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Popular Kindle Tinsel the best work Steter Peter hates Christmas So does Stiles This year their opinions may change Words Goo

Popular Kindle Tinsel the best work Steter.Peter hates Christmas.So does Stiles.This year, their opinions may change.Words 4300. Good Book Tinsel Ain't he pretty?Let's look at a few more...andthis one tooThe fic was awesome but that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's ever read a DiscontentedWinter fanfic. It made me cry in the beginning but left me happy and hopeful by the end. As usual.
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  • Ain t he pretty Let s look at a few dthis one tooThe fic was awesome but that shouldn t come as a surprise to anyone who s ever read a DiscontentedWinter fanfic It made me cry in the beginning but left me happy and hopeful by the end As usual.

  • Tinsel is the second part of the Steter serial, Holidays with Steter.Tinsel made me cry Twice I can t believe it, it s only 13 pages, for God s sake It s Christmas, and Peter hates Christmas Peter lay under the tree, blinking through the dust storm of glitter and of glass reduced to powder, with a pine needle jammed up his nostril.If Peter hates Christmas, it s not really his fault.Christmas started it.The structure of these stories is remarkable the narrative alternates between flashbacks and c [...]

  • Gorgeous, poignant vignette.DW does Steter so beautifully and this is a wonderful add on to Candy Funny, sexy, heartfelt emotions that just leave you with a glow Stiles raises his eyebrows Really Usually, in this town, a surprise is a bad thing Which makes a nice surprise doubly exciting, Peter points out.

  • Steter a follow up to the lovely CandyYoung Stiles s Santa visit is a little triggery and caught me even though I was waiting for it, but oh I love this Peter and the two of them reaching out to each other, finding their own joy separate from commercial sparkle They fit together so well.Peter a little melancholy, Stiles that bit awkward It works And the kisses are everything.I really liked it It s cute and a little sad and very hot And exactly what I needed today DText Me D

  • Wagga wagga waah DiscontentedWinter just posted a sequel to My heart says boom bang a bang So good, easily as good as Candy And I m absolutely loving this slow burn, and the fact that they re watching Firefly Those wonderful fuckers.

  • GRUMPY PETER And needy Stiles At Christmas With FEELZ So good I have to back track read about their Halloween shenanigans.

  • 4.5 Stars For a Steter Holy moly I can t believe it Seriously, Lisa, between you and Taylorpotato there is a serious case to be made for becoming a Steter fan.Anywayis was SO sweet, just a touch than flaming hot, and also a little sad Peter isn t sure if the kiss is the start of something, or the end.He tells himself he doesn t mind either way, but he knows it s a lie.The only way this would have been better, for me, is if view spoiler Peter had taken the ring brochure from Santa, bought and gi [...]

  • I heard a rumor of nachos, Peter tells him.Ok, DW, it s time to get serious now if I ve told you once, I ve told you many times, stop making me heart Peter so much Also, uhhhh, Peter and Stiles, k Thanks 3 3 Oh wait, also some , I love how you give us so much of Stiles, yet it s through Peter s eyes and heart Damn it See Hearting Peter.

  • GodDamnthis series is freaken adorable I love how it always starts with Peter around 20 years old hating the holiday until he observes a lil muffin Stiles doing something sassy and amazing I feel like the portrayal of Stiles is one of the most genuine I ve read, he s reacting perfectly as a teenager would with a dash of awkwardness and insecurity Can t wait for , New Years next

  • Christmas with Steter This is where I would put a picture of Stiles and Peter being all cute and festive But I can t find one Because cute and festive Steter is an enigma Found a whole lot of creepy and twisted Steter pics though Oh well Tinsel, and the preceding fic Candy, are told mainly from Peter s POV It s an interesting look at someone who s most often portrayed as a villain and psychopath Peter would protest that description, I m sure, because he s not a psychopath, he just occasionally t [...]

  • Peter has no idea which deity to thank for putting him here with Stiles in this moment, but he s enough of a cynic to realize that, if anything, it s proof that there is no gods at all If there were, Stiles would be with someone who actually deserved him Holy crap I m totally shipping Steter right now Lisa Henry is a bad, bad lady.

  • In a few short pages Lisa managed to convey the sweet sadness that seems to lurk around Christmas A time of joy but some feel the pain of loss and loneliness even during the most wonderful time of the year Like Peter, it is a stark reminder of all they have had and lost Its hard to explain but I love the fact that Lisa writes feelings They come across so clearly in her words The scene with Santa felt like tiny shards of glass were ripping into my heart I felt Stiles pain and pending loss but at [...]

  • Peter hates Christmas.It s not his fault Christmas started it For the most part, he can t think of a single good thing about it Well he does remember a kid reprimanding Santa for giving him the wrong toy, and telling Santa this year, under no uncertain terms he better bring him the right present, or else.Now Stiles is all grown up, and finally following that Candy Hearts advice, texts Peter on Christmas Day Sharing nachos and watching cheesy television has Peter pretty happy, but kissing Stiles [...]

  • How can 13 pages make me so happy DiscontentedWinter, has a way of expressing so much, in just a few pages.I loved seeing Peter with his family pre fire.I loved that he was touched by Siles from even then.Not a real graphic fic, but it was enough for some brief steamy action.

  • Read 6 28 2015Re read 8 22 2016 I m on a DW kick while not so patiently waiting on a new chapter of SanctuaryReread 2 21 2017

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