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Good Books Strange Tide published The river Thames is London s most important yet neglected artery When a young wom

Good Books Strange Tide published 2020 The river Thames is London s most important yet neglected artery When a young woman is found chained to a post in the tide, no one can understand how she came to be drowned there At the Peculiar Crimes Unit, Arthur Bryant and John May find themselves dealing with an impossible crime committed in a very public place Soon they discover that the river is giving up other viThe river Thames is London s most important yet neglected artery When a young woman is found chained to a post in the tide, no one can understand how she came to be drowned there At the Peculiar Crimes Unit, Arthur Bryant and John May find themselves dealing with an impossible crime committed in a very public place Soon they discover that the river is giving up other victims, but as the investigation extends from the coast of Libya to the nightclubs of North London, it proves as murkily sinister as the Thames itself That s only part of the problem Bryant s rapidly deteriorating condition prevents him from handling the case, and he is confined to home To make matters worse, May makes a fatal error of judgement that knocks him out of action and places everyone at risk.With the PCU staff baffled as much by their own detectives as the case, the only people who can help now are the battery of eccentrics Bryant keeps listed in his diary, but will their arcane knowledge save the day or make matters even worse Soon there s a clear suspect in everyone s sights the only thing that s missing is any scrap of evidence.As the detectives disastrous investigation comes unstuck, the whole team gets involved in some serious messing about on the river In an adventure that s as twisting as the river upon which it s set, will there be anything left of the Peculiar Crimes Unit when it s over. The best Kindle Strange Tide This Bryant and May novel focuses on the River Thames, its victims and the deaths that occur in it or beside it. Lynsey Dalladay's body is discovered tethered to the river's shoreline. The Peculiar Crimes Unit (PCU) are the police team who takes the case and it raises the question of whether it is a suicide or not. Running alongside is the story of Ali, an ambitious refugee with a traumatic backstory that includes his journey to Britain. Ali finds himself in London acquiring a variety of identities in a number of ventures that include magic shows and running a Well Being Centre. He has a partner, Cassie who helps organise the ventures, but they centre on the charm and charisma of Ali. It is made clear that Ali will be a person of interest to the PCU in the future. Additionally, there is the pressing issue of Bryant's health, but thankfully that is mostly resolved thanks to Bryant himself.The investigation takes in the discovery of a severed hand close to Lynsey's body. Further deaths connected with the mighty Thames occur or are discovered. These include Dimitri Gilyov, Bill Crooms, Angela Curtis and Marion North. North's murder is staged to implicate John May which has the team frantic to find evidence to exonerate him. The complex and intricate case goes around in circles trying to ascertain if the deaths are connected. There are a number of twists and turns and it is Bryant who finally puts it all together. In the meantime, the PCU is being investigated by Barbara Biddle, who cannot help but note the disorganisation, the lack of a chain of command, and the mayhem that surrounds the unit. Well, that is not going to change, as it's the madcap people and disorder that is the key to its success and the espirit de corps of the team.As ever, we are informed of the history and the mythology of the Thames, primarily thanks to Arthur and his acquaintances. The humour, wit and fun associated with the series is outstanding in this novel. It is the marvellous assortment of characters that make this series. I loved this book but felt that perhaps occasionally the level of incoherence was perhaps a tad higher than it needed to be. However, this did not stop me having a whale of a time reading this book. Christopher Fowler is quite a writer. I am assuming that Bryant and May will return. Thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC.

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    Christopher Fowler is an English novelist living in London, his books contain elements of black comedy, anxiety and social satire As well as novels, he writes short stories, scripts, press articles and reviews.He lives in King s Cross, on the Battlebridge Basin, and chooses London as the backdrop of many of his stories because any one of the events in its two thousand year history can provide inspirationIn 1998 he was the recipient of the BFS Best Short Story Of The Year, for Wageslaves Then, in 2004, The Water Room was nominated for the CWA People s Choice Award, Full Dark House won the BFS August Derleth Novel of The Year Award 2004 and American Waitress won the BFS Best Short Story Of The Year 2004 The novella Breathe won BFS Best Novella 2005culiarcrimesunit

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  • This Bryant and May novel focuses on the River Thames, its victims and the deaths that occur in it or beside it Lynsey Dalladay s body is discovered tethered to the river s shoreline The Peculiar Crimes Unit PCU are the police team who takes the case and it raises the question of whether it is a suicide or not Running alongside is the story of Ali, an ambitious refugee with a traumatic backstory that includes his journey to Britain Ali finds himself in London acquiring a variety of identities in [...]

  • This is probably now my favorite of what is one of my favorite series Just when you wonder what Christopher Fowler can do with his lead characters, Bryant May, he moves in unexpected directions and keeps the reader moving forward with him At the start, continuing from the last book, the ravages of age are catching up with Arthur Bryant, but, naturally, not in any normal fashion As he deals with his changing mind, which is still an invaluable tool and full of arcane knowledge of London, the PCU h [...]

  • I have previously read two other Bryant and May titles which I enjoyed 4 star reviews I love their quirkiness and, in particular, Arthur Bryant s disordered mind and convoluted thought processes However this is a strange book, and one I could not get drawn into There is a smattering of gems, and I learnt a lot of things I never knew, but largely the book was confusing rather than entertaining By the time I was two thirds of the way through I was skimming large tracts and felt relieved, if unenli [...]

  • 3.5 starsI made a rookie mistake and started a series right in the middle without any background at all in my defence audible lured me into it as this one was on special shame on me I enjoyed it but I know I missed out on so much character input it s quirky and funny and I loved the Miss Marple with a modern edge vibe Actually probably a bit Poirot as Bryant is bonkers.Will it stop me reading the one after this that I also got in the sale I clearly feel no shame It s my own fault if I don t lik [...]

  • As usual, the latest Bryant May is equal parts frustration and fascination The detectives themselves are if anything better than ever, with May s romantic streak coming to the fore again Meanwhile Bryant, who has always been erratic and prone to distraction by London s secret history, finds that as his senses fail he is coming unstuck in time, literally wandering into Victorian times or the Blitz And their case this time takes them down to London s artery, the Thames, with plenty of strange old [...]

  • First Sentence Nothing gave Arthur Bryant greater satisfaction than making his first blotch on a fresh white page.The body of a woman chained to a stone and left to drown by the Thames isn t that unusual a crime But finding only one set of footprints which lead one direction does make it unusual As bodies are found, and Arthur Bryant s mind becomes less stable leaving the team floundering, could this be the end of the Peculiar Crimes Unit Not every contemporary mystery opens with Celtic Queen [...]

  • This is a non biased review Really it is Promise.I love Christopher Fowler s books Ever since I read Spanky I love the detail about London and the little titbits of info thrown in about the sprawling, grimy, lore ridden city I live in That s all besides the point really so onto the bookUsing the Thames as a background to nefarious deeds is fitting and works really well As with all his books, you get a real sense of place The novel stood out a little from previous escapades for the PCU in the way [...]

  • Long live the PCU Saved from an ignominious end, the cast and crew of the Peculiar Crimes Unit are back from the brink yet again at the close of this book and Christopher Fowler promises there will be at least one adventure to come.The last several books have been increasingly melancholy in tone as our beloved Arthur Bryant seems to be facing a rare strain of Alzheimer s which would inevitably be the end of the Peculiar Crimes Unit We see clearly in this case the PCU cannot survive and thrive w [...]

  • It is so easy for me to love a Bryant and May novel They give me the things I want most when I pick up a mystery novel This one has an explanation for what has been ailing Arthur Bryant author Christopher Fowler says he has been giving us clues through the last three books but I have to confess to not being eagle eyed enough to pick up on them so now I m happy again that Arthur and John are actually investigating normally without Arthur s health issues intruding to such a large extent Well, as n [...]

  • Quite good fun.My View Wacky and bizarre, this episode is full of eccentricities and over the top behaviours by our beloved Arthur Bryant and for a short while Bryant is convinced that he is developing a type of dementia or the like read the clues scattered like crumbs and you will draw your own conclusion.This is another enjoyable episode in the life of The Peculiar Crimes Unit I love the trip down memory lane and the weaving of past and present stories to create this new mystery Fun, whacky, t [...]

  • Wonderfully complicated whodunit with the most bizarre mix of characters you are ever likely to meet A real gem of a read Here is my full review booksmjb 2016 02 bryant

  • Apparently I didn t enter this when I first read it Well This is 13 and the characters are pretty well set, even Crippen the unit s cat and the two Daves who seem to be permanently working on the building when they aren t seconded to covering the phones which must breach some regulations I m sure We have a new enemy , Barbara Biddle from internal investigations who is investigating the unit s procedures on behalf of the Missing Link.The first thing that people arriving in London try to do is to [...]

  • Another excellent Bryant and May novel with a complex plot how does Christopher Fowler come up with such great plots and return of all the favourite characters Even the 2 Daves get a little of a role in this one with a surprise for them at the end Certain things with Bryant are resolved, which was a relief And yes I missed the clues in previous books.

  • Now I cannot say that I have read every Bryant May book out there but I have read a few and I can say that this for me was one of my favorites The last book I had read was at the beginning of Arthur s mental deterioration so to have a conclusion to that saga was quite nice.This story starts out on rather a low note for the peculiar crimes unit PCU Their lead investigator Arthur has been benched due to his deteriorating mental state The rest of the PCU is a bit lost as how to handle things and th [...]

  • I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House for an advance copy of Strange Tide, the 13th outing for The Peculiar Crimes Unit It is many years since I have read any of the Bryant and May series so I was interested to see what they are up to now Arthur Bryant is having memory and blackout problems which are attributed to Alzheimer s so he is grounded by the powers that be while the rest of the team seem rudderless without him when left to investigate a body found chained to a ring on Thames [...]

  • After I read the book preceding this one, I was extremely worried that the Peculiar Crime Unit series would disappear due to the apparent mental problems that were plaguing Arthur Bryant for which there appeared to be no cure But, in this book, leave it to Christopher Fowler to devise a solution that works, saves the day, and I can now look forward to of the PCU Whew The River Thames is one of the main characters in this convoluted story about several deaths in and around the river The history [...]

  • Much as I love this series, this seems a weaker title than usual Arthur Bryant is diagnosed as having dementia, but even his doctor has never seen a case like his Fortunately, Bryant is not so far gone that he cannot diagnose himself and seek the treatment he needs Kids Don t try this at home Meanwhile, the Peculiar Crimes Unit has discovered that there have been several mysterious drownings near the Thames The next thing they know, John May himself is accused of one of the murders Can Bryant st [...]

  • Just another day at the office for the Peculiar Crimes Unit.A girl s body is found tied to a pole in the Thames.This is yet another great story by Christopher Fowler.Very funny especially the scene with Boadicea and the Roman Centurion Why there isn t a TV series I ll never know.Very, very highly recommended.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Random House via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

  • If you are not reading the Bryant and May mysteries, you are missing out on some of the best mystery novels currently being written What I like most about this series, is that it is as much about London history and legends as it is about the actual crime being investigated The next time I m in London, my guidebook will be courtesy of Arthur Bryant.

  • I absolutely loved this book, found it as an e audio on my Library s website I ve been reading them a little out of sequence but it doesn t seem to matter too much although I m glad I read Burning Man before this one to put some of the story into context I ve now managed to get the first book from as I do prefer to read books chronologically normally

  • I received a free copy of Bryant May Strange Tide through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.Strange Tide is the fourteenth novel in Christopher Fowler s Peculiar Crimes Unit series This installment should satisfy long time fans, but can also be enjoyed by readers who aren t familiar with the story to date Completionists may begin with Full Dark House.The names Bryant May in the title have the flavor of Holmes Watson an eccentric genius and a straight man Elderly and nonconformist, with a [...]

  • Bryant and May never fail to entertain me, their crime solving exploits have given me many hours of happy reading and this, the 13th book in the series is wonderful as always.I have never been to London but the way it is described in these books make me want to jump on the next plane, it really is the star of these books, well after the dapper May and the wonderfully eccentric Bryant.Strange Tide takes us to the river, the mighty Thames to be exact A woman is found, dead, tied up to a post There [...]

  • Okay well I love these books and I have read them all and pre ordered this one and looked forward to it I enjoyed it But, I thought that at times the comedic aspects were a little overdone According to this book nearly every character seemed to spend their time covered in foodstuff I know Bryant is an eccentric and clumsy old man but I found it just a bit too far when there was crumbs and drool and egg yolk and so on all over the place I love the information in these stories, it s one of the thi [...]

  • I found this a fantastic read full of humour, intended or not Arthur Bryant and John May are two senior detectives in the Peculiar Crimes Unit in London Arthur is suffering from early onset of Dementia and throughout this novel is subject to flashbacks that span many centuries and prove to be instrumental in solving the mystery of a woman, chained up to a stanchion on the old London beach.This story encompasses illegal immigrants, magic tricks, explosions and good, old fashioned police detective [...]

  • Unusual crime solved by two unusual detectives This is the first time that I have read any of Christopher Fowler s Bryant and and May series As this is the thirteenth book I suggest that maybe it s not the best place to begin.However, I was instantly drawn into the plot involving the rather unusual detectives working in The Peculiar Crimes Unit Bryant and May start their investigation with a young woman who is mysteriously found drowned whilst tied to a post in a secluded spot along the Thames.M [...]

  • Having never read a Bryant May story before I think I was at a disadvantage I didn t know who anyone was, or what on earth was going on For the first third of the book I was unsure who was who, or what was real, and what to believe However, even with these disadvantages, I found that I ended up enjoying the book There were lots of interesting facts, lots of London references which, having lived there, I enjoyed, and the story worked well in the end, though I think it would have been even better [...]

  • I cannot imagine the amount of research Fowler does for each of these books They re so full of esoteric knowledge and fascinating historical detail that the casual reader ie me runs the risk of getting sidetracked trying to remember everything and then misses the most important parts of the final explanation That doesn t really bother me, though, since I have such an affection for the characters.cially Bryant So glad Fowler got him sorted out properly.

  • I received this book free from.I had a little trouble getting started with the book because of all the English phrases and jokes However I found this to be a very well written book with a lot of history about London I was very surprised with the ending as I had not expected it to end that way.I would certainly recommend this book to my reader friends.

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