing not only to break that rule, but to never let her go After one crazy night together, Shawn discovers the handsome cowboy is hiding a secret from the people of Somewhere and it makes her question every assumption she s ever made about himWalker soon realises that he will have to trust Shawn to not only keep his secret, but seek her help as well Sparks fly between them as Walker discovers trusting Shawn might be the best decision he s ever made Now if he can just get her to see him as than the player the town knows him to be Can the unlikely couple overcome their prejudices about the other and find a future together Or will they both end up in nothing but trouble Krystal Shannan To Love A Mate VonBrandt Family 2 Can a small town cowboy win the heart of a woman who doesn t have one Surviving charity functions by day and automatic weapons and death threats by night, Emma Carrington learned to be as hard as the men her daddy hired to protect her Hell, she even carried a military grade stun gun in her Prada bag and could shoot just as well as any of her ex military bodyguards, if the need aroseWhen a failed kidnapping attempt forces her to hide out in Somewhere, Texas, Emma finds herself stranded, floundering through cow patties, and desperate for a car Who better to borrow from than the sexy naked man she sees turn into a wolf and leave his perfectly good pickup truck available for use It s not like he can drive it in his current condition, right College senior Noah VonBrandt knows the pack law better than anyone only a bonded mate can know his secret He watched his brother find the mate of his dreams and he wants the same thing, but you can t just make the right girl appear out of thin air To his surprise, lightning does strike When a beautiful blonde woman trespasses on the ranch and sees him transform, he knows he only has two choices claim her or let the pack erase her memories But even as Noah fights to save her, Emma s past is hot on her heels and out for than memories Lavender Daye Undercover HeatThere s trouble in Somewhere and someone in town alerted the Texas Rangers Big bad Ranger Hart Winston is tasked with ferreting out the truth and staying out of trouble Sure, he ll get the job done, but he didn t expect to get the girl, too Sherri London not only owns the bed where Hart lays his head, she s also the former clerk at the tax office Hart investigates She s been hurt before and it s going to take than Hart s sweet southern charm to make her take another chance on love Hart keeps his intentions undercover, but his easygoing flirtation grows on her and she finds herself wanting to forgo her man moratorium And then It sounds like it s really her that s falling far and fast, unexpectedly K.C Klein The Blackhearted Cowboy Texas Fever 4 Chandler Sloan has everything too bad his heart is as black as they comeNine years ago, Chandler Sloan was devastated by the betrayal of the only woman he s ever loved The night she turned her back on him was the night he became a man unwilling to forgive Now Jayne s back for her inheritance from his father s estate, but all Chandler can see is red Jayne Keller is prepared for the painful memories that surface when she comes home What she isn t prepared for are the intense feelings that flare whenever she and Chandler are together The Chandler lashes out against her silence, the Jayne is forced to confront the powerful passions that brew just beneath the surfaceBut will his black heart and her dark secrets keep them both from reclaiming the love they deserve R.L Syme Fire Fight Line of Fire 2 Tande Walker is swimming in love Her brother met his soul mate, her best friend is engaged, and to top it all off, Tande has the town s biggest wedding to plan for All she can focus on is the job she has to do to get Brent DJ across the marital finish lineBut someone does not want this wedding to take placeThey ve been getting veiled threats for weeks, but when a creepy gift shows up and shakes up everyone s nerves, Tande takes matters into her own hands She s going to get the police to take her seriously if she has to take hostages to do it Marcus Edison has spent his whole adult life getting over Tande She broke his heart, walked away from Somewhere, and put him in her rear view And for the brief moments he s allowed himself to hope she might come back, all she wants is a quick fling But he s not interested in flings any And he s over Tande Completely At least, that s what he s told his family, friends, and coworkers Not that they believe him All it takes is one look at her, ready to mow down the whole Sheriff s Department, for him to get crazy on whoever is threatening her He ll do what he can to protect her, if she ll even let him, but when some of the threats start getting personal, he doesn t care if they re friends, benefits, or frenemies He s sure he can let her walk away again, as long as she s alive. A viral Ebook Texas Straight Up Trouble in Texas by Jodi Vaughn"Walker Hammett was a lethal weapon when it came to the female heart"I can't get enough of Walker! Oh my gees! He is straight up cowboy! "He grinned that sexy grin that made all the girls lose their hearts."Walker & Shawn are total opposites. In high school they were the typical football player & cheerleaders but that's where the similarities end. Each of them have their secrets. When they end up at Everyday Joe's on Valentines Day..things don't quite go the way they want them too.Needless to say I think I'll add Walker to my list of book boyfriends. The characters are great! I think Trouble in Texas is about not believing everything you hear. I love Jodi's writing! There's laughs, there's romance & some steamy scenes. It's just great!Oh! At first, I didn't like John at all! But he's grown on me and I hope we get to see more of him in the future. I love the confidence Walker has in Shawn to help with his cousin John to recover. To Love a Mate by Krystal ShannanCan a small-town cowboy win the heart of a woman who doesn’t have one?I loved Emma & Noah's story! I wanted more though! Their relationship starts off with her using a stun gun on him and he still can't leave her alone! I found myself laughing quite a bit because of their misunderstandings! The first time she sees Noah.. oh my!"First the shirt came off, revealing a six-pack that any red-blooded woman would be hard-pressed not to want to lick and rub themselves against like a cat in heat."It was interesting to see Noah before he met Emma.. to see how anxious he was. I really liked Lucy. I felt bad for her because I know she wished she was around for Emma more. I love how Emma is this socialite but she knows how to take care of her self and she isn't afraid of everything. To Love A Mate was a great story! Undercover Heat by Lavender DayeHe never expected to fall so far and so fast.Sherri London just took over the London B&B in Somewhere, TX she's in the middle of renovating it when she gets a reservation from a guest who wants checks in to stay a month.Hart Winston didn't know what he was getting into went he saw the innkeeper of the B&B face down on the ground, but he sure liked the view. They both have secrets and they both want to know what each other has locked up. I love how protective Hart is of Sherri. I think every girl wants a guy like that, someone to protect them, defend them but not be overbearing. I really liked it!THE BLACKHEARTED COWBOY by KC KleinChandler Sloan has everything—too bad his heart is as black as they come.The opening scene with DJ is one of my favorite parts. I love DJ! I'm not sure where to start. First off I loved it. I love KC Klein's writing. Chandler found Jayne in an abandonded trailer when she was 8 and he was 12. Since that day, Jayne has been his. When his family takes Jayne in to be one of the Sloans. Even though Chandler & Jayne love each other, they don't want to tell their family. When something happens the night of Jayne's graduation party and she leaves with no explanation then shows back up years later for Sloan Sr's funeral all hell breaks loose. "..right here and now, when we're together, we are the world and we are the only ones that matter."The Blackhearted Cowboy is full of angst, anger.. full of emotions. It has a darker turn to it I think. It's a great book. Can't say enough good things! Like all good things it ended too soon! FIRE FIGHT by R.L. SymeShe walked away once and he let her go, but when her life is on the line, can he watch her walk away again?Tande & Marcus.. the tension between them is palpable off the pages. Tande helps organize weddings and when she comes back to Somewhere, TX for DJ & Brent's wedding she isn't looking forward to running into Marcus. She needs the business so she has to go. "A rocketing heartbeat took her voice and she had to close her mouth to keep from panting, which pissed her off more than the inferior treatment."I love when two people fight their emotions so much. It adds so much to the story. To know these people have strong feelings for each other but they are either too scared or too stubborn to do anything about it!Anyways! While in town for the wedding Tande starts getting threats, so she goes to the police department, but is disappointed because no one takes her serious. I had my guess as to who was making the threats, but R.L. Syme kept me guessing until the last chapters. The ending was so intense. I kept yelling at my kindle.. "No, don't do that!" "Would you just listen to him" lol I think I yelled at Syme's last book in the Texas saga Fire Away. I love when I get so into the book that I feel like I can yell at the characters! I loved the whole Saga! LOVE SOMEWHERE, TX!

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  • Jodi Vaughn Krystal Shannan Lavender Daye K.C. Klein R.L. Syme Post author

    Jodi is a USA TODAY bestselling author of the RISE OF THE ARKANSAS WEREWOLVES series and writes paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance Born and raised in Mississippi, her deep Southern roots and love of the paranormal led her to write Southern Paranormal novels When she is not conversing with characters in her head, she can be found at her home in Northeast Arkansas with her handsome husband, brilliant son, a temperamental swan, and yellow lab that is fond of retrieving turtles when duck season is over Find her on Facebook, Jodi Vaughn, author.Follow her on Twitter and Periscope JodiVaughn1Sign up for her newsletter and check out her website jodivaughnFind her on Instagram at VaughnJodi

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  • Trouble in Texas by Jodi Vaughn Walker Hammett was a lethal weapon when it came to the female heart I can t get enough of Walker Oh my gees He is straight up cowboy He grinned that sexy grin that made all the girls lose their hearts Walker Shawn are total opposites In high school they were the typical football player cheerleaders but that s where the similarities end Each of them have their secrets When they end up at Everyday Joe s on Valentines Days don t quite go the way they want them too.Ne [...]

  • I have only read one story so far I will read later and post a few reviews.To Love a Mate Somewhere, TX VonBrant Family, 2 by Krystal ShannanI loved Emma and Luke s story Plenty of action and misunderstandings Sometimes you just don t realize how vital misunderstandings are in a story.Emma and Luke s story is basically nothing but misunderstandings That and stubborn, independent and un trusting women More then one in this case.Their relationship is electrifying then one way too, as Luke finds [...]

  • Trouble in Texas by Jodi VaughnWhen Shawn found out her husband had been cheating on her she got a divorce and swore off all bad boys.Walker is a ranch hand but on the side he cares for his own ranch and his cousin who has been making Walker care for his every need after losing a leg in the war.Shawn and Walker want nothing to do with celebrating Valentine s Day as they stop into Somewhere, TX bar Everyday Joe s When she passes out after a little bit too much to drink Walker has no choice but to [...]

  • This review is for To Love A Mate by Krystal Shannan Emma is on the run from the people tying to kill her On her way to Lucy s she see Noah shift into a wolf Now his family is after her also Will Noah be able to keep her safe Emma has to leave to keep Noah safe from the people after her Will she be able to come back to Noah I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest Review My review for Fire Fight by R L Syme Tande keep walking away Marcus keep wailing for her to come back.When [...]

  • So far, I have read 2 books, and both are fantastic I m sure the rest will be just as good TO LOVE A MATE by Krystal ShannanEmma Carrington is a Hampton socialite on spring break with a friend Emma s father is very wealthy but does shady business During an outing, one of her assigned bodyguards slips some drug in her drink She decides to ditch him, switches clothes with a woman in the restroom of the bar where she was she leaves quickly and rents a car She gets a call from her dad who says secur [...]

  • I have only read one story so far.I received an ARC of To Save A Mate from Krystal Shannan, in exchange for an honest review.To Save A Mateby Krystal ShannanWOW, I just finished reading To Love a Mate book 2 of Krystal s VonBrandt Family series, WICKED I would advise that you read book 1 of this series, you really don t want to miss out on anything I couldn t tear my eyes away from the pages, I was enthralled in this action packed story, next thing I knew it d finished I loved everything about t [...]

  • Another amazing box setAnother amazing box set this one may be even better than the first These authors are really doing a great job with these books and keeping up with each other and the previous books This series so far would probably be the best multi author series I ve ever seen The details and characters from book to book is almost completely accurate and the blending is really well done Can t wait for the next set

  • This review is for the Blackhearted Cowboy KC I absolutely loved Blackhearted Cowboy in Texas Staright Up The depth and vividness given to Chandler is amazing I was hoping for he and Jayne to work out their past throughout the story and actually sighed when they finally came together I m looking forward to reading from this author.

  • Really good set of booksEnjoyed every book in this set Loved that they were all a little different but tied in together by the characters in them Will be looking for from all of these great authors.

  • Pretty good readSeveral stories by different authors centered around a small Texas town A good chance to enjoy different styles of writing.They just were completely different stories with no reference to the other characters that would have made them cohesive.

  • This review and rating is based only on Krystal Shannan s story at this point Will update as I read the rest of the anthology Emma Carrington is used to prepping on dropping everything and going on the run, just in case With her father being as high up in the criminal food chain, one never knows When she gets a message from her father letting her know it s time to run, she goes to Somewhere, Tx to find the woman that raised her and taught her how to protect herself When she ends up stranded at t [...]

  • This review is based on To Love a Mate as I have not read the others yet Noah VonBrandt has a decision to make, claim Emma or let the pack erase her memories in this exciting paranormal romance.With bad guys on her tail, Emma runs right smack into trouble when she sees Noah turn into a wolf and the reader can t help but get caught up in the emotional turmoil that flows from both of these strong captivating characters as they struggle between what s right and staying alive The sizzling chemistry [...]

  • I love reading about the characters that live in Somewhere, TX The authors blend their stories so well that you ll actually see some of the characters across stories The review I m leaving for this set is Author Jodi Vaughan s Trouble in Texas I will leave others as I read them We have a our cowboy, Walker, who has his own small ranch but works at a larger one as well to make ends meet Unknown to anyone in this small but gossipy town, he has someone living with him who is in bad need of both phy [...]

  • Wow Luke and Emma are electric together She has grown up with money but very tough He is a country guy who goes with the flow until she appears After she accidentally sees him shift and stills his truck seems like things cant he any worse Wrong so very very wrong This is only the begin If u want action and passion with some good old family drama well this is definately the book for you Only read to love a mate so far Im addicted to these books

  • A heart wrenching and suspenseful read This review is for To Love a Mate, one of the stories in the boxed set I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I loved this story I was enraptured in the storyline, the plot was suspenseful and kept my interest throughout The characters are loveable and intriguing I ll definitely be reading the other stories in the series along with other stories from this author

  • I was grateful for a free copy of this book I enjoyed each story The werewolf story was outside of my normal genre, but still good I also struggled a little with the last story because two of the characters, Marcus and Murphy, were too similar, and I kept getting them confused I would definitely recommend this book

  • Great seriesI loved this town and how all the authors stories all intertwine withy each other You would think that we re all written by one author that they flow so seamlessly I highly recommend Somewhere Texas it s a small town that is worth getting to know

  • Jodi Vaughn s book is the first story in this set Just finished reading it and I loved it Jodi knows how to tell a story with the ups and downs that tug your heartstrings.

  • I just loved these stories and would love to live in somewhere texas These people are great and the way the stories are woven together is heart warming Highly recommended.

  • What a nice selection of stories It is a continuation of Small town Texas But all of the storiesare complete cliff hangers, and are lovely stories I found several new authors as well.

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